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What people could be. What they can do. That it doesn't have to end like this. That we can make something better. Be something better. That we can keep going after we get the shit kicked out of us.

That's easy to say. You take a look outside and we're all insane; just a bunch of evil, angry apes murdering each other on a little ball of dirt spinning pointlessly through nothing, doomed to a brief hiccup of existence before we extinguish ourselves. And in our brief glimmer of awareness, with all the beauty of the cosmos arrayed before us, we chose to build a meatgrinder out of our broken dreams and locked ourselves inside, content to sit in our box and sit there staring at the walls, floating down the river of entropy until we die.

That's what we’re fighting against.
~ SCP-2085-B to a researcher.
Wiz says, "We have dreams we want to achieve,
"We have our plans and charters, jobs and locks
"We have our symbols, robes and ships and seas
"We're here to push the world outside the box."
1 says, "Watch the wizard, he's going to try
"To leave here, you can save him from himself."
2 says, "Listen to me, I'll tell you why
"We cannot be contained upon this shelf."
3 says, "Please let us go, we've done no wrong.
"Why suffer us this never-ending hell?"
4 says, "Get on your knees and suck my schlong
"Or leave me be. Just get out of my cell."
When 5 comes, there is nothing to discuss.
Leave her alone. "
Happy birthday to us."
~ A poem about SCP-2085 from "Second Quarto".

SCP-2085, also known as the Black Rabbit Company, is a heroic criminal group in the universe of the SCP Foundation. The group is mostly comprised of modified and trained cat-girls designated SCP-2085-A who are accompanied by a man known as the Space Wizard, designated SCP-2085-B, who is determined to bring joy to people and eradicate the evil corporates which crush people's dreams.

They were originally an entry for the SCP-2000 contest which won 9th place, and are the main protagonists in the "Stealing Solidarity" canon.



When Wizard was working in an illegal company in Japan which dealt with human modifications in order to sustain himself due to SCP-2085-1, a cancerous alien infection which was sentient and was consuming him from the inside, he became involved in the escape of a group of five young women with cat features who were genetically and mechanically modified by the company with the purpose of turning them into sex slaves for perverted rich people. Because of the disastrous attempt at their escape Wizard was left greatly wounded which forced the girls to take him along with them in order to heal him, while being hunted down by the business partners of the company. All of them successfully escape via a stolen boat and fleeing Japan. While celebrating their successful escape seeing how well they worked together Wizard and the catgirls joined together in the goal of destroying evil corporates and criminal organizations while helping the innocents, naming themselves the Black Rabbit Company.

During their time the group became involved in many unusual situations such as: raiding a Soviet-era bunker with possible tie with GRU Division-P; breaking up sex trafficking ring in Shanghai; harassing police in several situations while under the guise of a San Francisco pizza delivery service; raiding a white supremacist militia in Oregon; bombing various crypto-currency farms; attacking Silicon valley tech startups via ransomware; and SCP-2085-A-4's declaration as queen of Thailand. At some point they even ransacked Isabel Wondertainment's fridge in her house.

SCP Foundation

On August 13th, after the group killed four members of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas due to them being sex traffickers, the SCP Foundation and the Government became aware of the group and began going after them. When the team found out about the Foundation they discovered that they had locked in their sites various paranormal objects which could prove useful for them to find out who the girls' real father or fathers were. They boarded a plane and flew over Site-19 at which point they launched themselves with parachutes and entered the site through a hole they made. The group then split in order to cover more ground, with Tomi being accompanied with Wizard, while the rest searched in a different area. Wizard and Tomi were then confronted by a group of armed guards which were led by scientist who confused Wizard for an actual thaumaturge. They tried to sneak up on the duo, but were flashbanged by Tomi who alongside Wizard managed to evade them. After the rest of the team stole SCP-348, a can of SCP-447-2 and freeing several harmless humanoids, they regrouped and proceeded to steal a Foundation plane in order to escape. When Nanami tried to use SCP-348 to find out who their real father was, she got angry when it was filled with milk and spilled it all over, before Wizard got the bowl which this time was filled with soup and after he ate it he saw a message from his own father. However, the Foundation decided to detonate an explosive installed within the plane in order to not let them escape, and upon seeing that there were no parachutes Boss had the entire team drink some of SCP-447-2 and sent a transmission to the Foundation threatening them that if they didn’t rescue them from the plane then would suffer the consequences of the green slime touching their corpses. As the team threw themselves outside the burning plane, Dr. Anborough decided to use SCP-294 to accumulate 97% of the team's weight. This caused the entire team to become much lighter and were prevented from slamming into the ground by the air friction.

The Foundation was finally able to capture them, and subsequently had them locked in one of their sites where they were all designated SCP-2085 and were also returned to their normal weight. The next day the Internal Security Department filed a motion with the Board of Project Review demanding that all the members of the group to be executed for their crimes with the reasoning that they didn't qualify as anomalies, but the demand was quickly stuck down due to being incomplete. Days following that the ISD then requested the subjects to be handed over to their custody, but due to insufficient voting this demand was also dismissed. As the Directors' Committee were unable to reach a proper verdict regarding SCP-2085, the O5 Council stepped in and decided that the group would remain within the current site. However, this entire case was revealed to have been fabricated in order to wait until the amount of SCP-447-2 drank by the team exited their system.

Eventually, Boss was able to break out of her cell and proceeded to free the rest of her teammates. During their escape, while Nanami took over the Foundation's adminNet after overwhelming Alexandra.aic she discovered a secret Foundation spaceship named Solidarity and designated SCP-2117, and seeing an opportunity of finally going to space the team decided that upon escaping they would plan on stealing Solidarity. They proceeded to escape through a hole they carved in the panopticon before using a stolen van as their getaway vehicle, while destroying a motopool sent by the Foundation. With their objective in mind the team broke inside the Foundation's Area-08, a set of islands where the Foundation launched their space missions, and after overwhelming all staff there they used the Hamill spaceship to launch themselves into the outer space. After passing time for 21 days the group finally arrived at Solidarity which they found completely unsecured.

Upon entering they were greeted by the old leader of an inbred community of D-Class who genetically manufactured by pods inside of the ancient spaceship. Thinking them as brave warriors sent by the Foundation he invited the group with hospitality and told them how the ship worked. The team became enamored with the ship and seeing that the crew posed little threat they decided to peacefully take it over. However, when Wizard made eye contact with the leader, SCP-2085-1 became active and took over Wizard’s body while the entire ship connected to both of them. During the struggle for control Wizard was able to grant Boss control of the ship and her that there was something on the moon. The team then activated the ship and directed it to the moon where it crashed, tearing an opening on the moon's surface. From the inside of the moon the Overseers of the Foundation who were revealed to have been giant aliens all along, emerged through the tear and engaged in direct confrontation with the team. As Momoko, Tomi and Hana were busy with operating the weapons system Nanami took control of a powerful weapon abroad the ship which was used to destroy many of the Overseers. After Wizard was able to destroy SCP-2085-1, which was revealed to have been an embryo of the Overseer's race, only remaining member of the evil aliens went back inside the moon and initiated a big bang which forced the ship to go back towards Earth. The team at first refused to surrender, but as the ship's speed was insufficient to go against the moon the group began losing hope, until the ship finally began exceeding its speed against all odds. The alien Overseer seeing that the ship was not abiding to the laws of physics it tried to use its reality altering powers to deter the ship, but to no avail as the ship passed through all of its barriers. As they got closer the team activated the ship's canon that instantly obliterated the Overseer along with the moon. Following all of this, the team proceeded to use the ship to explore space and enjoying their time together.

Possible Endings


As the company travelled through space they obtained an egg that hatched an alien that could teleport through the multiverse. Calling it 'Jumpy' the company was at first fine with it, but as the alien began bringing from its shifts more and more random objects it eventually became a problem. After two years in space Jumpy brought an alternate version of the Solidarity from another universe which had been hijacked by a group of Mormons. The team tried to work together with the other crew as more problems resurged, but Jumpy proceeded to bring more alternate versions of the ship and creating a big mess. Eventually, after Wizard's consciousness was uploaded into the ship's AI system as his body died out, the group began bringing in refugees who were exiled from their native universe and even took a few sentient SCPs that have escaped their versions of the Foundation, but when the original ship itself was transported to another universe all 400 refugees were killed by a spider-like monster. As the ship powered down due to this, every member of the group except for Boss were left stranded in inaccessible places of the ship.

After a year since the ship appeared in this universe, this version of the SCP Foundation discovered it orbiting Titan when components of a portal to SCP-2117 were given to them by Jumpy and sent Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 to explore it. However, during their exploration, they were caught by Boss who was able to knock them all down, and seeing that they were unarmed she forced the MTF to go look for her sisters, while she directed them through the different parts of the ship. In the third day of exploring the ship, the MTF was able to locate an injured Hana from the Brig, in the 12th they located Nanami in the Menagerie where she at first attacked them with her memes, but after being informed on the situation she went on to help them find the rest of her sisters. On the 21st day of exploration, a day after finding Tomi, Zeta-9 and Nanami then went to the armory where they found Momoko who hid herself in order to play a game with the others. After being finally reunited, the team presented the MTF a contract for the Foundation which it stated that the ownership of the ship would be handed over to them since the girls would die in the ensuing days due to their genetic and cybernetic enhancements beginning to fail. However, Wizard in the form of the ship's AI prevented the MTF from leaving the ship through another portal and convinced his team to collaborate with this universe’s Foundation since they were better that the one they fought and would help with their condition and much longer.

After two months of medication, the Foundation saw the girls usefulness in the imminent destruction that would be brought by LSA-Brasil-01 and its offsprings, and decided to make a deal with them in which the girls would become E-class personnel and live normally in Nx-58, a  phantom town in Japan, while aiding the Foundation with operating the ship during the chaos as Auxiliary Task Force Alpha-1 ("The Black Rabbit In The Moon").


After the battle with the Overseers, the ship crash landed near a giant stele, which was dedicated to the other victims of the aliens, where the entire team died. Their remains were later discovered by the Foundation when they began excavating the ship’s wreckage after finding the stele which had been designated SCP-2722.

The Real Adventures in Capitalism

During the destructive attack of the Scarlet King and his army on the universe, the Black Rabbit Company decided to thrust Solidarity into the evil god in hopes of deterring, but to little success. It is unknown what happened to them after the King's defeat at the hands of Isabel Wondertainment.


Since SCP-2085-B saw the world as a hopeless place filled with evil people who took advantage of the weak and the innocent whose dreams are shattered as a result of this, he and his crew became determined to show people that things can change, by defeating those selfish and cruel individuals and give the poor oppressed people hope of completing their biggest dreams and live a happy and free life. They try to achieve this by going after organizations and people who are fascistic, capitalistic or criminal in nature and dispose of them through illegal ways such as smuggling, theft, assault, vandalism, kidnapping, extortion, property damage, possession of fissile materials, corporate sabotage, embezzlement, identity theft, fraud, copyright infringement, piracy, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession transport and sale of anomalous items, and tax evasion. Such organizations include organized crime, hate groups, corrupt governments, military or police and even some anomalous groups of interest. Because they want to help people in need they organize their operations in a way to minimize civilian casualties, while dealing heavy material and morale damage to their targets. They also often go to children’s birthday parties with the intent of entertainment.


SCP-2085-A-1 (Boss)

Born on April 15th of 2005, with hair and fur colored calico and with a balanced humor, she became the commander of the team through unanimous nomination since she was the most fitted with for that type of responsibility. As a result she was the one who directly made deals, kept the documents and made sure that everything was going smoothly as planned. She acted as a big sister figure within the group as she supported and guided everyone and could tell her sisters' emotions. She had a particular fondness for Wizard and was mostly because of her that he joined the team.

SCP-2085-A-2 (Momoko)

Born on April 15th of 2005, with hair and fur colored black bicolor and a sanguine humor, she was the second-in-command who engaged in direct attack. She was the most positive and energetic member of the team, being described as loud, gregarious, easily excited and fun-loving, and was also described as an Epicurean as she really loved her good friends, food and drinks, but also tended to rip every sleeve from her clothes. She was also a thrill-seeker who enjoyed living her life as an action movie and always opted to go through more fun and ridiculous ways instead of simple ways, but became grumpy when things didn't go her way.

SCP-2085-A-3 (Hana)

Born on April 15th of 2005, with hair and fur colored tabby and a melancholic humor, she was the medic of the team who took care of the others. She was treated as the 'youngest' of the team as she a quiet and withdrawn individual and had a tendency towards idealism and naiveté before her time under the custody of the Foundation lessened those traits. She acted as a moral compass and a voice of reason when things were under pressure and when in line of work she often had to wrestle during a conflict between the actual circumstances and the outcome Hana wished for. Her skillset was more general than specialist, and because of this she acted as support crew.

SCP-2085-A-4 (Nanami)

Born on April 15th of 2005, with hair and fur colored red longhair and choleric humor, she was the most hostile member of the team, not caring for anyone else except for her team and on rare occasions those who can cope with her attitude. She served as the cyberwarfare specialist.

SCP-2085-A-5 (Tomi)

Born on April 15th of 2005, with hair and fur colored silver-blue and phlegmatic humor, she was the most monosyllabic and somewhat of an anti-social individual. Because of her unwillingness of participating into conversations she was able to overhear and notice everything in her surroundings. Since she was equidistant from the other members of the team she became very reliable for them. She was an expert in demolition and gunfight.

SCP-2085-B (Wizard)

A mysterious man who was born on October 9th of 1972, with an unknown past and with humor similar to that of April O'Neil. After being infected by alien cancerous infection named Red and designated SCP-2085-1, he underwent a number of modifications in order to fight it off and prolong his own life, and due to the harsh reality of the world he escaped to his own fabricated world which was the team and their goal. He originally joined the team mostly for the thrill of adventure and complete his dream of going to outer space, but he often doubted himself of his nobility while Red taunted him. Despite this, it was evident that he was a good man and cared for his teammates, and because of his Space Wizard retire he became some sort of mascot for the team.

In Other Media

In the Confinement YouTube series, an instance of SCP-2085-A possibly appears in the second episode interacting with other humanoid anomalies contained by the Foundation.





  • The group named themselves the Black Rabbit Company after the Asian myth of the Moon rabbit, instead of using the name Black Cat Company due to a French criminal organization already using it.
    • Momoko originally wanted to name themselves the Cheesecake Gunshow Brigade, but was quickly shut down.
  • In "Personnel And Character Dossier" it stated that the group once tried to have the Bones Studio,  but was apparently shut down.
  • In the hub of the "Stealing Solidarity" there is a link which leads to a playlist of songs which inspired the tales part of the canon.
  • A researcher once shared SCP-420-J with SCP-2085-A, which caused them to become intoxicated and beat him, while his fellow researcher accused him of wanting to get laid with them.
  • In "Nobody's Observations on Rejected Nobody Applications" tale in which the Nobody entity was trying to find a new suitable host, one of the candidates was one of the girls of the team who had been totally forgotten after stealing Solidarity.
  • The ship Solidarity was originally designated as SCP-2722, but the author Djoric was forced to self-delete it and completely rewrite it, while author Ihp rewrote Solidarity as SCP-2117.
  • In her author page Fanthem assigned SCP-2085 the song Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi.
  • During an interview, SCP-2020 expressed several ideas it had for science fiction stories, one of which paralleled that of SCP-2085. The author of SCP-2020, Communism will win, created the character as way to point out the cliches in some of SCP-2000 Contest entries which included SCP-2085.
  • In Experiment Log 914 - Part XI, when Researcher Miniwa inserted a copy of SCP-2085's documentation inside SCP-914 on the 1:1 setting the machine produced a document which described Miniwa as an instance of SCP-2085-A who was interviewed by Dr. Veritas.
  • In the tale "Bad End" of the "Black Autumn 3: Discordant Anthology" series, the Black Rabbit Company would have made a cameo in the story, but the author decided to scrap it.
  • SCP-2085's author, Djoric, once compared the Black Rabbit Company to the Werewolf Bureau from Blood Blockade Battlefront.
  • Renee Morin, an agent of the Unusual Incidents Unit and partner of Robin Thorne, shares many similarities with SCP-2085-A, being a female human-cat hybrid resembling a typical catgirl created genetically by an ex-Prometheus Labs employee and an associate of Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. for amoral purposes.


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