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Brother... I volunteered to be an Altean knight because I was watching your back, following your steps. ...And that's why it makes me happy to hear that kind of praise from you.
~ Ryan to Gordin

Ryan is a supporting protagonist in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and its remake Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. The younger brother of the Altean archer Gordin, Ryan listened with rapt attention to his tales of life in the Altean Army. Deciding to become an Altean knight himself, Ryan enrolled when able, eventually becoming a member of the 7th Platoon.


Ryan resembles a younger Gordin. He has a green mop-top haircut with matching eyes, and wears a green tunic with brown pants and boots. Over his tunic, Ryan wears green armor with gold outlines.


Much like Gordin, Ryan is a tenderhearted and humble young man. Ryan greatly idolizes his older brother; part of the reason he joined the knights of Altea was to follow in Gordin's footsteps. Ryan initially had a shy nature, but thanks to his experiences with his fellow platoon members, he became more extroverted, which impressed Gordin.


The 7th Platoon

One year after the end of the War of Shadows, Ryan arrived at Altea castle, the former to begin his knighthood training while the later would resume his after a year apprenticed to the Archanean archer Jeorge. After successfully completing his first trial, Ryan was assigned to the 7th Platoon, which also consisted of Kris, Luke, Roderick, and Katarina. When told to select the platoon's leader, Luke immediately nominated himself, but was challenged by Katarina, who completed her first trial with Kris and believed they were the best fit as leader. Annoyed, Luke challenged Kris to a duel with the position of platoon leader as the prize; Roderick and Ryan served as their respective backup units. Ultimately, Kris and Ryan defeated Luke and Roderick due to their superior teamwork.

During a later march duty, Kris' poor sense of direction resulted in the 7th Platoon becoming lost. While they tried to find their way back to Altea castle, Katarina pointed out a village besieged by bandits. Ryan assisted the rest of his teammates as they successfully routed the marauders. Afterwards, they successfully managed to find Altea castle. Over the next three months, the hundreds of new recruits dwindled down to 20. Those that failed included all but one of the 9th Platoon, leading Katarina to recruit its sole holdout, Cecil, into the 7th Platoon. While the knighthood tests continued, Ryan's bonds deepened with the other platoon members. Ultimately, the 7th Platoon overcame their last trial and received their final score, which varied depending on their performance in each mock battle. Regardless of their exact score, the 7th Platoon did well enough for all members to graduate to full knighthood.

An unknown number of assailants besieged Altea castle on the day of the 7th Platoon's graduation ceremony. It was then that Katarina revealed her true identity as Reese, an assassin sent to kill Marth. Stunned, the other platoon members, including Ryan, rallied to defend their liege's life. All succeeded in fending off Reese's attack, forcing her to retreat.

War of Heroes

After officially becoming an Altean knight, Ryan's first real mission took him to Grust, which was occupied by the newly formed Archanean Empire. Archanea's first Emperor and Marth's good friend, Hardin, requested that Marth help suppress an uprising against Grust's occupying leader, General Lang. As the Holy Empire of Archanea was a more powerful country than Altea, Marth was obligated to obey Hardin's request; he departed with his advisor Jagen, many seasoned knights including Gordin, and the 7th Platoon. In Grust, Marth, Ryan, and the rest of Marth's army grew to despise Lang for his oppressive nature. Furthermore, the leader of the rebellion was General Lorenz, a great ally of Marth, which stoked Marth's suspicions about the whole affair. Ryan was with Marth when the latter confronted Lorenz, who revealed that the Archanean Empire's treatment of the region was abhorrent, and he launched the rebellion to protect Grust's heirs Yubello and Yumina. Lorenz succumbed to wounds he received in a previous fight, his last words warning Marth of Hardin's corruption.

After taking the royal siblings into custody, Lang demanded that Marth stop a coup in Macedon. Ryan accompanied Marth as he fought to save Macedon's ruler, Princess Minerva. While Marth's army was successful at stopping coup, they could not find Minerva, as she was previously rescued by her brother Michalis. Returning to General Lang, Marth was instructed to retrieve Grust's heirs, who were rescued by the mercenary Ogma during the Macedon excursion. Tired of Lang's insolence, Marth declared that he would no longer follow the general's orders. Lang considered Marth's defiance an act of war, but fled when Jagen challenged him. Jagen then notified Marth that his sources found assassins connected to the attempt on Marth's life in Macedon's northern mountains. Luke was among those in Marth's army who help prevent the slaying of the cleric Wrys. After Wrys' rescue, Ryan helped Marth search for Ogma and the children; the three were found surrounded by bandits. Marth's forces successfully rescued the three, but were interrupted by the arrival of Caeda, who claimed that the Archanean Empire launched a surprise attack on Altea, and she only escaped thanks to Marth's sister Princess Elice staying behind to fend them off.

When Marth decided to liberate the Grustian people, Ryan assisted with the taking of Lang's headquarters, Olbern Keep. Once Lang was finally dealt with, Marth freed his old ally Bishop Wendell from imprisonment. Wendell entreated Marth to reconstruct the mystical Starsphere, as the world risked falling into ruin with it shattered. Before Marth's army could reach Chiasmir's Fane of Raman, where the Starsphere shards were likely held, they were ambushed by mercenaries. Marth and Kris quickly realized that these mercenaries were hired by one of Reese's accomplices, the masked assassin Legion. The following battle resulted in Legion's (or rather, one of his clone's) deaths, and Marth's army journeyed to the Fane of Raman. It quickly became apparent that the Fane was plundered by a band of marauders. While attempting to return to Archanea via the Chiasmir Bridge, Marth's army was confronted by Emperor Hardin himself, who made plain his intention to punish all dissent. While Ryan served as part of the rearguard, Kris attacked the deranged Emperor, discovering an impenetrable shield of dark magic that made him invincible. They told Marth that he and the vanguard must escape on a ship while the rearguard held off the Archanean army. Marth refused to leave any of his retinue behind, but Kris insisted that the rearguard would regroup with him later. Jagen insisted that Kris was more than capable, finally convincing Marth to flee Hardin. Kris, Ryan, and the rest of the rearguard successfully evaded Hardin, though how easy this was depended on Kris' luck. They reunited with the vanguard in the magic city of Khadein, to Marth's joy.

Marth sought the School of Khadein, determined to find magic that could counteract Hardin's shield. He also discovers his old ally Horace in the city, threatened by Legion and a horde of his clones. Ryan assisted in the ensuing battle against the clones, which resulted in the death of the true Legion. After the fight, the White Sage Gotoh magically contacted Marth, explaining that both Hardin's protection and his fall from grace were caused by the powerful Darksphere. He requested that Marth journey to the Ice Dragon Temple where he waited with the Lightsphere, which was capable of countering the Darksphere's magic. Marth's army traveled to the temple through Anri's Way, a path named for Marth's ancestor who traversed it a century ago. Ryan was among those who helped collect Starsphere shards during their trek. Near the end of their journey, Marth's army was caught in a raging blizzard; Marth's ally Athena spotted enemies in the flurry, thwarting an ambush by the assassin Clarisse. The ensuing battle left Clarisse fatally wounded, and Marth's army reached the Ice Dragon Temple, where Gotoh bequeathed the Lightsphere to Marth, reconstructed the Starsphere, and magically teleported everyone back to Altea.

Ryan helped his army liberate their homeland from the Archanean occupiers. After successfully reclaiming Altea castle, Kris sensed more enemies hidden within, which turned out to be a band of assassins led by none other than Reese. As Ryan helped fight their assailants, Reese told Kris about wonderful dream where the two were Royal Guards who helped and were loved by the populace. For their part, Kris refused to attack Reese, despite the latter insisting she would kill them. Kris claimed that Reese belonged to them and Marth, and that they could still atone for their sins. Overwhelmed, Reese finally stopped fighting, defected to Marth's side, reuniting the 7th Platoon once more. Marth "punished" Reese by ordering her to find a path in life and thereby atone, while Reese adopted the name Katarina for good. Gotoh contacted Marth again, alerting him to the revival of his old nemesis Gharnef. The Dark Pontifex abducted Princess Elice after Altea's fall, and used the assassins dogging Marth to abduct Minerva and Michalis' sister Maria, as well as the Macedonian cleric Lena. Gotoh warned Marth that Gharnef was likely planning to kidnap Hardin's wife Nyna as well.

Marth's army, including Luke, marched upon Archanea to prevent Nyna's capture, only to learn from the Emperor that he personally gave her away to Gharnef ages ago. After a long campaign through the Holy Empire, Hardin finally fell, but was freed from the Darksphere's influence. With his dying breath, Hardin regretted all he had done and begged Marth to save Nyna. Gotoh magically warped to Marth and revealed that Gharnef brainwashed the four maidens before taking them to the Dragon's Table to assist in the resurrection of the Earth Dragon Medeus. Marth and the 7th Platoon also learned the location of the assassins' base of operations: an orphanage in the Archanean mountains. Katarina told them of a shortcut to reach the place. Inside the orphanage, Katarina explained to Marth and her fellow platoon members of terrible upbringing at the hands of Eremiya, including confinement in darkness, but now thanks to people like Kris, she finally had a mind of her own. Together, Marth's forces mortally wounded Eremiya, thus preventing the victimization of any more orphans like Katarina.

Upon reaching The Dragon's Table, Luke helped Marth and the rest of the army defeat Gharnef. The revived Medeus, now a powerful Shadow Dragon, awaited them in the next room with the four maidens, who he intended to sacrifice should he be slain by Falchion. However, the were released from their trances by their loved ones, allowing Marth to kill him for a second time, ending the War of Heroes. Upon the conclusion of the war, Ryan left the 7th Platoon to join Altea's Temple Knights. In spite of his young age, Ryan did his best to be a worthy knight.


Hmm... Well, my brother's always been in my life so it's hard to describe it. Oh, but whenever I argued with my parents or friends... I liked it when Brother stuck up for me.
~ Ryan to Kris
Apparently Mother and Father wanted to have a girl. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a big sister.
~ Ryan telling Kris about his and Gordin's parents
Not only am I now taller, my skill with the bow has improved as well! Though my hand kinda hurts.
~ Ryan reuniting with Gordin


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