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Heroine Overview

I am too big, and you are too small. There is a sea of nothing and islands of light. I am their shore. To you come the monsters. The pounding fists of void. The longing gods beyond our knowledge. I am the lookout. I see the ripples in their wake. You want me to pledge my sight-know to you, only to you, so you, only you, can be greater. Even if you find, restrain, defend. You want me to be yours. That is not why I am here. There are others. Others I assist. Others I warn. Others beyond your thin walls of grey, dry paste-rock. Others beyond the reach of your weary satellites. Others beyond the home, our home. Others I know. Others I love. Others you won't care for. Others that came before. And, over all, others beyond the little walls of rules and bone and laws and flesh and memories and oaths you build around yourselves until you don't even remember them. Others I love. Dearly. And yet, only my brother is an equal to me.
~ SCP-179 to Researcher Tomas Graham.

Now that I had awoken,
my sister left.

She descended, to watch over you.
To talk to you and give you hope.

She told me of all you did.
Some things good,
Some things bad.

But always, always beautiful.
Our single child,
Clasped firmly in our loving arms.

~ SCP-1548 from the "A Star In The Night Sky".

SCP-179, also known as Sauelsuesor, is a Thaumiel-class humanoid entity orbiting the Sun whom she calls it her brother. She is a valuable ally to the SCP Foundation, helping them by pointing with her arm threats from either space or from parts of Earth.


Possible Origins

Due to lack of canon in the SCP universe, there have been several stories telling the origins of SCP-179. The readers are free to choose whatever origin for their headcanon.

The Star and the Smith

The being that would become known SCP-179 was a young star of the cluster Errant-G born from the glowing clouds of the beginning as a result of creation made from fire and song. Being one of the younger stars she became curious of the places below them which were illuminated by their light. While wondering through the cosmos she stumbles across a giant named Anghammarad who was building a forge on a lake of fire out of mountain-like stones, alongside his sons and daughters. She talked to Anghammarad who told her that she should return to her home with her fellow stars as she wasn’t really needed, while he helped in giving shape to the newly created firmament. Although she agreed with him Sauelsuesor would often go back to space and help guide the beings inhabiting it. |-|Earth Origin= Sauelsuesor was originally a human born on Earth, possibly in SCP-900. At some point, through unknown means she became the immortal sister of the Sun and went to space near it. There she became the lookout for the living beings who could see, warning them of outside threats.

Historia Europa I

After the force known as "IS" created the Paragons out of its Dream and had them create the world and its inhabitants, Aella the Gardener, the Paragon of Life, and Osyn the Quiet, the Paragon of Soul, created Sauelsuesor as the protective watcher who would warn the inhabitants of Earth of the outside threats. She eventually became a known figure in the city of Audapaupadopolis ruled over by the first man Adam el Asem.

SCP Foundation

She soon was discovered by SCP Foundation sometime before 1940. They began studying her throughout the years, while she warned them of several threats coming towards them. Thanks to her, the Foundation was able to evade or straight up capture these threats, some of which became SCPs themselves, and prompted the Foundation to integrate her into the Composite Orbital Early Warning System Project, which involved several other SCPs, Foundation sites such as Site-98 and Foundation astrologists dedicated in studying threatening anomalies from space. In October 16 of 2002, when the Foundation sent some communication probes near her for an unrelated project, she began talking to it. Seeing that she was attempting to communicate, the Head Researcher assigned to her assigned Researcher Tomas Graham, since he was fluent in French as 179’s lips movement matched to the French language. He tried to interview her, but she didn’t explain her full origin and instead explained that she doesn’t belong to anyone except her brother and seeks to keep safe all of the living beings whom she cares about. Afterwards she refused to communicate with them and other GoIs, only warning them of coming threats.

While orbiting the Sun 179 came across SCP-1233. Upon meeting, the two almost immediately clicked and grew found of each other. However, when the group known as the Foundation Elimination Coalition lead by General Bowe began taking over various Foundation sites, 179 told 1233 to help in defeating the newly-formed evil organization. He agreed, but not before instructing her to dub him as her and the Sun’s champion by giving him a black armband made out of her hair thread. After she did so, he promised her to take care of the problem and that they would meet again. While, 1233 began fighting SCP-4601 in Manhattan, 179 began talking to Dr. Dan, a former Foundation researcher who had betrayed the Foundation Elimination Coalition, through his panel control in Site-01. After explaining to him that she was the one who 1233 and that she was able to speak to him through his radio transmitter, Dan instructed her to allow him and Agent Rodney, a friend of 4601, to talk to 4601 through 1233 in order to explain to it that it was being used by Bowe. After sorting things out, 179 watched as 1233 helped with the situation on Earth.

Near the end of the conflict she watched as 1233 dragged into space SCP-058 and SCP-096 before letting the former to fall back to Earth and tying the latter with 179’s hair thread and letting it float through space. Following the defeat of the Coalition, 179 and 1233 danced together under the sun while 1233 told her about his new friends he met during this adventure.

Possible Endings


When numerous gods began attacking Earth, SCP-179 and her brother tried to fend off some of them who were coming from outer space. However, they soon began feeling overwhelmed by these numerous powerful entities, until SCP-1548-EX arrived and helped both 179 and the Sun in destroying the malevolent gods, despite it itself hating humanity.


As the universe began succumbing to eldritch monsters responsible for the destruction of the previous one, the Church of the Second Hytoth activated SCP-1548 on the Sun which proceeded to form some sort of shield around the solar system in order to protect it from these monsters. Following its activation, 179 bid the Foundation farewell and disappeared from their observation.

Mission Statement

When a universe devouring entity began to consume the Foundation's universe the Foundation decided to move the solar system to another universe in order to survive. However, this caused the sun to be weakened which also affected SCP-179 who began undergoing mutations due to multiple arms appearing all around her body. While suffering she thinks that she shouldn’t have completely trusted the Foundation.


When the event only known as SCP-6500 began neutralizing all of the anomalies due to the Foundation containing most of them, SCP-179 was one of the many anomalies being affected by the entropy. Thankfully, Mobile Task Force Delta-6500 were able to revive her alongside some of the other anomalies before they were destroyed and upon awakening she recognized the threat coming from Earth.

In the "Emissary's Path" in which the Foundation deliberately caused a "Broken Masquerade" scenario, they alongside other Groups of Interest decided to create propagandas for uncontained anomalies, which also included a propaganda of 179 informing the public that there was someone who cared for them. It is unknown if SCP-179 survived the entropy or not after the Foundation was successful in neutralizing SCP-6500, albeit some of the neutralized anomalies remaining at their current state.

In the "Warlock's Path" in which the Foundation decided to continue doing their usual job and keep the Veil of Secrecy intact, SCP-179 kept pointing at the Foundation during the duration of SCP-6500, until the entropic force finally ceased, at which point SCP-179 resumed her usual behavior.


SCP-179 is appears as a humanoid female of undetermined ethnic group of between twenty and forty years of age. Her body is either covered in or comprised from a matte black material, and her hair is seemingly composed of the same material and it’s over 34 km long and reflects a variable amount of sunlight. Several markings or tattoos are placed throughout her bodily midline which apparently made out metallic composition or golden hue. These signs depict symbols associated with the Sun and the six innermost planets of the Solar System from medieval alchemy. These symbols include: the symbol of gold on her forehead; the symbol of mercury under her nose, circling both lips; the symbol of copper between the medial ends of her clavicles; an unknown cognitohazardous symbol resembling a heart placed on the part where her actual heart should be; the symbol of iron in her upper abdominal region; the symbol of tin in her lower abdominal region; and another unknown symbol, possibly the symbol of lead, on her pelvic region.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-179 has demonstrated the ability to float around the sun all on her own through unknown means. She appears to be immortal as she doesn’t appear to breath, eat or drink and is unaffected by the sun’s high temperature and light, although she is sensitive to radiation and electromagnetism.

She is able to see threatening objects from extremely long distances of the solar system and it theorized that she can actually predict when and from where these threats are coming. She is also capable of interfering with radio and laser transmissions in order to communicate, talking in French, and can generate multiple arms at once in order to point at multiple threats coming.

Her long hair, which is also theorized to reach the center of the universe, is described as extremely heavy, although SCP-1233 was able to lift a thread of her hair as it were a normal thread, and was seemingly unbreakable as even SCP-096 was unable to break free after being tied up, but 179 herself was able to tear it from her head with no problem suggesting superhuman strength.


Not much is known about 179’s true personality, but she appears to be a loving and friendly entity who deeply cares about not only humans, but also other beings under the sun as she has dedicated her life in warning them of oncoming threatening threats and refuses to leave her post for any reason. She also appears to be curious of the world around her, wanting to talk to various beings who visit her and often roaming the space around her. Despite being shown to be somewhat shy, she enjoys the company of others, especially that the sun, or Sauel, whom she considers her brother.


  • SCP-3986, Genghis Khan’s observatory atop a mountain, was once used to observe SCP-179.
  • In "Incursion", when Dr. Piedmont refused to execute Procedure 110-Mountauk on SCP-231-7, he was sent through SCP-1780 which send him to an apocalyptic world where all SCPs have breached containment. There he and another survivor came across 179 who had been locked within a cell by the Foundation. Piedmont then killed her with his gun, calling her ugly.
  • Prior to their interaction in the "Old Foes" series, a story produced by Dr. Wondertainment's SCP-V1l3-J told about the meeting between SCP-179 and SCP-1233 with both of them having sex which was described as the reason why the solar eclipse happens.
  • SCP-179 is one of the many anomalies and characters featured as playing cards in SCP-3301.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of 179 through a long-range telescope, the picture showed a couple looking to SCP-900, an ancient city known as the City of the Sun.
  • Under the effects of SCP-5178, a humanoid who releases cognitohazardous radio transmissions from a station which encouraged people to find a way to remove the sun, some researchers at Site-88 had sent distressing messages to SCP-179 about the sun.
  • It is unknown if SCP-179 is aware of SCP-1682, a parasitic cosmic tapeworm-like entity nesting in the sun feeding on something in order to reproduce, or SCP-6686, another ancient humanoid who affected the sun as part of its plan to undo the Big Bang.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, SCP-179 became worshipped by some people on Earth and recently began doing podcasts.
  • In the universe of the Shark Punching Center, SCP-179 was known to the Center as SPC-179, or SUN SISTER, abs seeing how she directed towards threats from space the Center sought to convince her to help them punch sharks. However, she refused to collaborate with them since she loved every innocent being which included sharks. After several failed attempts, the Center was able to make a compromise, with SPC-179 using her fist to point at evil space sharks which sought to cause harm to life and Earth.
  • Her name Sauelsuesor in ancient Indo-European translates to "sister of the sun".
  • In the discussion page, user 5thEarth calculated that SCP-179 is approximately 22,700 years old after comparing the length of her hair with the normal human hair growth. SCP-179's author Dr Reach confirmed it as true.
  • In the discussion section of SCP-2115, Dr Reach wrote a profile for SCP-179 which described her a "humanspawn with star blood and void flesh", possessing a metabolism based on Neutron Matter solid organs combined with a fusion-molecule metabolism powered by her brother, weighing so much under the effects of gravity that she is unable to move and it's also revealed that she is a virgin and because of this she has no knowledge on how sexual intercourse works.

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