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Observer has been watching the woman for a considerable amount of time now, and little about her truly made sense to it. Much like those in its birthing chamber, the woman had odd powers, and much like them she failed to realize how her possession of them distanced her from being truly human. Unlike them, however, this lack of perception did not seem to be internal. As if she was forced into being as she was by someone else. Perhaps this was so. Observer pitied her. The poor thing didn't even know what she was, not like it knew. Yes, Observer understood her so very perfectly.
~ From "This Is Not Me Talking"
I'm not sure if this means she's back or if these are just jumbles of her memories. Thoughts? Is there a possibility Project Lethe had additional side effects we didn't account for? I want to make sure this won't come back to hurt us. Keep an eye on this.
~ O5-1 (A. Veles)

SCP-105, formerly known by the name Iris Thompson, was a Safe-class human SCP residing within Site-17 of the SCP Foundation.


SCP-105 is a female human of European descent, although her age is classified. She is described as having long, blonde hair and blue eyes. as being 1.54 meters tall (approx. 5 feet and 1/2 inch), and weighing 50 kilograms (approx. 110 pounds). Unlike most humanoid SCPs, she does not process any unusual physical aspects, and is able to socialize with certain Foundation personnel located at Site-17.

After being transformed into a memetic entity, Iris had no real appearance due to now lacking a body, but she could form projections of herself in the memories of the people she possessed.

Powers and Abilities


SCP-105's property manifests when in the presence of a 1982 polaroid camera dubbed by the Foundation as SCP-105-B.  Although the camera works normally when used by most individuals, when SCP-105 uses it, she can manipulate photographs of a particular place in question taken from SCP-105-B in real-time.  Individuals located in the place of question will also witness what is described as a disembodied hand belonging to SCP-105 to appear out of a portal-like entity.  SCP-105 demonstrates limited experience with her property, but has advanced her knowledge of it via experience within the Foundation. However, for a time when experimenting with her powers using photos from other cameras and mobile devices she found it difficult to phase her hand in some photos and when she did phase it through the photos a phantom version of her hand would appear in the photo's environment and she found it difficult to manipulate the objects in the environment.

After her body and essence were turned into some sort of better-functioning amnestic for humanity after they would be recreated by SCP-2000, Iris became a memetic entity, essentially living information inhabiting the human collective consciousness. Thanks to her new form Iris was capable of manipulating and controlling the minds of people infected by her and could spread herself to other minds when people learned about her. She was able to infect most of Earth's population including several Groups of Interest causing an MK-Class End of the World Scenario, and she could not be killed as long as the collective was still alive. Thankfully SCP-3959, a weaponized anti-meme which "redacts" information from documents and people's memory seemingly proved to be capable of defeating Iris.


According to the Foundation's archives, SCP-105 (then known by her real name Iris Thompson) was contacted by an attorney after she was arrested as the prime suspect for the supposed murder of her former boyfriend and pleaded not guilty. She was contained shortly afterward (likely because the attorney may have been a Foundation member in disguise) and the Foundation covered up her disappearance with her parents by claiming that she had been killed.

During her time with the SCP Foundation, Iris (now under the current designation SCP-105) was assigned to a reconnaissance team that was part of the Mobile Task Force Omega-7 dubbed "Team Iris" and a affiliate group known as "Team Bowe" which in addition to reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, would also occasionally preform assassination-type missions to cover up any potential threats. When asked to perform such inhumane actions, SCP-105 showed strong opposition and refusal to carry them out, despite further reprimanding from "Team Bowe".

Later on, SCP-105, alongside a sympathetic Foundation member named Dr. Dantensen, tried to convince the Foundation to release her, claiming that she was emotionally distressed and had "lost all her anomalies". But the Foundation refused. Both SCP-105 and Dr. Dantensen made the drastic decision to try to escape the Foundation during a containment breach, but this was unsuccessful, and SCP-105 was recaptured.

Following the failed escape, SCP-105 reluctantly agreed to cooperate with Foundation's commands in using her ability in exchange for limited privileges in Site-17. As of the present, SCP-105 remains contained within Site-17, whilst SCP-105-B is contained within a safe-locker within another site, whilst Mobile Task Force Omega-7, the group she was assigned to has since disbanded.

Incident Zero

During an event known as "Incident Zero", a period where the universe nearly ended, SCP-105, alongside SCP-073 teamed up with the Foundation to successfully avert a crisis by defeating SCP-076-2, saving not only countless lives, but also keeping the Universe safely intact in the process.


Iris was a peaceful girl who loved taking photos with her camera. However, after falling under custody of the SCP Foundation her mental state began to decline as she was forcefully taken away from her family and home and imprisoned within Site-17. To make matters worse, the Foundation forced her to become a member of MTF Omega-7 and become an assassin to which she was strongly against. These experiences left her with heavy depression and after failing to escape she tried to take her own life. Thankfully some individuals within the Site such as Adrian Andrews, Dr. Kondraki, SCP-073 and Andrea Adams became supportive to her, and formed a strong bond with her, greatly improving her mood.

After the Foundation killed Iris and used her remains to create a more better amnestic, Iris had lost almost all of her memories when she was transformed into a memetic entity. After remembering who she was and what had happened to her, Iris finally snapped and was filled with rage and hatred towards the Foundation. She decided to take revenge and destroy the entire Foundation with her newfound powers as payback for the horrible things they had put her through. She also seemingly abandoned her peaceful ways as she completely took over the minds of innocent people and forced to risk their own lives in order to bring down the Foundation for good.

Iris Through the Looking-Glass

In the light novel Iris Through the Looking-Glass by Akira, SCP-105 discovers the existence of an individual later dubbed "SCP-105-C" - a 16-year-old Japanese boy from a parallel universe who can travel through photographs into alternate histories that they represent, but can only be retrieved from them by SCP-105. SCP-105 and SCP-105-C are contained in a shared room and placed under the command of Dr. Bright, who assigns SCP-105-C to explore various previously discovered SCPs through photographs, including SCP-823, SCP-517, and SCP-076.





  • SCP-105 is contained within Site-17, a facility within the foundation that contains the more benevolent human and humanoid SCPs, including SCP-073 and SCP-208.
  • In the web-series "Habil and Qabil" made by the Serpent's Hand and in the reality of "Halloween on 17th Street" made by SCP-239, Iris is portrayed as having romantic feelings on SCP-076-2. However, in the tales "Calm", "Immediate Actions" and "Girls' Night Out", the actual Iris is shown as being traumatized and disgusted by 076-2 after he killed nearly all of their fellow MTF members.
  • SCP-777-J, an "awesome" bladed warrior who "always" wins had decided to make Iris his bride after his work is done. SCP-10101-J, an equally "awesome" hero, has made Iris his girlfriend and concubine.
  • A researcher wanted to share SCP-420-J with Iris, but his fellow researcher accused him of wanting to get laid with her.
  • SCP-1465 is an SCP article which was an attempt to rewrite SCP-105.
    • There is a theory that 1465 is supposed to be an iteration/incarnation of Iris following the destruction and reconstruction of the world.
  • In the "Unfounded" continuity, where the SCP Foundation was never formed, Iris was recruited into the Global Occult Coalition as Agent "Snapshot".
  • Dr. Bright once tried to make an anatomically-correct body pillow modeled after SCP-105.
  • In the "Classical Revival" continuity, Iris was born in 1979.
  • In "Girl's Night Out", it was stated that Iris was captured by the Foundation at the age of 13. When Omega-7 was shut down she was 15. At the time of the tale she was 21 years old. However, in "Portraits Of Your Father", she mentioned that she had been captured by the Foundation when she was ten years old.
  • The story of SCP-3002 is similar to that of SCP-1337, the ghost of a girl who didn't do any harm until the Foundation decided to try and terminate it in order to lessen the cost causing the ghost to become vengeful and murderous.
  • In the "Broken Masquerade" continuity, in which the SCP Foundation and the anomalous became public, Iris was briefly seen being interviewed and demonstrating her powers.
  • In the tale "On the Run" when mass information was leaked to the public the researchers looked through different ways to solve that, one of which was the reactivation of Project Lethe. This hints that the Foundation managed to stop SCP-3002 and seemingly making it harmless.
  • When the Foundation tried to use SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of 105, the request was denied by the O5 Council, due to her properties.
  • In "Personal Log of Agent AA", when Iris and the rest of Omega-7 went to hunt a Keter-class SCP on Halloween, she was dressed as videogame character whose name was redacted from the document. The character turned out be Jade from the game Beyond Good & Evil.

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