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Oh, pirates! I hate them to death! What do you do for a living? Tell Me.
~ Russian ask Señor Pink.

Russian is a minor character in Dressrosa Arc from the anime and manga series One Piece. She is the late wife of Señor Pink and the late mother of Gimlet.

She was voiced by Reiko Takagi in Japanese and Felecia Angelle in English.


Russian is a young woman with short light brown hair, who has a shoulder-length, and blue eyes. In the raining, she wears a pink dress and white slippers. In the cafe, she wears a light green shirt, orange long skirt, and orange slippers. In the engagement, she wears a light blue jacket, blue dress, and black slippers. In the wedding, she wears a white wedding dress. After the wedding, she wears a dark blue jacket, red shirt with white stripes, light blue long skirt, and red shoes. After giving birth to the healthy baby boy, she wears a yellow hospital suit. And after he left in to get raid of the Donquixote Pirates, she wears a wears a light green shirt, dark wavy blue pants, and dark blue shoes.

In her cheeks, she has a two patches of freckles. While she enter the vegetative state, the eyes are blanking looks.


Russian is a very loyal and caring woman who is towards with her husband, Señor Pink and her son, Gimlet. Especially, she expected to clearing hating from the pirates. She is also loves to rain claiming.

She is very honest while her son passing away and becomes obsessed after Russian found out that he is lying about her. Before she arriving in the vegetative state, she become able to interact of her world of showing this feelings. Meanwhile, she and her husband putting in at Gimlet's bonnet, diapers, and pacifiers while he entered her, she is unable to happy again, that shows will she can still subconsciously love interest about her husband.


  • Señor Pink: He and her husband and love interest about two love each other real much. Meanwhile, before she find out that he lying about of his job, she running away at him, disguised and mad. Actually, before she arriving the vegetative state and Señor Pink has Gimlet's clothes will make her happy, she is unable to happy again, indicating she still that was a quite close of her husband. However, she died after he continuing to wore infant clothing, show that to deep sense at love lingering.
  • Gimlet: She is Gimlet's mother and she was caring about loving him so much. She become disguised before he passing away at his fever. Meanwhile, it's only Senor Pink fault remind him that she caring about her son that allows to her happy once again.


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