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Hard to talk or move. We were men once but sacrifice to contain emperor. He turned dangerous. Had to stop him. Saw the right path. Gave ourselves up.
~ SCP-2101-1-2 to Foundation agent Yizhong Liao.

SCP-2101-1, also known as The Imperial Army, are a benevolent group in the SCP Foundation Mythos. It was an army of ancient Chinese soldiers from the Qin Dynasty which previously served the First Qin Emperor. After the Emperor became an evil powerful tyrant, the soldiers sacrificed themselves in order to imprison him and prevent him from causing destruction.


SCP-2101-1 claimed that they used to be an army serving the First Qin Emperor, Qin Shi Huang Ti, during the Qin Dynasty although this conflicts with the following legend. As the Emperor ruled supreme over the united lands he decided to find a way to achieve immortality. In his quest he came into contact with Xu Fu, a messenger from the Kingdom of Adytum who told him that if he worshipped Nüwa the Mother Dragon and sacrificed many lives to her if would not only achieve immortality but great powers. As the Emperor began sacrificing countless innocent people to the beast, Yufu of the Xia Dynasty was unwilling to allow this horrible carnage to continue and so constructed the terracotta army to stop the corrupted Emperor. The army fought the Emperor and imprisoned him inside Pangloss' Epang Palace. Yufu then proceeded to sink the palace beneath the ground and appointed the soldiers to stand guard in order to make sure the Emperor would never be freed.

The army guarded the prison for countless years until modern day. On December 1st of 1974 the SCP Foundation's Containment Team Bravo-20 led by Agent Yizhong Liao discovered the Emperor's prison, mistaking it as a mausoleum, and began hearing the voice of the Emperor. He implored them to go to the lowest floor of the mausoleum where the statues resided and free him by destroying the statues as a reward he would grant them wealth and power. When Bravo-20 went to the lowest floor, the statues became alarmed and one of them grabbed the arm of one of the Foundation agents, telling them to not interfere. The team quickly responded by firing at the statues, causing the seal put on the Emperor to weaken and soon attempted to break free which caused some seismic activity to occur. This caused the team to stop shooting, allowing the statues to repair their broken brethren. Liao then asked about their nature and the statues replied that they served to keep the evil Emperor imprisoned and if they were to be destroyed he would be freed and kill many innocent people. In light of this, the O5 Council decided to aid the statues, designated SCP-2101-1, in keeping the Emperor, designated SCP-2101, imprisoned, while spreading misinformation campaigns to the public.


SCP-2101-1 resemble soldiers from the Qin Dynasty time period, although each one has its unique appearance. They are sentient and capable of movement and speech, but have difficulty in doing so as only one speaks at a time with a speech is very slow and stilted which is often difficult to be understood. They have the power of keeping SCP-2101 imprisoned by simply being present near him and if less than 8000 instances were present in the mausoleum then the Emperor would be freed. If the head or 50% of their body connecting to the head is destroyed, a SCP-2101-1 instance becomes functionally dead and is considered as not present in the mausoleum, until the broken parts are put back together. It appears that SCP-926, a Chinese musical instrument named "The King of Qin commands" which can control various statues, could cause a negative effect on SCP-2101-1 as it has been prohibited to be brought into the area.


  • SCP-2101-1 is clearly based on the real life Terracotta Army located in X'ian, China.
  • It is speculated by the Foundation that the sculpting manner used to create SCP-2101-1 is the same those utilized by SCP-237-1, a Japanese man who created sentient statuettes designated SCP-237-2.


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