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Ryūken Ishida is one of the supporting characters in the anime and manga series, Bleach. He is the son of Sōken Ishida and the father of Uryū Ishida. He is a Echt Quincy with the Director of the Karakura Hospital who also known as "The Last Quincy", contested by his son.

He was voiced by Ken Narita in the Japanese version, and by Michael McConnohie in the English version.


Ryūken is a young man with average height and debuted from the age with white hair with fair-skinned and blue eyes with narrow. He wears a glasses, a thin, a pair of white suit has the blue shirt and black tie with adorned Quincy crosses.

As a teenager, he has a black hair with combed over into his bangs on each side. He wears a lots some casual clothes, with a white regular jacket, black shirt and black jeans, with other suits.


Ryūken is a demeanor work-oriented and cold along with estranged his son and father. Ryūken has to status to detests as a Quincy in the grounds who doesn't not able to make it the proper living, and rather be focusing to saved a live expect for died. Ryūken would even going to the far as even state there the last Quincy will became to extinct at some Sōken's generation dead in, ignore Uryū didn't follows at his grandfather's footsteps. They something wrong those Quincy walk over the walls and floors at Ryūken's hospital. While he was a little, he caring about his future of the Quincy. He putting in the Quincy customs at first back in littlest years, as shown there Masaki's safe.

Ryūken was feeling cowards about his son to hard live. He said that cowards while been attitude the Quincy, he helping Uryū to restore to lost his powers in the condition will not associate him from Shinigami once again, when they becomes as his friends. In the end, he calling his secret chamber aftermath in Karakura Hospital who hiding Spiritual Energy. At the battle, Uryū trying to defeat with his fight means to catch either then dies, maybe indicating despite his feels about his father that will be a final blow. Plus Ryūken tries to escaping to kill Uryū, now somewhere able to tender tone while he tells his son to unconscious suggested will deeps down into to love him.

He is also becoming a relationship friends with Isshin Kurosaki, like their sons (although seen friendly, Isshin talking to Ryūken that doesn't called he "Kurosaki" because of the slightly hurt terrible). The friends is occasionally moments to Yasutora is hurting, he tells to taking to the hospital work as they told his boss to need a some rest bed will cheer up (although it's happened to seen one of the time will that was than more threat to favor).



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