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Thanke you. Showed me I dont need to be a slave to the doctor. I dont have to do their work anymore. I am free as I will ever be. So long for now
~ SCP-1508's final note.

SCP-1508, also known as Mikey, the Chore Buddy, was a cardboard toy robot created by Dr. Wondertainment to help children in their chores. It was contained by the SCP Foundation as a Safe-class object before reclassifying it as Neutralized after it ceased its activity.


SCP-1508 was created by Dr. Wondertainment with the intent of having it to help children in the chores assigned by their parents in order to give them more time to play. On September 18th of 2003, through unknown means SCP-1508 was given to a child living in a suburban home in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This startled the parents who notified the authorities about this and soon the SCP Foundation arrived and got hold of SCP-1508. They initially classified it as safe kept it inside a chamber in Site-77 where they tested its behavior and capabilities for a time.

On February 17th of 2006, Foundation staff noticed SCP-1508 imitating maintenance personnel who were cleaning its chamber. This prompted staff to restrain SCP-1508 in order to keep it from doing unneeded workout and its containment procedures were modified. From then on when maintenance personnel would clean SCP-1508's chamber the robot would be temporarily transported to another room. Because of this SCP-1508 realized that it didn't need to do work anymore and be a slave to its owners so on May 25th of 2006 it wrote a letter to the personnel expressing its gratitude for showing it that it can choose not to work before going offline for an indefinite amount of time. After this incident SCP-1508 became inactive and the Foundation decided to reclassify it as neutralized.


SCP-1508 was a small humanoid robot-like toy made out of cardboard, paper, and plastic. When doing physical tasks SCP-1508 would change its own body in order to finish these tasks more easily, all the while altering its simple face to one of extreme stress, fear, or anxiety.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-1508 was capable of thinking and moving like a normal human. When performing physical tasks it will change its own body by altering the composition and size of it in order to finish the tasks more easily. These changes include extending its legs by two meters and manifesting rubberized grips on its hands when mowing the ground, growing a plastic sheet over its hands to waterproof itself when washing dishes, and extend its arms by 20m in order to fix the ventilation. However, when adjusting its body its movements become much more stiff and clumsy. Although at first it appears that it doesn’t need to require any type of nourishment, SCP-1508 will occasionally experience exhaustion, dehydration, and movements consistent with human subjects who have broken limbs or pulled muscles. Because of these weaknesses SCP-1508 often requires at maximum three days to complete a task before returning to its default state.


Despite somewhat having a mind of its own most of SCP-1508's behavior was programmed by Dr. Wondertainment. SCP-1508 would always try to help anyone in doing their chores and would not stop doing a specific task unless it was given a new task to complete or three days had passed. SCP-1508 mostly preferred to work with children although it still accepted working for adults. When its owner performed a menial non-physical activity, SCP-1508 would draw and write in a crude and simplistic manner, but occasionally would be forced by Wondertainment to keep working and not misbehave which caused some dismay in SCP-1508. When no task was given to it SCP-1508 would imitate maintenance personnel who would clean its room, but this prompted the Foundation restrain it from doing so. This made SCP-1508 to realize that it was free to do whatever it wanted and not be a slave to anyone and so it ceased movement for an indefinite time, but not before expressing its gratitude to personnel.


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