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A seemingly young man who sat there with a stiffed gaze, blinked and touched his forehead. It seemed like Time did not dare touch him - no one could ever harm him. His body did not grow old, his hands were ever strong, but he had long forgotten the taste of bread. Time, as if taking revenge for an invincibility so egregious, sped up thousandfold against all plants the brazen immortal dared approach. This too was, as it turned out, possible to get used to, so Time generously gave him much knowledge, in which, as it is known, is much grief. Time did not care what he was thinking, be it Procedure 110-Montauk or Protocol 10-Israfil-B - neither knowledge would let him sleep in peace.
~ From "Time"

SCP-073, known by the alias "Cain" is a Euclid-class, cyborg-esque SCP residing within Site-17 of the SCP Foundation.

The SCP is based on Cain from the biblical Book of Genesis, who murdered his brother Abel due to God favoring Abel's sacrifice over Cain's. Cain was heavily cursed for this act.


SCP-073 is a male, cyborg-like entity of seemingly Arabic descent whose arms, legs, spine, and shoulders are replaced entirely with beryllium bronze. Despite being made out metal, his arms and legs feel warm as if they were still real. He has black hair, olive-coloured skin and yellowish teeth. On its forehead is engraved a mysterious symbol of Sumerian origin.

Powers and Abilities

After being cursed by either the All-Mighty through the Gate Guardian, his own father, or Apakht, SCP-073 gained powers in order to make him suffer for his wrongdoing. When SCP-073 is attacked, any damage it sustains recoils back on its attacker whilst leaving SCP-073 unharmed although he can still feel the pain, likely a property obtained from the symbol. As a result, tests to retrieve tissue samples prove fruitless.

Any soil-based life (for example plants) within a 20 meter radius of SCP-073 gradually begins to die. If it stands on grass, it starts to become barren, leaving nothing but empty dirt and rock. Meanwhile if SCP-073 touches materials derived from plants (e.g. paper, wood, etc.), it begins to rot or disintegrate.


During "Incident Zero", an event that nearly led to the destruction of the Universe, SCP-073, alongside SCP-105 teamed up with the Foundation to defeat SCP-076-2. Saving not only countless lives, but also keeping the Universe intact in the process.


SCP-073 was selfless man and nature-lover who enjoyed telling stories and hangout with his brothers. However, in time he developed jealousy towards his brother Hevel who was more loved than Qayin, and combined with the pressure of the Daevite threat caused Qayin to kill Hevel by smashing his head with a rock in a fit of rage. Qayin immediately regret it, and felt horrible for what he had done. After being outcasted by his people and being cursed by the Gate Guardian Qayin soon became depressed and tried to kill himself or at least forget the haunting memories of his brother's death. He eventually returned to his home where he tried to reason and apologise with his brainwashed brother before being attacked by him.

After being contained by SCP Foundation in the modern age, SCP-073 was described as being polite and helpful amongst Site-17 personnel, although his tone of speech sounds opposite, often cold and mechanical. When asked about the symbol on his forehead, SCP-073 will become distress and hesitant, refusing to answer. Besides these, SCP-073 behaves like a normal human-being, living in a cell complete with everyday furnishings and eating and drinking regularly, though it requires a carnivorous diet. Unlike most SCP's, SCP-073 is allowed to freely roam inside Site-17, and as a result, often helps out many Foundation staff.

Other Media

SCP: Sedition

Come now, my young researcher, do you expect me to expose all of the secrets so easily?
~ SCP-343 not revealing the nature of SCP-073 and SCP-076-2.

In this fan-made, non-canon series, SCP-073 does not appear, but is briefly mentioned in a video where a Foundation member interviews SCP-343. When the interviewer asks if SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 are truly the sons of Adam and Eve, SCP-343 refuses to answer.





  • It is unknown if SCP-073 has any connection to SCP-343 who identifies himself as God, or SCP-2746 which is presumed to be the Garden of Eden.
  • SCP-073 is located within Site-17, a facility within the Foundation that contains several of the more benevolent human and humanoid SCPs, including SCP-105 and SCP-208.
  • The nature of this SCP is very ironic, as the original Cain from the Bible was wrathful and murderous, the SCP based on him is timid, cooperative and sometimes even helpful.
  • SCP-073 was involved in an experiment which also involved SCP-001 (the Gate Guardian). It is unknown what happened, since all of the Foundation staff were left blinded by the Guardian, while 073 simply fell unconscious and couldn't remember much.
  • The metal that comprises SCP-073's arms, legs and spinal cord is seemingly beryllium bronze which is the same metal used for various other metal-based SCPs by groups such as the Church of the Broken God. 073 had helped the Foundation regarding the origin of this metal.
  • In an experiment with SCP-729-J, SCP-073 took a cup of water, and proceeded to bless it. SCP-073 then vocalized the phrase: “FUCK OFF, DICKNIPS!” and soaked SCP-729-J in the holy water. SCP-073 remained under a table for the remainder of the test, with its fingers in the form of a cross.
  • A frozen replica of SCP-073 exists inside SCP-5830-1-3, one of the caves inside SCP-5830 which some contains replicas of various anomalies from the past, depicting him in grief, with his curse of rotting soil-based materials present, but lacking his metal body parts.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of 073, the picture showed him tending to an assorted range of plants on a small farm. In the background, various domesticated animals were wandering around.
  • At some point it was proposed that SCP-073 to be used in an termination attempt on SCP-682, but it was denied due to the risk of 682 copying 073's damage reflection power.
  • Dr. Clef once tried a experiment involving him giving Cain a can of mushrooms seeing if they would affected by Cain's property. The Foundation didn't let Clef proceed with his experiment, but the mushrooms would probably also be affected by Cain.
  • When the Foundation tested SCP-458, a pizza box that produces the preferred pizza of the person who touches it, with 073 it produced a pizza devoid of plant-derived toppings. However, due to his property the pizza deteriorated away. The personnel retried the test and this time they immediately removed the pizza from the box and shoved it into 073's mouth. This was the first time 073 ever ate a product of 458.

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