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But it's a moot point. They won't let you see her, or speak to her. Not even the people who know what your real job is, your Tav-666 job. They say they're still vetting her, training her, and you'll meet her when they put the Alpha-9 team together for the first time.

Makes you wonder what she knows you could do to end the world.
~ An expert about SCP-1985 from "Calm".

SCP-1985, also known as "Recovered K-Class Scenario Research Device", is a character in the SCP Foundation mythos. She originally was a normal human before being experimented upon by a version of the SCP Foundation in order to turn her into a interdimensional device and use her to explore worlds where a K-Class scenario was occurring. Following a CK-Class "Reality Restructure" Scenario in her own reality, SCP-1985 became a Euclid-class humanoid currently contained and used by the Foundation.



SCP-1985 was originally an ordinary woman of African-American origin named Jacqueline Johnson who lived in a previous iteration of the universe prior to a CK-Class scenario of unknown origin occurring. For unknown reasons she became one of the 140 test subjects of the SCP Foundation's Project Rhodes, which involved implanting a device derived from several SCPs with the purpose of witnessing different K-class scenarios from other universes and was possibly part of the bigger Project Palisade. Jacqueline was one of the thirty-seven successful subjects who survived the procedure and worked according to the expectations and was designated K-Class Scenario Research Device R-21. She then went on to explore different universes that were affected by the K-class scenarios and after she was finished she teleported back to her home reality in a random place where she would be picked up by Foundation agents shortly after and report her discoveries. However, when a CK-class restructuring scenario occurred in her universe Jacqueline was unaffected thanks to her augmentations and teleported to the new iteration which was created as a result. She manifested in Los Angeles and after being witnessed by several people she evaded them and went to a local hospital where she was found two days later by Foundation agents who were investigating the strange phenomenon. She became confused on why the Foundation was late in her retrieval since she had arrived to her home reality but found out that this reality wasn't her familiar one and so she explained to the unfamiliar Foundation personnel her origin.

Foundation custody

She was then moved to Sub-Site-███, where she was designated SCP-1985 and was kept in good condition and health, while researchers began studying the device inside of her which was designated SCP-1985-A. After testing SCP-1985 powers and functions the Foundation began using her for their own goals and so she was primed with various materials in order to explore related K-class scenarios. At first she was primed with SCP-765 and after being killed through lethal injection arrived in a world where the Foundation expanded the size of SCP-765 by 1000% but it was later used by the Serpent's Hand who changed SCP-765 from giving people good feelings to instead give the entire population depressive thoughts that resulted in massive suicide rates. This also affected SCP-1985 who died from starvation allowing her to return back. She was then primed with SCP-573 and after being killed with lethal injection she arrived in world where the Chaos Insurgency stole the anomaly and used it to mind control countless animals and children and take over the world. During this excursion SCP-1985 encountered another version of herself from a different universe and was missing both of her arms before fleeing from her counterpart, while SCP-1985 herself was killed by the Insurgency. After arriving back SCP-1985 was primed with SCP-1157, a man that can multiply and shared a connected consciousness with his copies, and after her murder she was transported to a world where it was almost completely taken over by different groups of SCP-1157 instances. Following that excursion SCP-1985 was primed with SCP-1004 and after her lethal injection she arrived in a world where The Factory began spreading SCP-1004 which turned most of the population into violent sexually-driven maniacs which also resulted in SCP-1985 dying and returning to her world. When SCP-1985 was being moved between sites her universe's Chaos Insurgency launched an attack on the Foundation personnel which resulted in SCP-1985 being injured in her left leg. She took this opportunity to grab a gun and attempted to kill herself but instead she went to another world where a group of people, which also included four counterparts of her family, publicly tortured and killed her which resulted in her coming back. SCP-1985 was next primed with SCP-3932 and following her lethal injection she arrived in a world where almost all aquatic life were converted into instances of SCP-3932-Δ and waged war on humanity. After shortly arriving SCP-1985 found herself in the water off the coast of Australia where she was captured by the new major power formed by the SCP-3932-Δ instances and imprisoned on a Great Barrier Reef Empire-In-Exile prison vessel, before being rescued by Site-72.

Following the latest excursion the Foundation decided to prim SCP-1985 with SCP-682 and its termination log, but after being killed through lethal injection she arrived in a completely dark and massive stone labyrinth consisting of hallways which appeared to have been carved from a single seamless type of material with no cracks. Using her flashlight SCP-1985 began exploring the labyrinth eventually coming across a stained-glass window where light shined through but depicted an image with strong cognitohazardous effects. SCP-1985 was able to resist it and continued exploring, coming across a red organic cube protruding from a wall and a large mechanical object that moved from a distance. After three days of exploration SCP-1985 arrived in a square room where an unknown object was hanging, emitting yellowish-green light and producing sawtooth beeps. Underneath the object was a hole and when SCP-1985 looked down inside it she was unable to see it clearly due to the cognitohazard, but it most likely resulted in her death as after that she manifested back to her world. For their last excursion the Foundation decided to learn about SCP-1985's own homeworld and primed her with her belongings, but after killing her she instead arrived in a world where a massive outbreak of SCP-1801 happened and most people around the world merged into a massive mass of flesh as a result of being infected by SCP-1801. After SCP-1985 came into close proximity with SCP-1801 it attempted to also assimilate her but thankfully resulted in her returning back to her world. The Foundation retried the experiment once again but she instead transformed to her altered state due to her being already in her original world. This incident made Level-4 personnel realize that their world was currently being affected by an undiscovered CK-class scenario.

After the Foundation discovered SCP-3591, a massive almost omnipotent entity who had died in war existing above the multiverse, the Foundation primed SCP-1985 with SCP-3591 in order to explore worlds with apocalypses which may be related to the entity. After being primed with SCP-3591 she was sent on 100 excursions and saw worlds which were undergoing different destructive apocalypses and always contained the same entity in the same state. In the two last unique excursions, SCP-1985 arrived in a world that had become uninhabitable forcing humans to flee to the Wanderer's Library and the Librarians informed her that the entity was simply a soldier killed in the war which they refused to elaborate and in her last excursion she arrived to the 'mainline reality' where she was immediately discovered by the universe's Foundation who were angry and confused at her appearance in their reality and referred to her as a "mirror". They tried to put her under their custody in order to study her and resolve the anomaly that caused her to manifest in their reality, but she decided to kill herself and reported her findings to her universe’s Foundation.


When the SCP Foundation began creating a new MTF named Alpha-9, which would mostly be comprised of useful and obedient anomalies, SCP-1985 was considered as a candidate for the new team. However, despite her being fine about joining the new MTF, SCP-1985's inclusion was objected by her handlers as she wasn't much useful outside from exploring alternate worlds. Regardless it appeared that in end she was accepted into Alpha-9. She also came to spend time with her superior, SCP-105, but didn't get along very well due to the latter's hostility.


SCP-1985 was of tall African-American woman with short braided hair. Due to her experiences she gained excessive scars around her body on outside, especially around her spine and back of her head, and the inside and aged at a much slower rate.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-1985 was originally an ordinary human with no abnormalities before she was augmented by the SCP Foundation. During the operation conducted by the Foundation SCP-1985 was implanted inside her body a device derived from several SCPs, such as SCP-201, SCP-507 and an unknown anomaly, which was comprised of millions of ultra-thin components attached to her brain and spinal cord, and several large components located in her thorax and abdomen. This device allowed SCP-1985 to be transported into alternate realities in which a K-Class scenario was occurring. However, in order to travel, SCP-1985 was to be primed with objects that would led her to a world whose K-class scenario was related to the objects, and after SCP-1985 was primed she would die and her would be transported to that world. Priming SCP-1985 with materials have a 70% ratio of success, but the probability of success could be increased by emotionally agitating SCP-1985 and at which point the success ratio would be raised to 93%. If she died without priming or after six months passed and SCP-1985 automatically died then she would go to a world with a random K-class scenario. Upon arriving to that world SCP-1985 would be brought back to life and gain anomalous body enhancements, such as immortality, self-sustenance, immunity to anomalies, increased strength and perceptions, which would last for a period of time before she died again and returned back to her home reality where she would be brought back to life once again and all her injuries completely healing. Additionally SCP-1985 gained protection from reality reconstructing events and she aged at a much slower rate.

The time period which decided how much SCP-1985's various functioning states last could be altered through the default settings of the device via unknown means. Protocol 1985-Adahn was the last-resort protocol to SCP-1985's behavior that temporarily deactivated her by ceasing all of her mental activity. When she is deactivated her mental activity would not restart after a period of one week passed. This would also cause temporary brain damage to SCP-1985 and one time nearly resulted in her becoming brain dead, and if she is killed while deactivated then she would be permanently dead. SCP-1985 also suffered from anorexia nervosa and cancer, along with her mental illness.


Her real actual personality is largely unknown. However, after undergoing the procedure by the SCP Foundation and being emotionally agitated, she became mentally ill, eventually developing clinical depression, anorexia nervosa, and alcoholism and because of this she was forced to attend sessions with Dr. Glass. She also appeared to be obedient to Foundation personnel who would enact protocol 1985-Adahn if she initiated or took part in a containment breach. After joining Alpha-9, 1985 tried to get along with fellow operative SCP-105, but because the latter had grown abrasive during her own time under Foundation custody, this didn't work. 1985 would try to talk to 105 about improving her behavior, but because she was unable to say it with the right words this backfired as 105 became angry at her and told her to leave.


  • Since SCP-1985 originated from the previous version of her home reality prior to the CK-class scenario that was occurring, a new duplicate of Jacqueline Johnson was created who began living her normal life. In SCP-3591, it is hinted that SCP-1985 also has a counterpart in the 'mainline reality', a universe which used Project Palisade, or SCP-001 (WMDD's proposal), to create multiple realities in order to combat the Worm.
  • The reason why the previous iteration of the SCP Foundation used living human test subjects instead of machinery was because SCP-507's powers only worked with sapient living humans and so the Foundation was forced to use humans when creating the K-Class Scenario Research Device.


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