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Master says that we won't see You again. We are sad. So are the remaining Others. We once filled each other's heads with dreams and goals. It is so sad that we cannot share them any longer. Master says we have to go. He says that he will make us a new Fantasy. He says You cannot be a part of it. We are sad. We love you. We will not Forget you. We are scared. Will You Forget Us?
~ SCP-1762-1's last message before ceasing activity.
They came to us with hope that we would view
Them as they once appeared in all their glory
Wanting us to help, and not to be skewed
As drawings in a children's fairy story
But all they were was paper, folded tight
Into flimsy avatars of splendor
They tried to warn us of the dying light
That war was coming, and they couldn't render
Themselves upon us, they needed our aid
But all we saw was toys alighting on
Our fingertips, their messages waylaid
And then came fire, blood—then they were gone
We've now lost how they had loved us before
"Here were dragons" is how we've priced their lore.
~ A poem about SCP-1762 from "Second Quarto".

SCP-1762-2 is the designation given for entities that emerged from SCP-1762-1, a formerly Safe-class, now Neutralized SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.


They resemble dragons from both Western and Eastern cultures and are made entirely of Kami-type origami paper. Instances vary in size between 9 to 30 centimeters (approx. 3.5 to 11.8 inches).

Behavior and Procedure

During one of SCP-1762-1's events, instances of SCP-1762-2 will fly out of the box at speeds of roughly 15 kilometers per hour (approx. 9.3 miles per hour) at numbers ranging between fifty to over four hundred instances (with some exceptions). After spending roughly two to three hours interacting with individuals, they will then return to SCP-1762-1 (which will indicate when it is time to return by emitting smoke). Once all instances of SCP-1762-2 have disappeared passed SCP-1762-1's rim, the box will close and cease activity until the next event. Times between events are always random and inconsistent.


Specimens of SCP-1762-2 are described as being very playful and peaceful towards humans, and love to interact with them.

During the "Jabberwocky Event", messages released from SCP-1762-1 revealed that SCP-1762-2 was at conflict with various hostile species and that they were trying to protect their special relationship with humans (which the other species viewed as inferior).


Sometime in the early 2000s, SCP-1762-1 began experiencing a number of strange phenomena dubbed by the Foundation as "The Jabberwocky Event" that lasted for almost an entire year.

In 2004, SCP-1762-1 warmly greeted the Foundation and began its period of events as normal with large numbers of SCP-1762-2, each began interacting playfully and peacefully with Foundation personnel.

By 2005 however, fewer instances of SCP-1762-2 began to appear, and overtime, it was revealed why: the world that SCP-1762-2 lived in was at war with what they described as "giants" and "elves", which had hostile views towards humans, and wished that the containment area where SCP-1762-1 was stored was "bigger", eventually war broke out in this world (indicated by a single instance of SCP-1762-2 emerging before dying and SCP-1762-1 emitting smoke that was larger and more violent than before, alongside damaged specimens of SCP-1762-2 that died shortly after their expulsion).

Eventually, a message was released from SCP-1762-1, which revealed that the world that SCP-1762-2 had lived in was "gone", eventually the message "HERE BE DRAGONS" on top of SCP-1762-1 were replaced with "HERE WERE DRAGONS" and SCP-1761-1 ceased activity for good.

Nearly eight years after all activity ceased in SCP-1762-1 and instances of SCP-1762-2 were last seen, a book was released from SCP-1762-1 (dubbed 1762-BOL-1 by the Foundation) which contained information about the various different species of SCP-1762-2, which were all listed as being extinct, as well as an amethyst reading "One Last Time", afterwards SCP-1762-1 began emitting smoke once more for forty minutes before ceasing activity once more. When an attempt was made to pick it up by the head researcher Yoshihiro Takenaka, the box disintegrated.

Since the incident, the remains of SCP-1762-1, as well as three deceased specimens of SCP-1762-2 are kept in Takenaka's office as a commemoration to the peaceful species, which as since been reclassified as "Neutralized".

Other Media

Unity Remake

An instance of SCP-1762-2 from the game.

SCP-1762-2 appear in the Unity Remake of SCP: Containment Breach. If the player unlocks SCP-1762-1 using an argon three instances of SCP-1762-2 will emerge from the box soon followed by a multiple others flying around their containment chamber. If the player reloads the game or goes a sufficient distance away only the three first instances will remain. It was planned for SCP-1762-2 to aid the player in future updates before the game was closed down.





  • In "Experiment Log 914 - Part XIII", when Dr. Dorin put inside SCP-914 six stacks of printing paper in multiple colors, one cardboard box spray-painted silver on the interior with measurements similar to SCP-1762, and five photographs of SCP-1762 on the Very Fine settings, 914 produced a detailed origami diorama depicting a fantasy setting with paper dragons looking similar to the SCP-1762-2 instances. While at first it appeared to be not anomalous when staff began moving the diorama to different location inside Site 19, the paper dragons came to life and began flying around Dorin's office.
  • In the first experiment in testing SCP-2431, a misfolded cellular protein which forms large, oily and viscous sapient clumps and when exposed to images or origami constructs would emulate them, Researcher Assistant Bates presented to two aggregates of SCP-2431 one instance of SCP-1762-2 which caused the two aggregates to split into 30 new instances that resembled the dragon and began acting like them.
  • SCP-3844 is a spiritual successor to SCP-1762 as it also deals with a friendly dragon who slowly ceased to exist due to humanity losing belief in dragons and fantasy.
  • In the "Warrior's Path" in which Mobile Task Force Delta-6500 were able to revive some of the other anomalies before they were destroyed by SCP-6500, another instance of SCP-1762-1 was seen. It is unknown what happened to it, but regardless of any action taken by the Foundation, SCP-6500 proceeded to neutralize all of the anomalies existing, most likely also including the new instance of 1762-1.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, countless SCP-1762-2 are seen thriving, roaming Earth, forming nests and acting as stewards to the New Alexandria.


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