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Ryou Shirogane (Elliot Grant in the 4Kids dub) is a wealthy boy who is one of the male heroes of Tokyo Mew Mew.


Ryou comes from a wealthy family and has been stated to have an IQ surpassing 180, making him a natural genius, especially when it comes to genetics. It has also been rumored that he graduated from an American University. Because of this, and events in his past, he has a removed, sarcastic, and rude nature towards most of the cast, apart for his childhood friend, Akasaka-san. Despite this, he seems to be a kind person underneath, something that Ichigo catches on to later in the series, probably most obvious when he is trying to encourage Lettuce who has little self-confidence. He seems to have a romantic interest in the main character, Ichigo, but, these feelings are not returned. Ryou is headstrong and serious, but has moments where he will behave immaturely, such as his arguing with and teasing Ichigo.


Ryou has tan skin and blond hair. He has aqua blue eyes, and is 16 years old. When he is a cat, his eyes remain the same color. Ryou's Mew Mark is on the side of his neck, but he hides it with the collars of his clothes.

Love Life

  • Ichigo Momomiya: Ryou seems to have a crush on Ichigo, and has kissed her many times to change her back from a cat into a human, though he is rude and demanding to Ichigo. He often likes to tease her.


  • The different meanings for Ryou's first and last names have a lot to do with wealth. "Ryou" can mean "angle," "edge," "corner," "power," "majesty," "dragon," and "spirit," and his last name, "Shiro" can mean "white," "gane," (money or gold) and "platinum."
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