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SCP-040, known under the alias "Evolution's Child" is a Euclid-class, human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation .


SCP-040 is a young girl appoximately 8 years in age and standing 1 meter (approx. 3 Feet and 3 inches) in height.  She pocesses numerous anormal physical aspects, such as skin that is sensitive to light and brittle to physical contact, naturally pink hair which can fall out easily, and green-yellow heterchomia (different colored irises in eyes), in which the yellow eye has a black sclera and is comepletely blind.

SCP-040 property involves the manipulation of matter of living orgainisms, which she can use to create new, unique organisms (dubbed SCP-040-1 by the Foundation).  However, SCP-040 can't create said organisms with microscopic life and has difficultly with doing this with plant-based life.  SCP-040 is capable of creating instances of SCP-040-1 with dead organisms, but must do so whilst combining living ones simultaniously.  Once modified, SCP-040 can not further modify instances of SCP-040-1.


SCP-040 is shown to behave normally for an individual of her age group, showing slightly above-average intelligence; she is cooperative with Foundation personnel.


Instances of SCP-040-1 are shown to have behavioral aspects of normal household pets such as dogs and cats, but show loyalty to SCP-040, regardless of the material's original ownership.  Appearances vary amongst said organisms, with some retaining pre-modified aspects, but most bear little to no resembelances to their original forms.

Under its standard containment procedures, most instances of SCP-040-1 created by SCP-040 are to be destroyed following creation and/or experimentation.  However, under an agreement with the Foundation, SCP-040 is allowed to keep three instances as a form of company (and to an extant, as pets):

  • SCP-040-1a:  a polymorphic, symboitic organism capable or changing shape, size, color, and texture.  It appears to consist of material from outerwear clothing (likly a jacket or coat) and sends most of its time absorbing nutrients from SCP-040.  It was found alongside SCP-040 upon her containment.  Its genetics are equivalent to that of a domestic housecat.
  • SCP-040-1c:  a sphereical organism that is capable of flight via bladders filled with helium, similar to balloons. It has 11 tenacle-like appendages and can use its respiratory system to create musical vocalizations.
  • SCP-040-1j:  a large, four-legged organism made of thick blue and pink fur.  It has no eyes and a large mouth with blunt teeth. It is capable of climbing up vertical surfaces (such as walls) and is often used by SCP-040 as a form of transportation.


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