Tuke: How's it goin' eh?
Rutt: Beauty, eh?
~ Rutt & Tuke's typical greeting

Rutt and Tuke are the characters and comic Canadian Moose from the Disney 2003 film, Brother Bear.

Rutt was voiced by Rick Moranis and Tuke was voiced by Dave Thomas.


Rutt and Tuke are two very friendly moose who always seem to bicker amongst themselves. Their relationship is very close and based upon a brotherly love, although they don't always agree.


Brother Bear

Rutt and Tuke are some of the first creatures Kenai meets after being turned into a bear. He attempts to tell them that he is originally a human, but they don't believe him. He asks them if they know where the lights touch the earth, but they do not. They walk away shortly after Kenai gets himself caught in a snare trap.

They meet up with Kenai again while trying to evade the hunter hoping that he could protect them. They join Kenai and Koda on their journey while riding atop the mammoths, but get separated again when they can't get themselves down.

They meet up with Koda after he discovers that Kenai has killed his mother, and through their own argument and make up, convince Koda to try to make up with Kenai.

Brother Bear 2

In the sequel, spring-fever has effected most of the creatures living in the wilderness as the animals start to pair off into couples. Rutt and Tuke ask that Kenai help them attract the attention of two female moose (or "moosettes") Anda and Kata.

Kenai decides to help them by pretending to act like a ferocious bear and have Rutt and Tuke "protect" the two moosettes in order to impress them, but the plan ends in a disaster and Kenai's head being stuck in a beaver's dam.

Sometime later, Tuke suggests wooing the moosettes with poetry, but Rutt feels that approach won't work and asks for Nita's advice. Nita has them act brotherly towards Koda which attracts Anda and Kata's attention. Rutt then recites the poem that Tuke came up with before, as he was too nervous to speak, which ends up attracting both the moosettes to him leaving Tuke by himself.

Rutt invites the ladies to watch the aurora with him while Tuke sits off to the side sulking. Anda and Kata are surprised by his sensitivity and leave Rutt's side to join him instead.

By the end of the film, Rutt and Tuke had both found mates in Anda and Kata respectively.


  • They are voiced by Rick Moranis and the late Dave Thomas; Both men are well known for playing the McKenzie Brothers Bob & Doug.
  • In the German release of Brother Bear, Rutt and Tuke are renamed Benny and Björn after the two male members of Swedish band ABBA.
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