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The Knights' efforts are not in vain, for they fight beside me. These beings are from Earth, and live and breathe and shed under the same Moon. I am the Moon's Champion. I am all Moons' Champion, and they are my companions. No Moon Monster is safe, while I soar the skies! Now DIE, FALSE MOON!
~ SCP-1233 to the Moon Monster's dragon from "Arm-aggedon".
I've been away from it for so long, attempting to find a brave soul who could battle alongside me, but what of myself? I have done nothing. NOTHING. NULL AND VOID IS MY ACTIVITY ON THE MOON! For how long have I been exploring the cosmos? For how long have I been living? 1000 years? 100 years? 1? A day!? And what have I found? The same old simpletons, exchanging their dogs, eating their televisions, checking the time on their wrist discs! What am I a champion of? An old forgotten kingdom, or no kingdom at all?
~ SCP-1233 to himself in "Two Lost Souls".

SCP-1233, also known as The Lunatic and the self-proclaimed Moon Champion, is a Keter-class humanoid uncontained by the SCP Foundation. He is a superhuman being who looks like an astronaut and is dedicated in protecting the "Moon Kingdom" and the innocents from evil.



SCP-1233's origin is currently unknown as it unknown what he truly is, where he came from, or how and when he became the champion of the Moon Kingdom. He is seemingly not from Earth as he is unfamiliar with many things related to it, despite wearing a spacesuit of human origin. However, it is known that he has a younger brother who wears a late-19th century diving suit and proclaimed himself to be the Sea Champion. He at some point came across the Moon Kingdom and became indebted to Nyperius, the Moon King and the ancient wizard of the Moon associated with the Church of the Second Hytoth. Moon Champion swore to protect the Kingdom and its people from outside threats such as the Moon Monsters.

Adventures on Earth

During his time as the champion of the moon, Moon Champion came to the conclusion that he couldn't do this job alone so he went to the moon's nearest neighbor Earth to recruit people to his cause. He would crash-land multiple times on Earth throughout the years and explore its "strange" culture. He would always ask random people for assistance in fighting the Moon Monsters, but would always get rebuked, while those who agreed to help would forcefully get dragged by Moon Champion and fly through the atmosphere which resulted in their deaths. His activities eventually caught the notice of the SCP Foundation and with the help of authorities would try to detain him, but due to his abnormal strength he was capable of breaking out every time.

While navigating the cosmos, Moon Champion came across fellow anomalous astronaut SCP-1959. Moon Champion came to know his new friend as C-C-C-P and recognized him as Earth's champion. He tried to recruit his help in fighting the Moon Monsters, but he was unable to move SCP-1959, since the fellow astronaut was fighting his own invisible battle. This encounter made Moon Champion to take his job more seriously and bid farewell to his newfound friend. He then came across SCP-2146, a deceased whale floating through Earth's atmosphere which broadcasts a variety of radio transmission, and mistook it as a big slug. Moon Champion also befriended the being and told it his experience as Moon Champion. After telling it his encounter with C-C-C-P and his strange dreams, he fell asleep on 2146's back and dreamed of the Kingdom's Old Guard and the Moon Wizard. After waking up he interpreted the dream as a sign and also bid the whale farewell and went to the moon.

He arrived at the Moon Wizard's location in the moon which had been designated by the Foundation as SCP-2686-1. He met with the Moon Wizard and saluted him before the wizard revealed to him that he was Nyperius. Nyperius then explained to a stunned Moon Champion about SCP-2821-2, a Pattern Screamer which is responsible for the demise of almost all of the Moon Kingdom's Old Guard. Now that the Old Guards were gone Moon Champion was the only one left to stop the threat of the Screamer and so Nyperius gave the Moon Champion his sword and rechristened him the Guardian of the Moon. After that, Moon Champion with a new purpose set to fight his new enemy and protect the good and the innocent.

When Halloween came, the Moon Champion decided to celebrate this festivity, mistakenly calling it Cinco de Mayo. After crash-landing near a city, he met with two children, Lily and her older brother, who were collecting candy. Lily's brother was agitated by the Champion's appearance and forced his little sister to return home which caused Lily to accidentally drop her candies. Although he was confused by this "strange" tradition, Moon Champion promised Lily to help replace her candies. Lily's brother saw an opportunity in this and brought the astronaut along with them. After getting a considerable amount of candy, Lily and her brother parted ways with Moon Champion leaving him to feel proud of his accomplishment before returning to space as he was chased by the police.

Moon Champion eventually crash-landed again, this time on a college in a farm country, killing numerous students and staff. Having no clear understanding of the severe damage he was causing Moon Champion explored the college before returning to space using his jetpack causing further damage. The Foundation decided to use this opportunity to test their new amnestic on the population. When Agent Johnson was having trouble distributing the amnestic to those who found out that something was going on, Moon Champion crash-landed once again near him. Johnson decided to use him to gather those people who were fighting back and lied to the champion stating that they were allies of the Moon Monsters. This worked and Moon Champion was able to gather those individuals which greatly elevated MTF Epsilon-6's work.

When the Moon Monsters began attacking SCP-4344-1, a race of extraterrestrial dinosaurs, and Earth, Moon Champion was among the allies who decided to help the dinosaurs in defeating the Moon Monsters. As the fight started without him, Moon Champion soon arrived and joined Don Quixote and Armando, the latter from the universe of Apotheosis, and together began destroying the evil monsters. However, they were soon faced by the monsters' four winged dragon which began wrecking havoc across the dinosaurs' fleets. This didn't deter Moon Champion and fought the giant dragon which then emitted a small blue star that would destroy the dinosaurs' mothership.

Moon Champion tried his best to push the giant fireball back at the dragon, while Armando used his ship to save Don Quixote from the dragon’s head. As the dragon was weakened from the fireball crashing on it, Armando filled Moon Champion's jetpack with extra fuel while Don Quixote gave the champion his horse, increasing Moon Champion's speed. While the dinosaurs distracted the dragon, Moon Champion was equipped with Quixote's lance which thanks to Armando now possessed a singularity at its handle, and combined with the speed, Moon Champion was able to impale the lance through the dragon's heart causing the monster to explode and defeating all of the Moon Monsters.

After SCP-1370 was enhanced by SCP-914 due to SCP-049-J, the robot used its newfound powers to go to the moon and cause destruction, forcing Moon Champion to seek help on Earth. He crashed on Site-109 where he came across SCP-2598, SCP-527, SCP-2337, SCP-049 and several instances of SCP-049-2, and decided to recruit all of their help in defeating the robot. Moon Champion quickly brought all of them on the moon where he used 049's zombies to damage 1370's gigantic body, while 2598 prepared to use its greatest power, the Infinite Spike Breaker, to deliver the final blow, but upon impacting on the robot's tiny head its thorn snapped in half leaving 1370 unharmed. 1370 swatted 2598 away like the moth that it was before mocking the heroes' failed attempts at defeating it, which caused Moon Champion to be filled with rage and used all of his energy to crash on the robot's head, partially shattering it. 1370 retaliated and began using all of its powers to destroy the universe around them. Thankfully, Moon Champion was undeterred and continued to smash on the robot, eventually destroying it all together and saving everyone.

When the anomalous pharmaceutical creator simply known as dado began conducting his drug-related work on the moon Moon Champion at first didn't realize the threat posed by him, but eventually decided to confront dado. However, when he arrived at dado's current location he instead met the Man with the Upside-Down Face, Icky the Magic Clown, Li'l Lollipop and Noodles of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting and mistook them as being associated with dado, since he had been illegally using their name. After the clowns explained to him that dado was escaping in his spaceship, Moon Champion decided to go to dado first before dealing with them and went crashing directly into dado's ship.

While drifting in the Sol System Moon Champion came across SCP-179. Upon meeting, the two almost immediately clicked and grew found of each other. When the group known as the Foundation Elimination Coalition lead by General Bowe began taking over various Foundation sites, 179 told the Moon Champion to help in defeating the newly-formed evil organization. He agreed, but not before instructing her to dub him as her and the Sun’s champion. After she did so, he promised her to take care of the problem and that they would meet again.

Moon Champion crashed on a streetscape in Manhattan near Area-198. There he came across SCP-4601, a sapient fire truck, who saw the champion as threat and tried to attack him with its water. Moon Champion tried to retaliate, but as he was about to start his jetpack again 179 began talking to him through his radio and allowed Dr. Dan, a former Foundation researcher who had betrayed the Foundation Elimination Coalition, to speak to the champion. Dan then used Moon Champion’s radio to allow Agent Rodney, a close friend of 4601, to explain to the fire truck that Bowe lied to it and used it to cause more damage before convincing it to help the Foundation. After that, both SCPs and Rodney began helping with the damage caused by the coalition under the directions of 179, while being monitored by MTF Omega-22 who covered their appearance as a parade.

They then arrived at Site-01 where Moon Champion faced SCP-058. He fought the insectoid heart in the streets, accidentally crashing several cars before Moon Champion was able to subdue the abomination. He then began riding 058 and using his jetpack crashed within Site-19 where he confronted the Coalition’s gearrenders, saving Dr. Clef, Andrea Adams and SCP-105. After that, when Bowe tricked Dan into looking to a pixel of SCP-096’s picture, Moon Champion, still riding 058, assaulted 096, who was midway to kill Dan, and used 058 to snatch 096 and brought both monsters into space. After releasing 058 in the atmosphere, letting it fall back to Earth, Moon Champion used the speed of his jetpack to incinerate 096 who was unable to kill the champion before also releasing the humanoid in space and using 179's indestructible hair thread to tie it up, saving Dan in the process, and reuniting with 179. He briefly returned to Earth where he became proper friends with Dan, 4601 and SCP-4119, and after exchanging their information to ensure that they would meet again Moon Champion returned to 179 and the two began dancing near the sun.

As a result of Site-100's manipulation, SCP-1233 was cross-tested with SCP-3003, a civilization of alien humans ruled over by SCP-3003-2. This resulted in SCP-1233 using his powers to destroy instances of SCP-3003-1 and SCP-3003-2, liberating several SCP-3003-3 instances. He, alongside the liberated instances of SCP-3003-3 formed a rebellion against 3003-2, which is excepted to cause the total eradication of the bacteria sometime in 2029.


SCP-1233's true appearance is unknown since he wears a full body Extravehicular Mobility Unit, a spacesuit model worn by crewmembers of NASA and the International Space Station. However, he was once described as possessing hair which glowed a luminous gold underneath his helmet, but it is also possible that the suit is 1233's actual body. His younger brother, SCP-4233 was described as an amorphous amphibian entity whose body was larger than that of a regular human.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-1233 possesses superhuman strength capable of effortlessly moving objects weighing up to 65,000 kg, and can escape any holding cell. He is able to survive friction from falling through the atmosphere and multiple impacts on Earth's surface, seemingly thanks to his anomalous suit, and doesn't receive any form of damage, not even from powerful entities such as SCP-058 and SCP-096. Thanks to his suit, SCP-1233 is resistant to any form of damage or scanning, can fly at hypersonic speed up to approximately 40,500 km per hour with his jetpack which seemingly possesses unlimited energy. However, he also possesses very low intelligence comparable to that of a child despite being capable of talking in multiple languages, not knowing how things work and can be easily tricked. He also appears unable of normal speech as he always uses his loudspeaker to talk to other individuals.


SCP-1233 has a very cheerful and childish personality. He is very dedicated in his job as the protector of the Moon Kingdom and is determined in saving the good innocent people from any form of evil. He is extremely friendly to most individuals he sees as potential good people and is always ready to help in whatever activity he is needed. However, despite his good intentions, due to his low intelligence he ends up unintentionally causing damage to his surroundings, such as property damage and murder which he himself doesn't realize. The Foundation deemed him to be some sort of a lunatic, since his claims of a "Moon Kingdom" and similar claims could not be properly verified.





  • In the "GOC ACT", SCP-1233 was one the many fighters killed by Alto Clef Jr., being caught off guard by him while the goose tried to talk to him in his room in the Hotel California.
  • When Dr. Bright looked into SCP-4491, a 99 minute long video which despite displaying only a black screen humans are able to see certain scenes, he saw SCP-1233 bound to a chair alongside SCP-527 inside a basement home, both having a red ballgag pressed to their "mouths". They are then taunted by Dr. Clef with a shotgun who occasionally talks to someone offscreen who is suspected to be dado.
  • In "More of Fuller's Crap", it is revealed that SCP-1233 once claimed a public bathroom for the Moon King.
  • In "The Bowe Decommission, Part Two", Moon Champion briefly mentions "Moon-Christ". It is unknown if he meant it as a joke, or the Moon Kingdom has its own version of Jesus Christ.
  • Prior to their interaction in the "Old Foes" series, a story produced by Dr. Wondertainment's SCP-V1l3-J told about the meeting between SCP-1233 and SCP-179 with both of them having sex which was described as the reason why the solar eclipse happens.
  • In "Excerpts From "How To Survive When Reality Doesn't", by Alto Clef", Dr. Clef suggested that they could use the help of SCP-1233 to combat the threat posed by SCP-2399 after SCP-2117 was stolen by SCP-2085.

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