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If I knew you could call the cops on him, I would have done it years ago. Because I'm no sissy, no sir. I would just pick up that phone and, "Officer, there is a man in a butterfly suit shooting my robot with a laser-beam."
~ Dr. Venture

Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture also known as Doctor Venture is a main protagonist on adult swim's The Venture Brothers. Dr. Venture was a boy adventurer when he was ten, as an adult Rusty became a super-scientist like his father and his grandfather before that.


Rusty Venture spent his youth going on adventures across the world with his father Jonas Venture. Dr. Jonas Venture sold the rights of his adventures to a television network, it focused on Rusty as the star. While many young boys and girls tuned in every afternoon to watch their hero, the stresses of dealing with aliens, costumed super-villains and ancient cults, being dragged from school to school, and a father who cared more about saving the world and having adventures than his son have all contributed to Rust Venture growing up to be a jaded, amoral, immature, cynical pill-popper.

After the death of Jonas Venture, Rusty Venture took over venture industries and inherited the family compound. Dr. Venture ran his family's fabrication lab into the ground and so gets by in his trust fund, which just barely keeps income in the black. Venture invents new devices and tries to sell them to either the government or private businessmen to fund further research. Dr. Venture lives with his two sons Hank and Dean, their robot H.E.L.P.eR., and has a government black opts agent named Brock Samson. While Venture believes Brock was assigned as a bodyguard to protect his world famous technology in truth Brock was assigned to babysit Venture as a punishment for not following orders. Venture is routinely stalked by his arch-enemy The Monarch. Thanks to Venture's past he is well versed in all the super-hero cliche's and had even memorized the Guild of Calamitous Intent's rule book just from all the times he has been kidnapped.

Ventures is friends with a variety of caricatures of classic heroes including ones of Johnny Quest, Mr. Fantastic and Allan Quatermain; One of his most prominent such contacts is a caricature of Doctor Strange named Dr. Byron Orpheus, a master necromancer whom Dr. Venture rents part of his complex. Dr. Venture owns a private super-sonic jet called the X-1, a laser security system, a cloning lab, and a major assembly operation. Dr. Venture has invented shrink rays, teleportation devices, holography chambers, mind-control helmets, electrical cannons and various security robots. Other than H.E.L.P.eR. and the X-1, Dr. Venuer's most used device is his wrest communicator, which lets him contact Brock, Hank and Dean from clear across the planet. Despite Dr. Venture's constant attempts to live-up to his father's legacy he always ends up falling short. Virtually any credibility and fame Venture has is either based on Jonas Venture's exploits or his childhood televised adventures.

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