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Rusty is one of the main characters in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Dig: A Fist Full of Dirt

Rusty was given a deed by his Uncle Joe for his mine, when he came to the town however, he fell into that mine. Because of that, he found himself underground and met another Steambot known as Dorothy who told him about what happened to Joe. Rusty took the pickaxe that his now-deceased Uncle was holding and dug his way out of the mine with Dorothy. He later looked around the town, where he found some upgrades to help him while heading back into those mines that McCranky had stored away for Joe and some more upgrades in the underground caves. He later found his way to what was known as OldWorld where he dug up more gems and ore then headed back to the surface with the supplies he bought. He found more upgrades in OldWorld and dug deeper until he reached an area known as Vectron. He dug until he found an area that needed to be unlocked and headed back to the suffice where he was looking for advice about who to unlock this area and so went to some of the other caves he has been in to destroy those generators. He then explored the area and found a being known as Voltbot that wanted to use Rusty's heart to help him take over the world, the two fought until Rusty destroyed Voltbot and left to do more work.

StramWorld Dig 2

Dorothy tried to look for Rusty until she found out that a shiner by the name of Rosie was using her and was using Rusty as a battery for her mech. Dot defeated Rosie and brought Rusty back to the surface for the professor's rocket and the two tried to rebuild civilization.

SteamWorld Heist

Rusty makes a cameo appearance as one of the mining cowbots in the radio drama that explains what's happening to Captain Piper Faraday and her crew.

Skills and Abilities

Mining and Combat: Rusty has been shown being a skilled miner with a pickaxe and later was given upgrades to help with his mining such as an abilities to run fast, a drill that will break stones and one of his fists now using soundwaves to break far away boulders.

Power Source: He has been seen being used as a battery by a shiner known as Rosie once to power a large mech.


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