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I can make flower water that helps plants grow, and I know the smells that the butterflies like. I know where to leave food for the fairies so they help me learn, and I can find the feathers that help you listen to the trees.
~ SCP-1338 to Dr. Kiryu.

SCP-1338, also known as Child of Tress, is a character in the universe of the SCP Foundation. He is a mystical child based on the mythological Dryad, who enjoys taking care of plants and using his powers to help people with ailments.


SCP-1338 was the child of two trees which were born in the Epping Forest of England long before humanity arrived. He lived happily with his parents, taking care of plants and the creatures inhabiting the forests, until the humans arrived in England and cut down his father in order to build a boat to traverse the sea to America, leaving SCP-1338 and his mother by themselves. After the humans arrived to America and abandoned the boat near the Blue Ridge Mountains, SCP-1338 went there to take care of him by using his powers to heal him and would send messages to him from his mother which due to being a rooted tree could not move.

As time went on until the modern age, SCP-1338 came across an injured mountain climber who had broken several bones and healed him overnight. This caught the attention of the SCP Foundation who sent a small research team led by Dr. Mark Kiryu to investigate the phenomena, but were unable to find anything on the first day. On the second day of investigation, while Dr. Kiryu was collecting some plants causing the team to leave him behind, SCP-1338 showed himself to him, having hidden from the rest of the researchers. SCP-1338 asked him about his identity to which Kiryu simply responded by telling him that he was a friend and thanked him for healing the climber. SCP-1338 appreciated the gratitude and after learning that Kiryu was having trouble keeping his home plants alive, he offered to use his powers to fix the problem but only if he brought them here as he himself was unable to leave the mountains. However, Kiryu instead asked him if they could talk again to which SCP-1338 agreed.

Soon, the Foundation formed a perimeter around the location SCP-1338 most frequented and closed it off to the public under the guise of a team of ecologists implementing a forest restoration process. Foundation personnel met SCP-1338 once every 29 days, the day before the full moon since SCP-1338 had no understanding of the standardized timekeeping system, and would conduct several interviews in some of which he told the personnel about his parents, but because of the way he chose the words the Foundation was unable to realize that his parents were actually trees. However, one day the Foundation decided to transfer SCP-1338 to one of their sites against his will and the next time they met they sedated him and began transporting him via a helicopter. This caused SCP-1338's health to quickly degenerate, prompting the personnel to abandon the transfer and return him to his habitat. Upon doing so SCP-1338 reawakened and quickly climbed to a nearby tree, with the personnel attempting to follow him, but he completely vanished behind the tree's branches.


SCP-1338 resembled a male human child with indeterminate ethnicity. SCP-1338 also displayed heterochromia iridum as one of his eyes was colored dark brown while the other colored green.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his nature as a possible Dryad, SCP-1338 possessed some type of immortality as aged at much slower rate and was able to use various plants to create healing substances which could only work while near him. SCP-1338 could use these substances along with his nature-based powers to heal not only plants and the various forest creatures but could also cure various human ailments such headaches, eye irritation, upset stomachs, shallow cuts and broken bones, while the subjects being cured report no pain at all. SCP-1338 seemed to able to teleport himself from the Epping Forest of England to the Blue Ridge Mountains by simply climbing through the trees. He also could not leave these forested areas due to being depended on the habitat, similar to how plants would dry when taken away from their natural environment.


SCP-1336 was shown to be a very friendly and kind individual. He deeply loved his parents and enjoyed taking care of the creatures inhabiting the forests. He held no grudge against the humans who cut down his father, thinking that his father actually went with them to help traverse the sea before resting at the mountains, and would even help some of them who were injured. Although he was reluctant at first in meeting them, he seemed to consider Dr. Kiryu and his fellow researchers as friends who also loved plants and would converse with them. However, it is unknown if his relationship changed after the Foundation tried to take him away from his home, causing him to nearly die.


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