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SCP-131, also known as The "Eye Pods", are two safe-friendly SCP's.


SCP-131 consists of the SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B, appear to be two creatures which mainly look like a tear-drop. Both of which have a big eyeball in the middle of their bodies, while they appear to be really small. SCP-131-A is colored orange, while the SCP-131-B is colored yellow. The two can move extremely quickly and climb. Their intelligence capabilities are considered to be very similar to a house cat.

The two can roll the facility any time they want, checking the personnel's and other Safe friendly SCP's. They also appear to be able to communicate together by various babbling-sounds, and they can also feel if someone's is in danger. If-so, they would swarm around the victim's feet, making various tones to warn them of dangers which could occur. They've mainly done this act, when personnel's are testing Euclid or Keter SCP's.


  • In the original photography of the creatures, it appears that there's a third member of the Eye Pods, which looks exactly like the two, except this one is colored blue. Though in the official story it isn't spoken about at all, some people claim that the third one can be considered as SCP-131-C.
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