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Ryuji Iwasaki (岩崎 リュウジ Iwasaki Ryūji?) is Blue Buster (ブルーバスター Burū Basutā?) of the Go-Busters. He is a warrior with excellent fighting technique, as well as the oldest of the team. His partner Buddy Roid is Gorisaki Banana. His Buster Power is super strength. However, this has a dangerous trade-off. When Ryuji uses his power too much he starts to overheat and has to take time to cool down. If he completely overheats, his personality changes to a very violent person, and might do some lasting damage before shutting down.
Ryuji Iwasaki


Ryuji is the eldest of the 3 Busters and the most level headed of the three. He is 28 years old. He's the only one, of the main 3 to not have a family member appear in the series. Though, out of all 5, only himself, and Jin, don't have any family members appear, only friends.

Ryuji was visiting Jin in the Energy Management Center 13 years ago. When the Energy Management Center was teleported into the hyperspace, Ryuji, along with Hiromu and Yoko, were given the vaccine program and left behind. Ryuji spent 13 years living with the Special Missions Department with Yoko, making him and Yoko so close that they are like siblings. He and Kuroki also started the trend of having a Christmas party every year, so that he and Yoko will not hate Christmas.

Ryuji ends up fighting a lot with Escape after she deemed him "pretty good" after fighting with him when he was overheated. He was horrified when he found out that Enter had been able to revive Escape using her backup data and that she didn't remember him anymore, as her backup did not contain memories of the Go-Busters. Escape (after she was combined with the data from a flower)repeatedly made him overheat so that she could have a good fight, nearly killing Ryuji. When Escape's data becomes too corrupted and she starts assimilating everything, Ryuji defeats her, intending to end her suffering. As Escape dies, she calls Ryuji her "Papa" and asks him if she become pretty good, to which he replies, "Yes" to give her peace. He then watches until she disappears.

Ryuji fulfilled his dream of becoming an engineer after the Vaglass were defeated.

The three Go-Busters make their first appearance in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie where they take on their predecessors' nemesis, Basco ta Jolokia.


Cool-headed and reasonable, Ryuuji is always one to keep his head in the game while his younger comrades bicker amongst themselves. While he knows he's the oldest of the group and acknowledges this, he hates it when anyone other than him mentions this and reminds him of his age.

While he is normally level headed, if Ryuuji overheats completely because of the use of his super strength he becomes sadistic and irritable and will lash out at anything he finds annoying.


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