Rutee Katrea is the heroine of Tales Of Destiny who also makes another appearance in its sequel, Tales Of Destiny 2. She is considered greedy, money-hungry, and always out for herself, but eventually her more noble goals and traits are made known to the party.


Rutee was born 18 years before the story begins to Hugo Gilchrist, President of Oberon Corporation, and Chris Katrea. Two years after, she was followed by her younger brother, Emilio Katrea. Their family was happy until one day when her father discovered what he believed to be the Swordian, Karell Bersellis. In truth, however, though its body was that of Berselius, the soul contained within was that of Kronos, King of the Aetharians.

Kronos began to warp Hugo's mind in order to complete his goal of reviving the Aetherian civilization. It was during this time that Chris gave her daughter Atwight, another Swordian in the family's possession, to protect her in her mother's absence. As Hugo's condition worsened, Chris ended up being killed. However, he did manage to bring Rutee to the town of Cresta and leave her at an orphanage. Thus, the child escaped the horrible fate that was in store for her father and brother. As she grew up, Rutee began to forget these horrible events and the loss of her family. Because she was raised in the orphanage, she began to feel sensitive towards others who were without parents. She also felt a sense of duty toward those who took her in and raised her and wanted to earn the money they needed to survive. This desire led to her becoming a Lens Hunter, Atwight at her side as her weapon.


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