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Hero Overview

A seemingly young man who sat there with a stiffed gaze, blinked and touched his forehead. It seemed like Time did not dare touch him - no one could ever harm him. His body did not grow old, his hands were ever strong, but he had long forgotten the taste of bread. Time, as if taking revenge for an invincibility so egregious, sped up thousandfold against all plants the brazen immortal dared approach. This too was, as it turned out, possible to get used to, so Time generously gave him much knowledge, in which, as it is known, is much grief. Time did not care what he was thinking, be it Procedure 110-Montauk or Protocol 10-Israfil-B - neither knowledge would let him sleep in peace.
~ From "Time"
You, on the other hand? You murdered your brother in a jealous rage. There was no honor at stake. You did not do this desperately in a matter of life and death, purely your own selfish interest. You are cursed and shall remain so.
~ Lilit Bat Asherah from "REMEMBER".
I was young and jealous. I got older. Time carved its wisdom into me. I'm here now because… because I still love you. Please forgive me, Abel. Everyone we knew as children has left to God's garden. My beautiful baby brother, it's just us now.
~ Cain to Abel from "maybe god will forgive you if we both beg".

SCP-073, known by the alias "Cain" is one of the major protagonists of the SCP Foundation mythos. He is a Euclid-class, cyborg-like anomalous humanoid residing within Site-17 of the Foundation, and is the older brother of SCP-076-2.

SCP-073 is directly based on Cain from the biblical Book of Genesis, who murdered his brother Abel due to God favoring Abel's sacrifice over Cain's. Cain was heavily cursed for this act. He plays a major role in "Verse of an Endless Song", "Resurrection", "Charon" and "Project PARAGON" series.


SCP-073 is a male, cyborg-like human of seemingly Arabic descent standing at around 184 cm tall and weighing around 75 kg, whose arms, legs, spine, and shoulders are replaced entirely with beryllium bronze powered by some magical blue flame. Despite being made out metal, his arms and legs feel warm as if they were still real. He is described as handsome, possessing black hair, olive-coloured skin and yellowish teeth. On his forehead is engraved a mysterious illuminating blue symbol of either Sumerian or Daevite origin, most likely the basis for the Mark of Cain.

Powers and Abilities

After being cursed by either the All-Mighty through the Gate Guardian, his own father, or Apakht, SCP-073 gained powers in order to make him suffer for his wrongdoing. When SCP-073 is attacked, any damage it sustains recoils back on its attacker whilst leaving SCP-073 unharmed although he can still feel the pain, likely a property obtained from the symbol or his metal components. As a result, tests to retrieve tissue samples prove fruitless.

Any soil-based life (for example plants) within a 20 meter radius of SCP-073 gradually begins to die. If it stands on grass, it starts to become barren, leaving nothing but empty dirt and rock. Meanwhile if SCP-073 touches materials derived from plants (e.g. paper, wood, etc.), it begins to rot or disintegrate. However certain anomalous objects such as SCP-445, Dr. Wondertainment's Super Paper, and SCP-458, an anomalous cardboard pizza box, proved to resistant to 073's effects. SCP-6776-A, a anomalous dense pigmyweed modified by an unknown SCP, which engulfed all of Site-19, also proved to be immune to 073's property.

SCP-073 also gained photographic memory from this curse so he would always be haunted by the memory of his brother's death. 073 was able to memorize an entire book by simply looking at it while shuffling its pages. The Foundation used this property to register almost all of their documents inside 073's brain, essentially making him a living database for the Foundation.


Possible Origins


Cain was born the first son of Lilith and the powerful reality-bender named Adam el Asem of the Children of the Sun, also known as Homo aeturnus, and lived alongside his brothers Able and Seth in the flying city of Audapaupadopolis which was reigned over by their father. Cain was apparently a known skilled warrior as he and his brother Able assisted their father in protecting Audapaupadopolis from their enemies such as the Faeries.

After Adam transformed a star into a powerful crown which would become known as the Crown of Apollyon, he and his elder sons became obsessed with it. Both Cain and Abel became so obsessed with the crown that they each organized revolts to overthrow their father and become the new ruler of Audapaupadopolis. This led to Abel fighting Cain over the crown which ended in Cain killing Abel. Adam, wanting to ensure his place as absolute ruler of the city, decided to curse both of his traitorous sons by making all plant life die around Cain, while locking Abel inside his coffin.

Cain decided to leave Audapaupadopolis which was then attacked and mostly destroyed by the Children of the Night who were sent by the faeries in order to capture Adam. Thanks to him being the very first and best scholar at the time Cain helped create the very first languages which were known as the Canaanite languages, and during his time through history Cain met a powerful sorcerer of the House of Malidraug named Methuselah, but was absent in most of history regarding the House of Apollyon.


Cain, originally named Arakur, was one of the ancient humans living in the first universe known as the First Hytoth. However, when the powerful entity known as Apakht began destroying the entire universe, Cain joined his brother Eabani (Able) and their two friends, Ninkigal (SCP-232-ARC) and Giringeme (SCP-353) to help stop Apakht from killing everyone. Eventually, Cain was able to create a lock which they used it to imprison Apakht and allow the universe to rebuild into the Second Hytoth. Although they were able to trap Apakht within the lock, each of them also became connected with the being, granting them immortality, along with unique special abilities, while most of their people died as a result of universe's reconstruction. As a result of their heroic act, the four of them became known as guardians of the Sumer, but because they were now cursed as result of Apakht, they were banished from their home and forced to wander through the land. After some period of time passed, Apakht was able to free itself, which was then followed by Cain killing his brother, causing Ninkigal and Giringeme to leave them and go on their separate paths.

Beneath Two Trees

After Adam and his tribe settled in a valley containing the Tree of Knowledge guarded by Nahash and the Tree of Life guarded by Hakhama, he and his wife Hawwah bored Qayin and his two younger brothers Hevel and Set. Qayin became a shaman and eventually chief of the People of the Valley as a result of his gifted ability in magic and storytelling. However, when the evil Old God known as the Scarlet King began rising from the Abyss Nahash gifted Qayin knowledge that could help him in fighting the threat, but this overwhelmed him so much that during a heated argument with Hevel regarding their mother Qayin bashed his brother's head with a rock, killing him and causing the banishment of Qayin. Because of this act, Qayin was cursed as punishment before being banished from the Valley and forced to wander.


There have been various tales that detail what SCP-073 did during the ancient times:

A Restless Wanderer On The Earth

Following his branding, Cain exiled himself to the land of Nod, since there his curse wouldn't affect plant life as the land was too inhabitable. There Cain began building numerous cities for wandering people who arrived to the land through the Wanderer's Library's Ways, and as the cities filled, Cain became their leader and by taking advantage of his curse he waged wars on his enemies. Despite his victories, Cain's depression and desire to wander grew more and more which led to him deciding to form a family and become a patriarch like his father, and so he got married with a woman who bore Cain a son named Enoch. Cain proceeded to build a city for his son, but as his desire to wander kept increasing, Cain began sleepwalking outside of the land and in order to resolve this he had his descendants chain him under Enoch's palace. After being chained, Cain's desire to wander was lessened but remained, while he also became numb to most forms of emotion. Eventually, all of the cities he had build began crumbling down as punishment, which culminated in Enoch's palace collapsing on Cain, trapping him for several years. As Cain spent years trapped beneath the rubble, the Lost Children and the High Golem came to his burial site and told him secrets and prophecies. At first Cain ignored them, but eventually he began to listen to their words, and after they became silent the Children unearthed Cain and helped him get free. Upon being freed from the rubble, Cain found that his family and most of his descendants had died out as the cities were left in ruins, and after being told by the Children which path he should follow Cain decided to wander the lands in order to atone for his sins and find peace.

During his wanders, Cain avoided some settlements in order to not damage their crops with his curse, but one day while he sleepwalked he accidentally destroyed the crops of an entire village, causing all of the villagers to die except for a man who possessed powers of healing. After Cain reawakened he was greeted by the man who told him what had happened and recognizing Cain as a god of death he wished to become his follower. Cain tried to apologize for this, but considered the man's worship of him foolish and resumed his wandering while being followed by the man. As Cain kept walking, the man started to complain about the other gods which he used to worship before they died because of Cain, but after the man questioned Cain why he wasn't responding to him Cain replied that he already said enough and that the man shouldn't speak ill of the dead. Following this, the man began assuming that Cain wasn't a god but a demon and so he tried attack him, but the damage reflected on him because of the curse. Despite this the man continued following Cain and after sometime he admitted to Cain that he loved those gods and began pleading him to use his supernatural powers to revive them, but Cain told him that he was unable to do that and just kept going. After walking through a land covered in snow they reached the shoals of the eternal sea called Never where Cain proceeded to build a metallic boat and after finishing he and the man embarked on the boat and began traversing the sea. While paddling through the sea, the man began mourning for his people and blaming himself for their demise. As the sun rose, the duo arrived to a new shore and found the sun-city and there Cain told the man that they would depart ways and that he should go to the city in order to find new people which he could heal and not abandon. The man complied and went to the city while Cain continued his wandering.

Empire of Dirt

Years following his banishment, Qayin decided to return to his home upon hearing that his brother Hevel had been brainwashed into Ab-Leshal by the Scarlet King's army of the Daevites and was leading them to conquer the Valley. Qayin confronted Hevel and the Daevite army and tried to defend his home by killing his brother again with another rock, but Ab-Leshal responded by ripping his brother's arms and leaving him to be turned into a slave by the Daevas. After Ab-Leshal and Daevites destroyed all of the Valley, icluding its guardians, and took the survivors as more slaves, Qayin's limbs were replaced with magecraft metallic arms and since he was spared by his brother he was marked on his forehead with the rating of "khuk" which was for the highest rated slaves. He was then given to a Daeva artist named Curix Noan as a gift by a slave-broker and was used as a conversation piece, while the artist worked with her pieces.

Eventually, after Ab-Leshal broke free of the Daevas' control and started a massive slave revolt, Curix Noan and the slave-broker became infected by the Sarkites' disease, leaving Qayin free without a master. During the chaos, Qayin reunited with his brother and the two reconciled. He tried to convince his brother to come back home, but Ab-Leshal refused, stating that he would remain in Daevon and fight the remaining Daeva gods and suffer as punishment for his actions. The two then parted ways, with Qayin leaving Daevon and escaping the destruction.

Qayin returned to the Valley, which because of the Daevites' destruction was left completely barren. When Gilgamesh began his quest to achieve eternal life, he went to the abandoned Valley where he found Qayin, referring to him as Utnapishtim. Gilgamesh asked him for a way to become immortal, but Qayin decided to show him the ruins of the Valley and the suffering brought by the Daeva. After showing the heart of Hakhama, Qayin told Gilgamesh that people should seek knowledge instead of immortality as he and his brother suffered a lot because of this. This prompted Gilgamesh to abandon his quest and return home, while Qayin remained in the desolate Valley.


After Cain became cursed by the Gate Guardian for killing his brother, he began wandering aimlessly through Earth while being haunted by the memory his murder which Cain was unable to forget. Wanting to find a way to get some peace from this memory, Cain went to different civilizations such the Daeva, the Erikesh and the Yeren and asked them for help, but they all rebuked him and refused to help. Cain then sought help from Lilith since they were both cursed by God for their actions, but she instead mocked him, telling him that her crime was an act of her honor while his was selfish and cruel. This enraged Cain who thought of killing her before deciding to simply leave. Seeing that he would not get any help, Cain tried to the memory of his brother's death through different ways, which included drinking large amount of nepenthe, stabbing his skull with the Spear of Those Forgotten, and drowning himself for seven years within a part of an ocean where the Serpent's Dark Brother. However, all of these attempts had failed, leaving Cain to simply wander while bearing that painful memory.

At some point in time, Cain encountered an eldritch being known as the White Sun which resided in a dream-like world magically located inside the Earth's core and could only be accessed through a deep cavern named the Gate of Horn where the house designated SCP-2975 would be built on. Seeing that the evil entity planned to take over the entire Earth, Cain put it in an eternal sleep in order to keep it trapped inside the world it created.

Foundation custody

In the modern times, SCP-073 had arrived in New York, America where he came across some racist criminal gang members preparing to assault a defenseless African-American man. 073 intervened by getting between them and gave the poor man the chance to escape. The gang members became angry at 073 and attacked him, which resulted in their own deaths. 073 was then found and taken by the police, thinking that he killed the criminals and was labeled as a "John Doe". The SCP Foundation discovered 073 during their usual check of John Does and he was taken by the Foundation to Site-17 and given the designation of SCP-073.

While at Site-17, SCP-073 was very cooperative with personnel and often helped them on some tasks, which prompted the higher ups to let him freely roam the site, albeit having a tracking device attached to his body. He explained to the Foundation that he was Cain, son of Adam and either Eve or Lilith from the Abrahamic religions and additionally told them about some historical events which he had participated. After seeing his property of photographic memory, the Foundation downloaded information regarding most SCPs into his brain, but when information regarding SCP-076 was downloaded, 073 recognized 076-2 as his brother Able and told the Foundation that it would best for all parties involved that he did not meet 076-2.

When Dr. Charles with Mobile Task Force Epsilon-59 "Time Cops" began using SCP-4678, a blue-tinted disk of igneous rock carved with a modified version of Astaroth's Seal that could be used as part of a ritual to send people into a specific point in the future, he decided to use the anomaly to avert the apocalypse foreseen by the Gate Guardian. In order to do so, Charles and two members of the MTF, EP-1 and EP-3, brought 073 into the chamber where he conducted the ritual using a stone knife. 073 immediately became horrified of this and wished to not take part in mission, but after the completion of the ritual all of them were transported into the future where the apocalypse was taking place. They found themselves near the outskirts of Chicago and in that moment 073 began berating Charles stating that they were now doomed and that he was a deranged fool, but Charles insisted that they were doing the right thing. 073 then noticed flashes of light coming from the runway and began running to source, prompting the others to follow him. Upon arriving to the source they found the future 073 killing his brother again using a mass of concrete. This filled the present 073 with despair and after the future 076-2's death the Gate Guardian arrived and proceeded to dissolve the future 073 in a flash of light. As 073 began lashing out at Charles, the Guardian began attacking them, killing EP-1 before chasing EP-3. 073 stopped the Guardian from harming her by using the stone knife to attack it, but ended up heavily injured. As 073 began carrying a wounded EP-3 away from the being, they alongside Charles returned to the chamber in their present time. In the aftermath of this incident, SCP-4678 was left destroyed causing the MTF to be disbanded while 073 refused to elaborate on what really happened as the footage had malfunctioned during the Incident.


During "Incident Zero", an event that nearly led to the destruction of the universe, SCP-073, alongside Adrian Andrews and Beatrix Maddox helped the Foundation in preventing other universes from crashing with their own by resetting the Bloom within the Yellowstone National Park.

However after the demise of both agents, SCP-073 was joined by SCP-076-2 who suppressed his anger towards his brother and together destroyed the Bloom, saving not only countless lives, but also keeping the universe intact in the process. Afterwards, both brothers were taken to their respective site, and as part of a cover up 076-2 was blamed for the death of most of Omega-7.

Following this incident, after SCP-105 used her powers to take down some attackers known as The Ones in Black, the O5 Council decided to revitalize the previously defunct MTF Omega-7 into Mobile Task Force Alpha-9, since this type of team was necessary for the Foundation. SCP-073 became a member of the newly formed MTF alongside other SCPs, not only due to his properties, but also to convince 105 to join, since the two had become close friends while living in Site-17.

Possible Endings


One day, a level-3 researcher from the Chinese branch of the Foundation, Dorothy Zhang, formed a project to neutralize 076-2. She and other members of the staff filled the corridor where SCP-076-2 entered after exiting SCP-076-1 with amnestics making SCP-076-2 forget his death by the hand of SCP-073. This plan worked as after being exposed to the amnestics he became docile. However, he then asked to meet his brother, but his request was denied. Realizing he was being lied to, SCP-076-2 breached containment and finally reunited with SCP-073. SCP-073 immediately apologized to SCP-076-2 and asked his brother for forgiveness, but SCP-076-2 had no idea what he was talking about. The brothers reformed their relationship and SCP-076-2 began aging with the speed of a normal human, until he died of old age.

maybe god will forgive you if we both begged

One day the Foundation asked SCP-073 to reunite with his brother and after three days he agreed to meet him, and following three more days of preparation 073 was ready to talk to 076-2 inside a confined white room. When 073 tried to talk to 076-2 through his coffin, 076-2 awoke and as expected tried to decapitate his brother which resulted in his own death. Following this 076-2 would get out of his coffin every two days and try to kill 073 to no avail, but after two months of trying he asked his brother why he was here but before 073 could answer 076-2 again attempted to kill him. After another month of trying to kill 073 and asking the same question, 073 began singing to 076-2 his mother's lullabies while inside his coffin. This prompted 076-2 to properly ask his brother the reason why he killed him and left him behind to which 073 explained that he was immature and jealous back then but had become more wise and extremely remorseful of his actions and now just wanted to say sorry. 076-2 initially tried to respond by attempting to kill 073 again, but was overwhelmed by sadness and eventually the two brothers finally embraced one another before crumbling to dust.

SCP-001 (Djoric-Dmatix Proposal)

After acquiring SCP-001-011, a member of a group of thirty six anomalous individuals who can neutralize anomalies without harming the individuals involved, the Foundation decided to cross-test him with SCP-073 who not notified of this. Upon encountering 001-011, he told 073 that he was now free of his curse. Wanting to confirm this, 073 asked 001-011 to slap to which he did with impact not reflecting back, meaning that he became a normal human once again. 073 then asked if him that when he met his brother tell him that he was sorry. Following this, 073 was re-designated SCP-073-N but was still left under the observation of the Foundation.

When We Came Home

During the destructive attack of the Scarlet King and his army on the universe, SCP-076-2 was finally face to face with his brother SCP-073. Knowing that there was no other way the two brothers fought each other for the last time which in the death of both of them. It is unknown what happened to them following the defeat of the Scarlet King at the hands of Isabel Wondertainment.

The Stars Do Not Wait For You

When the reality bender known as SCP-1915 became the all destructive entity known as the “Absence”, SCP-076-2 and SCP-073 were among the SCPs used by the Foundation to try to stop the entity from destroying the entire Earth, but none of them succeeded. During their final moments together the two brothers finally reconciled with one another, before being killed by the Absence. Following this encounter with SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 and seeing them embracing each other, the Absence was reminded about his own relationship with his late brother.

Brother's Keeper

As the world was undergoing an XK-class scenario, Prof. Kain Pathos Crow gave SCP-073 a suitcase which contained something that would help him prolong humanity in the post-apocalyptic world. However, 073 refused, stating that this was his chance to finally die after all these years. He then decided to explain to Crow how he and his friends had formed a group similar to the Foundation in the ancient times, with the goal preventing the anomalies from harming humanity, but had failed which led to 073 being cursed in order to live past the apocalypses. After being informed of this Crow asked if 073 could pass his mark to him so he could become immortal and guide humanity once the XK-class scenario was over. 073 agreed to his request passed his curse onto Crow.


One day, a hiveminded plant anomaly breached containment and began growing all over Site-19, taking over the entire site and trapping all of the contained anomalies inside, which included SCP-073, while the personnel fled and abandoned the site. Following this, the plants, later designated SCP-6776-A began to properly contain Site-19's anomalies in a better way than the Foundation, with some of the benevolent anomalies like 073 finding peace and becoming happy inside the new state of the site. When STF Epsilon-55 went inside the site to see what was going on inside, they witnessed many anomalies having adapted to SCP-6776-A, including SCP-073 who was seen herding a group of the recently extinct aurochs.


SCP-073 was a introverted selfless man and nature-lover who enjoyed telling stories and spending time with his brothers. However, in time he developed jealousy towards his brother Hevel who was more loved than Qayin, and combined with the pressure of the Daevite threat caused Qayin to kill Hevel by smashing his head with a rock in a fit of rage.

Qayin immediately regretted it, and felt horrible for what he had done. After being outcasted by his people and being cursed by the Gate Guardian Qayin soon became depressed and tried to kill himself or at least forget the haunting memories of his brother's death. He eventually returned to his home where he tried to reason and apologize with his brainwashed brother before being attacked by him.

After being contained by SCP Foundation in the modern age, SCP-073 was described as being polite and helpful amongst Site-17 personnel, although his tone of speech sounded opposite, often cold and mechanical. If asked about the symbol on his forehead, SCP-073 would become visibly distressed, refusing to answer. Besides these, SCP-073 behaved like a normal human-being, living in a cell complete with everyday furnishings and eating and drinking regularly, though it required a carnivorous diet. Unlike most SCP's, SCP-073 was allowed to freely roam inside Site-17, and as a result, often helped out many Foundation staff.

Other Media

SCP: Sedition

Come now, my young researcher, do you expect me to expose all of the secrets so easily?
~ SCP-343 not revealing the nature of SCP-073 and SCP-076-2.

In this fan-made, non-canon series, SCP-073 does not appear, but is briefly mentioned in a video where a Foundation member interviews SCP-343. When the interviewer asks if SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 are truly the sons of Adam and Eve, SCP-343 refuses to answer.


  • It is unknown if SCP-073 has any connection to SCP-5998 who identifies himself as God, or SCP-2746 which is presumed to be the Garden of Eden.
  • SCP-073 is located within Site-17, a facility within the Foundation that contains several of the more benevolent human and humanoid SCPs, including SCP-105 and SCP-208.
  • The nature of this SCP is very ironic, as the original Cain from the Bible was wrathful and murderous, the SCP based on him is timid, cooperative and sometimes even helpful.
  • SCP-073 was involved in an experiment which also involved Gate Guardian. It is unknown what happened, since all of the Foundation staff were left blinded by the Guardian, while 073 simply fell unconscious and couldn't remember much.
  • The metal that comprises SCP-073's arms, legs and spinal cord is seemingly beryllium bronze which is the same metal used for various other metal-based SCPs by groups such as the Church of the Broken God. 073 had helped the Foundation regarding the origin of this metal.
  • In an experiment with SCP-729-J, SCP-073 took a cup of water, and proceeded to bless it. SCP-073 then vocalized the phrase: “FUCK OFF, DICKNIPS!” and soaked SCP-729-J in the holy water. SCP-073 remained under a table for the remainder of the test, with its fingers in the form of a cross.
  • A frozen replica of SCP-073 exists inside SCP-5830-1-3, one of the caves inside SCP-5830 which some contains replicas of various anomalies from the past, depicting him in grief, with his curse of rotting soil-based materials present, but lacking his metal body parts.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978 to take a photo of 073, the picture showed him tending to an assorted range of plants on a small farm. In the background, various domesticated animals were wandering around.
  • At some point it was proposed that SCP-073 to be used in an termination attempt on SCP-682, but it was denied due to the risk of 682 copying 073's damage reflection power.
  • Dr. Clef once tried a experiment involving him giving Cain a can of mushrooms seeing if they would affected by Cain's property. The Foundation didn't let Clef proceed with his experiment, but the mushrooms would probably also be affected by Cain.
  • When the Foundation tested SCP-458, a pizza box that produces the preferred pizza of the person who touches it, with 073 it produced a pizza devoid of plant-derived toppings. However, due to his property the pizza deteriorated away. The personnel retried the test and this time they immediately removed the pizza from the box and shoved it into 073's mouth. This was the first time 073 ever ate a product of 458.
  • When some candy canes were put inside SCP-914 on "Very Fine", a animate figurine of 073 was created. When questioned on how 073 had any relation to some candy canes a researcher joked saying "Candy Cain".
  • In the previous deleted version of SCP-4089 by author Zzuxon, SCP-073 and SCP-105 were getting annoyed by SCP-2020, until SCP-2800 interrupted 2020 and got it away from 073 and 105. If this version of SCP-4089 would have stayed on the site it would create some discrepancy as SCP-073 would have involuntarily killed SCP-2800, due to 2800 possessing plant DNA.
  • SCP-4444-J, a Gaia Online guild, describes a bizarre universe with many things not making sense. In this universe SCP-682 appears to replace SCP-073, as it is referred to Cain and Able's brother.
  • When SCP-TLDR-J, a metamorphic document which when read causes a chain of anomalous events, is read in its Form P it will cause a string of events ending in 073 receiving a peanut sandwich. When SCP-TLDR-J is read while in Form S, a copy of SCP-3039, it will cause another string of events resulting in 073 regurgitating a peanut sandwich.
  • In "Incursion", when Dr. Piedmont refused to execute Procedure 110-Mountauk on SCP-231-7, he was sent through SCP-1780 which send him to an apocalyptic world where all SCPs have breached containment. He eventually encountered SCP-073 who informed him about SCP-1780 in order to help him return to his native timeline.
  • In the tale "The Reassembled One", the Serpent's Hand describe Qabil as the son of Mekhane and a figure similar to Robert Bumaro, who helped the Mekhanites in fighting Sarkicism during the Bronze Age. After his death he was resurrected by Mekhane, replacing his body parts with metal, and the in his forehead it was engraved the completed form of the Broken God for him to use when he would rebuild Mekhane.
  • In Chapter 2 of SCP-069-J, a DVD recovered by SCP-507, which contains a Japanese-style "dating-sim" visual novel titled "The Sisters of Cheyenne Point" by "Superstar Catalyst Project", SCP-073 is portrayed as the student council president and a sympathetic figure who is loved by everyone and cares greatly for the student body of Cheyenne Point Academy, while his brother Able, the school's troublemaker and delinquent is jealous of his popularity.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, SCP-073 was a soldier named Jacob Kane who fought during the Second Battle of New York on the side of the Confederate Inspectors which opposed the army which Jacob's brother Abe Kane was part of. Following Abe's death he went on to partially possess the body of Jacob. After Jacob died Abe would go on to possess his body until he himself died allowing Jacob to be revived in his own body continuing the cycle.
  • In the "Brother's Keeper" SCP-073 mentioned that he was once friend with someone named Bright, who is unrelated to Jack Bright and his family. In "Ask Lord Blackwood", Lord Blackwood mentioned that during one of his trips he met an African man named Bright. It is currently unknown whether they're the same character or not.
  • In the "Bellerverse", an alternate reality in which humanity are nearly extinct and the tribes began worshiping the notable Foundation personnel as gods, SCP-073 is inexplicably seen as an old man named Benadam. He was acquainted with a young man named Beller who was curious of the wonders that roamed the Earth before humanity fell. However Benadam tried to discourage him to no avail as Beller went on his journey.
  • In "The Second Child", SCP-017 was described as a member of an evil race known as the "Lost Children". Given that SCP-073 is the father and ancestor of a mysterious group also known as the Lost Children, it is possible that SCP-017 is a descendant of 073.
  • When SCP-073 breached containment under unknown circumstances, he entered SCP-333-J, an anomalous bar called Skippy's Corner Pub. When the bartender offered him a free drink if 073 managed to throw a ball inside a cup across the room, 073 replied that he wasn't Able.
  • Elder Rockwell of the Children of the Scarlet King has expressed great hatred towards both Cain and Abel when preaching.
  • In the tale "Enkidu", SCP-073 is portrayed as the mythological Enkidu who was created by the gods to stop Gilgamesh the cruel ruler of Uruk portraued by SCP-076-2. However, instead of defeating him, the two became best friends and even close brothers, until the gods killed Enkidu for failing at his task. Because of this, Gilgamesh sought eternal life by sacrificing all of his subordinates, becoming a powerful demigod. As a result of the terror caused by Gilgamesh the gods revived Enkidu and imbued him with power that would allow him to be a match for Gilgamesh, but after an extended time of fighting, Gilgamesh refused to hurt his friend anymore and allowed Enkidu to seal him away. Enkidu was then left to wander the Earth and inspired the myths of Osiris, Lazarus, the Wandering Jew, and St. Germain. However, in "The Tick Tock Gospel", SCP-073 is portrayed as Unapistim, a different character who encountered Gilgamesh during the latter's quest for immortality.
  • In "Perennial Ritual, Offering Maiden", Grendel from the Beowulf poem is introduced, and similar to the poem it is described as "Child of Cain". It is unknown if Grendel was meant to be an actual descendant of SCP-073.
  • In the CK-class event of SCP-6140 which undid all fabricated reality written by SCP-140-A and bring the real current nation of the Daevites, the Republic of Daevastan, SCP-073/Qayin was revealed to have actually been a local Daevastani hero who alongside Ab-Leshal led the very first slave revolt which overthrew the daevas in the past, and had nothing to do with the biblical Cain. It is unknown if SCP-073 ceased to exist following SCP-6140.
  • SCP-6073, a sapient living scarecrow who fights the Foundation and possesses the power to manipulate plant life, was named 6073 since it was the opposite of SCP-073.
  • SCP-5716, an AI comprised of psychiatric assessments of sapient contained entities, once demanded to the Foundation that they release 073 as he had been a nice individual who meant no harm to anyone.
  • In a now removed entry in "Project Isorropía", SCP-073 was cross-tested with SCP-607 (Dorian) which resulted in the cat being indestructible with any attempt to harm itself becoming impossible, since then SCP-607 has stopped trying entirely. SCP-073 claims that SCP-607 "still doesn't like [him], but he's coming around.

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