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The next generation smashers are a team off offspring's from the original smashers, in the future they were a underground resistance trying to take down L.E.A.D.R. for good.

Days of Future Smash, Part 5 - The Tomorrow Smashers

During the fight with Leader and the paradox monsters, Hulk is unexpectedly whisked into the future by teenage Smashers consisting of Leader's rebellious son Junior, RJ3, and the Gamma Twins Thad and Betts. The 3rd Generation Smashers need Hulk's help battle the threats of L.E.A.D.R. (the consciousness of Leader in a robot body) who plans to replace everyone on Earth with Leader Clones versions of themselves while the real humans are placed in the Negative Zone.


  • Junior
  • RJ3
  • Thad
  • Betts

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