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Nonsense! I would never fabricate any of my work. Why, it’s against the very heart of being a naturalist! While I am repeatedly amazed by your institution here, you seem to be missing the explorer’s spirit. When I scaled the Himalayas in search of the Monks of the Golden Mountain, did I worry about what others had said about them? Of course not! I went and found out for myself! Climbed those mountains with my own two hands!
~ SCP-1867 to Dr. ███████.
Certain legions of the Romans would bring with them great beasts, who consumed the corpses of the dead and turned them into food and water for the troops. In China, I saw a drug that would cause a man’s innards to combust when blood was drawn, spraying acid strong enough to melt flesh. The peoples near the South Pole fight wars with women who, each time they are unchained, will twist all creation around them into monsters by their very presence.

In the jungles of Africa, I once met a tribe who worshiped a giant spider. On the night of the full moon they would feed one of their own to it. They stayed where they were, and kept feeding it, every full moon, despite the fact that the spider was so fat from its meals that it could not leave its pit.

And here, I’ve seen dead men shuffling down in the blood and mud of the trenches as they rot without death, and I watch as we pick up what remains of Durand’s peace and plan for the next war. It’s ugly, and it never changes.

At the very least I will not live until the next.
~ Old man Blackwood to Vladislav in "When One Reaches the End".

SCP-1867, known by the alias Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, is an Esoteric-class SCP contained within the SCP Foundation. He is a famous adventurer who explored various places in the universe of the SCP Foundation and encountered many anomalies before being transformed into a sea slug. He is the main protagonist in "The Adventures of Lord Blackwood, Explorer and Gentleman" series.


SCP-1867 is a specimen of the species Nembrotha kubaryana (Variable Neon Slug), measuring 11.7 cm (approx. 4.6 inches) in length. Other than its bright colors, it does not display any physical anomalies.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-1867 displays the abnormal property of telepathic communication, in which it can speak to anyone through their minds. When performing this process, SCP-1867 identifies itself as an explorer and naturalist named "Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood". Upon discovery, Foundation staff failed to verify of any such individual in various municipal archives.


SCP-1867 is friendly and cooperative towards Foundation personnel. When he speaks to staff, it is often described as matching the style of speech of that of a late Victorian gentleman.

In addition, he has proven himself to be very knowledgeable in his studies. Despite lack of validity of its findings, SCP-1867 provides in-depth detail about the geography, botany, zoology, archeology, anthropology, and linguistics, as well as the more arcane mythology, mysticism, and cryptozoology of his adventures and findings, often times through stories he tells to Foundation staff.

However, SCP-1867's main weakness is his adaptability to present-day culture and technology, as he will often express ignorance or unfamiliarity to objects or events that were created or occurred before roughly 1910.


It is unknown exactly when SCP-1867 was discovered by the Foundation, but at a undisclosed period of time after its initial discovery, the Foundation became suspicious about the validity of SCP-1867's exploits, and requested proof. SCP-1867 provided details about a location near █████████, England, and stated that whatever discoveries the Foundation found there, SCP-1867 would be "more than willing to donate [its] collection." The description of the location led the Foundation to a cottage occupied by a woman named Ms. █████ ███████████, who claimed she was "keeping the house for Lord Blackwood", beyond that she did not provide any further information besides those previously stated by SCP-1867. Ms. █████ ███████████ died five days later due to heart failure, taking away any further information she knew to the grave.

Upon further investigation of the cottage, the Foundation found a secret, underground vault containing previously unknown artifacts, uncharted specimens, and even an outdated, but still operational laboratory. Over a course of three weeks, the vault was cleared and the contents were transferred to one of the Foundation's sites.

Possible Endings

Quiet Days

One day, for unknown reasons, every single anomaly which ever existed was either neutralized or normalized, much to the shock of all of the GoIs. This also included SCP-1867 who became a normal sea slug with no abnormal powers or behavior.





  • Lord Blackwood is of faerie lineage which would explain his powers and his family's longevity.
  • Lord Blackwood is of Christian belief, but he also embraces Darwin's "The Origin of Species".
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978 to take a photo of 1867, the picture showed him in his slug form receiving the Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire from a slug version of Queen Victoria in a lavish ceremony.

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