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Should you choose to challenge Death to a game of cards for your life, there is one thing you must never do... Win.
~ SCP-1440

SCP-1440, known by the alias "The Old Man from Nowhere", is a Keter-class, human SCP wandering in the wilderness that has not been successfully contained by the SCP Foundation. Despite being a Keter-class SCP, he certainly isn't evil by any means.


SCP-1440 is a male human of unknown age and ethnicity. From eyewitness accounts, SCP-1440 appears to have the physical appearance of someone in their 80s, and has not shown any signs of aging since coming into the Foundation's attention 50 years ago.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-1440's property occurs whenever he comes in contact with a human civilization, dwelling, or man-made object and settles there for a period of a few days. After a considerable amount of time, an adverse effect consisting of an increasing amount of destructive events occurs to everything within SCP-1440's vicinity until either death or total destruction occurs. Only SCP-1440 and a handful of his belongings will be spared.


Despite its catastrophic effect on Human civilizations, SCP-1440 does not show any form of hostility towards humans. And will willingly allow itself to be contained or subdued if given the chance, even though all known attempts have proven unsuccessful thus far.

SCP-1440 is very much aware of his destructive property, and has thus vowed to try to avoid human populations as much as possible to avoid spreading unintentional doom, however his travel patterns are often times unpredictable.


SCP-1440 was discovered by the Foundation when it suddenly approached Dr. ██████ and requested for her to "destroy [him]"; Dr. ██████ agreed and brought him to Site-██. Soon afterwards, the site was destroyed, killing an undisclosed number of Foundation personnel and destroying six Safe and Euclid-class SCP's in the process.

Following the incident, the Foundation has attempted to contain SCP-1440 a total of five times, all of which were unsuccessful and resulted in the loss of multiple personnel. All future attempts to contain SCP-1440 are currently suspended indefinitely.




  • SCP-1440 is based on the Wandering Jew.
  • Despite his destructive nature and Keter classification, SCP-1440 is considered heroic because he attempts to keep the human population intact by any means he can by avoiding it, although due to the rapid expansion of the human population, this is currently proving increasingly more difficult.
  • It possible that SCP-032, a shapeless blob creature encased inside female humanoid shell resembling a human, was actually created by the Brothers Death to be a simulacrum of 1440's deceased wife in order to either torment him even more, or give him comfort, since due to her artificial existence she wouldn't be affected by his curse.
  • In the timeline of SCP-5000 in which the SCP Foundation attempts to destroy the evil memetic entity plaguing the human collective consciousness by killing the entire human race, SCP-1440 is shown helping the Foundation achieve their goal, while his powers seemingly don't affect the Foundation personnel. This implies that his powers only work on those people who are infected by the entity.
  • In the now deleted SCP-001 (Roget's Proposal), SCP-1440 was cross-tested with SCP-836, a city of regenerative buildings. 1440 was tied to a rope and was put in the middle of 836 which began to constantly be destroyed while deterring their regeneration.

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