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I think it's about time we started trying to utilize 040's abilities, or at the very least, allowing her to use them enough to actually learn how to control them. She will not be able to rely on the SCP-148 hairpieces forever. We theorized that as she gets older, her powers will increase exponentially, possibly to the point where her unconscious telepathy cannot be contained.
~ Dr. Pathos Crow.

SCP-040, known under the alias "Evolution's Child" is an anomalous human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.


SCP-040 is a young girl approximately 8 years in age and standing 1 meter (approx. 3 Feet and 3 inches) in height. She possesses numerous abnormal physical aspects, such as skin that is sensitive to light and brittle to physical contact, naturally pink hair which can fall out easily, and green-yellow heterochromia (different colored irises in eyes), in which the yellow eye has a black sclera, and is completely blind.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-040 property involves the manipulation of matter of living organisms, which she can use to create new, unique organisms (dubbed SCP-040-1 by the Foundation). However, SCP-040 can't create said organisms with microscopic life and has difficulty with doing this with plant-based life. SCP-040 is capable of creating instances of SCP-040-1 with dead organisms, but must do so whilst combining living ones simultaneously. Once modified, SCP-040 can not further modify instances of SCP-040-1. Test revealed that as she grows older as her powers would increase, but she lacks total control over her powers as when she begins manipulating matter she would it unconsciously.


SCP-040 is shown to behave normally for an individual of her age group, showing slightly above-average intelligence; she is cooperative with Foundation personnel.


Instances of SCP-040-1 are shown to have behavioral aspects of normal household pets such as dogs and cats, but show loyalty to SCP-040, regardless of the material's original ownership. Appearances vary amongst said organisms, with some retaining pre-modified aspects, but most bear little to no resemblances to their original forms.

Under its standard containment procedures, most instances of SCP-040-1 created by SCP-040 are to be destroyed following creation and/or experimentation. However, under an agreement with the Foundation, SCP-040 is allowed to keep three instances as a form of company (and to an extant, as pets):

  • SCP-040-1a: A polymorphic, symbiotic organism capable or changing shape, size, color, and texture. It appears to consist of material from outerwear clothing (likely a jacket or coat) and sends most of its time absorbing nutrients from SCP-040. It was found alongside SCP-040 upon her containment. Its genetics are equivalent to that of a domestic house cat.
  • SCP-040-1c: A spherical organism that is capable of flight via bladders filled with helium, similar to balloons. It has 11 tentacle-like appendages and can use its respiratory system to create musical vocalizations.
  • SCP-040-1j: A large, four-legged organism made of thick blue and pink fur. It has no eyes and a large mouth with blunt teeth. It is capable of climbing up vertical surfaces (such as walls) and is often used by SCP-040 as a form of transportation.

Possible Endings


SCP-040 is paired with SCP-4259. It is show that she actually made the memetic entity nicer.



  • SCP-1490, a boy around 040's age who is capable of manipulating the bodies of humans he touches, is speculated to have some connection to 040.
  • One thread discussed using her to depower SCP-239. They concluded that if they did, SCP-040 would realize that the foundation is prepared to do the same to her.
  • An unnamed agent after being exposed to SCP-028 got SCP-150 and broke inside 040's cell. She mutated him, turning the agent into SCP-151-D.
  • Mr. Green, a mysterious man whose real name is unknown and oversaw the facility that experimented on 040 and her fellow children, is not to be confused with Orvo of the Daevites who also went under the identity of Mr. Green in the modern age.
  • When cross-testing SCP-040 with SCP-682, it transformed into a clone of her and attacked her.
    • On a related note, she used his tissue to make her own Cerberus.


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