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Ryan Grimm is a supporting character in the American Pie spin-off film series. He is one of Erik Stifler's best friends, the quarterback for the East Great High football team and the most popular guy in school. Ryan is the one of tritagonists (along with Cooze) in American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile.


Ryan is first have a threesome with 2 attractive girls during a party. One day while in the school's weight room both he and Cooze make fun of Erik for killing his grandmother masturbating and try to convince him to join them on a weekend trip to the University of Michigan for "The Naked Mile" to help Erik lose virginity, which the latter eventually agrees to. On the night before they leave while talking to Erik over the phone, when Erik asks Ryan why calls his cousin, Dwight, "Stifler", but not him, Ryan tells because he's more an Erik. When Erik shows up in his room naked and with a condom on his penis, after a failed attempted to have sex with his girlfriend Tracy, Ryan helps the latter by him giving clothes and driving home to avoid by caught the police, making a joke about turning him in along the way. The next day after school Ryan and Cooze, much to their excitement, that Tracy his given Erik a "Guilt-Free Pass" to have sex this weekend. However, on the road driving to the University of Michigan, while Erik and Cooze are sleeping, Ryan sees that Tracy is calling Erik on his cellphone and realizes she changed her mind. Not wanting Erik to miss on his chance to lose his virginity, Ryan throws Erik's phone out the window.


  • Ryan did not appear in Beta House, possibly due to attending college in California, and was replaced by Bobby.