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I see my men's faces, staring up at me from the dirt, Doctor. Asking me why I didn't keep them safe. Why I was allowed to live while they had to die. I trained alongside those men for years before they put us back on the surface, since we were all young children. We were brothers. And I gave the order to surrender, and got — got them killed. I should have died with them. I am no better than the American dogs who shot them. I don't want to feel this way anymore. Please make this stop.
~ SCP-2273 describing his nightmares to Dr. Friedrich.
I know that I am a sinner, and that prayer or a modest life as the one I have lived will not be enough to earn our Goddess's forgiveness. But this does not concern me. I have sinned and will pay for my sins in kind. She has cursed me, such that I may not be Standardized, but she has also blessed me, that I may see the wicked in Humanity and may be equipped to speak out against it. I am not concerned that I will pay for my sins but rather, that I have not fully fulfilled my Purpose in Her Grand Design.
~ Father Anvil’s last journal entry from "Person of Interest File #2273/01".

SCP-2273, also known as Major Alexei Belitrov is a Euclid-class humanoid under the custody of the SCP Foundation. He originates from an alternate universe where the Cold War resulted in the "War to End the World" which left most of planet Earth inhabitable.



Alexei Belitrov was born in the Soviet Union and as a child, he worked as a farmer alongside others. When war erupted between Russia and America due to Russia launching nuclear missiles in America, the surface became uninhabitable forcing the citizens to live underground. Alexei was then taken along with other boys by Captain Grigory of the Red Army to make them super-soldiers to fight the war. Although reluctant at first, Alexei was convinced by Grigory to be brave and serve his country and was then subjugated to a painful super-soldier program conducted by the Engineers which involved implanting an organic armor around Alexei’s body which would grow with him as time went on. Alexei became a full soldier, rapidly climbing through the ranks in the army, fighting numerous battles against the Americans who were also enhanced by the Enginners’ technology.

During their trip in Toronto, Canada in the year 1989 Alexei and his army began exploring the desolated city, until they came across a bunker filled with refugees, mostly consisting with women and children. Despite his honorable nature, he decided to execute most of the innocent refugees for the pain that America had caused, much to his comrades’ dismay. One of the refuges, a girl named Victoria survived and would be transported to an alternate universe where she would become SCP-191.

Eventually, during a battle with an American battalion, Alexei and his army became cornered and seeing no other way ordered his men to surrender. Upon capture the commander of the American battalion decided to have all of the Russians killed except for Alexei after he found out about his true identity. Alexei was soon imprisoned, left with no food and open wounds following his weapons removal. However, suddenly a bright blinding light flashed on Alexei and inexplicably found himself in a forest outside Danner, Wisconsin of an alternate universe. Thinking that he was still in his native universe, he began transmitting radio signals for his fellow soldiers to find him. But his signals were instead intercepted by the SCP Foundation who upon finding him, detained Alexei within Site-17.

SCP Foundation

Thinking that he had been recaptured by the Americans, Alexei initially refused to talk to them, but after being informed of the true nature of the Foundation, Alexei became less aggressive and began complying with the personnel. Eventually he told them the truth about his universe, how the war started and how he became a soldier.

During his time in Site-17, Alexei, now referred to as SCP-2273-1, formed friendships with the Site’s psychologist Dr. Friedrich and fellow SCPs, such as SCP-507 and SCP-163. He especially formed a particular bond with SCP-191 who didn’t remember much of what had happened to her, and Alexei took great care of her in order to make up for his attack on Toronto.

SCP-2273 was one of the SCPs which became members of the Mobile Task Force Alpha-9, also known as "Last Hope", taking part in missions alongside other SCPs such as SCP-105. When General Bowe’s Foundation Elimination Coalition took over the entirety of Site-19, SCP-2273 and Alpha-9 tried to reclaim the site, but failed and 2273 remained trapped within the invaded site. Thankfully, 2273 was freed by his fellow MTF members accompanied by SCP-5031 and together infiltrated the overtaken site, eventually coming across Kain Pathos Krow. They then helped the Foundation in battling General Bowe and the remaining enemies.

Broken Masquerade

After the Foundation was forced to become public around 2004, SCP-2273 was one of the many safe humanoid anomalies who were released. He frequently visited SCP-191 in Saint Thomas Aquinas Hospital and Asylum for the Paranormally Disabled, often playing chess and telling his stories to her. With the help of the Manna Charitable Foundation Alexei went to Volgograd in Russia, however, he had a hard time integrating within this unfamiliar world. He tried to earn money by doing interviews and guest show appearances, but soon the public became uninterested in him. Feeling alienated from the rest of the people, Alexei got out of the spotlight and soon took residence in a monastery belonging to Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church.

As he was exploring the beautiful nature of the land, he came across Wobbles, a Spotted Wobbegong previously contained by Wilson’s Wildlife Solutions. Wobbles tried to direct Alexei to a ship which had crushed somewhere near the river. After Alexei entered the ship he found a canister filled with 14 baby Wobbegong, most likely Wobbles’ children. It is unknown what happened afterwards, but it could be presumed that Alexei saved the baby Wobbegong and let them reunite with their mother.

While living within the monastery, he was surprised to find that these people were happy with their religion and feeling welcomed in their community Alexei slowly converted from atheism into the Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church. Alexei kept sending secret letters to his friend Friedrich since the doctor had become an SCP himself and was detained within Site-17. After Friedrich was diagnosed with cancer, Alexei tried to comfort him, and begged him not to die, since his friends including his comrades and SCPs have all perished and couldn’t bear any more loss. Sadly, Friedrich succumbed to his illness, leaving Alexei more depressed.

Despite his depression growing, Alexei held strong on to his faith, and climbed within the monastery’s clergy, rechristening himself "Father Anvil". Eventually Mekhane was rebuild, filling Alexei and other fellow believers with faith and joy before she left Earth, assuring that she would one day return. After writing his last will and testimony in which he described his spirituality and guilt, Alexei eventually died of old age within his dormitory on the morning of 13 October 2053. He was then buried in the monastery’s graveyard. After ten years following his death, the Manna Charitable Foundation allowed the SCP Foundation to access the information regarding Alexei after his release.


SCP-2273 as a whole is approximately 2.1 m in height and 290 kg in weight. The true appearance of Alexei Belitrov’s human body is unknown due to him being completely covered by SCP-2273-2. SCP-2273-2 resembles a  chitinous carapace that serves as an secondary, exterior skeleton. It possesses compound-lensed eyes, Earth-tone coloration, and colored scar tissue similar to tattoos which correspond to Russian military patches and badges. SCP-2273-2’s forearms and shoulder blades are heavily scarred due to Belitrov’s mounted weapon nacelles being forcefully removed.

Powers and Abilities

Without SCP-2273-2, Alexei Belitrov would probably possess the strength of an average soldier with military training. He was taught long-range combat, door-breaching, and close-quarters fighting. Thanks to SCP-2273-2 which was made out of SCP-1000’s advanced technology, Alexei possessed a 270° field of vision, approximately 90° of binocular vision, and thermal and radiation hazard sensors thanks to his compound eyes allowing Alexei to scan the environment he’s in and distinguish friends and foes, camouflage to hide, superhuman strength allowing him to carry objects around 1200 kg in addition to his own weight, proboscis similar to that of Musca domestica used to procure nutrients for him and the armor, and an organic radio transceiver allowing him to transmit both encrypted and unencrypted audio messages over a wide bandwidth which he used to talk to others.

Due to SCP-2273-2 sharing its circulatory and nervous systems with its host, Alexei is capable of feeling and thinking anything that the armor feels and thinks. The armor was also bulletproof except for the “helmet” which could be damaged, but because the armor is essentially a living organism it can regenerate itself. However, because SCP-2273-2 derives its energy from Alexei’s body, Alexei must consume approximately 8,000 calories per day in order to remain healthy.

His living armor also had a variety of mounted weapons, similar to small weapons system attached to wheeled infantry transport. Alexei had two small electrodes between his major lacerations which allowed him to fire his weapons when flexing his index finger. Some of his mounted weapons included: a Kalashnikov 12.7 by 108 millimeter belt-fed machine gun model of 1959 based on a Kalashnikov rifle on his right arm; and on his left a Model 1964 23 millimeter semi-automatic shotgun was mounted, which fired slugs, flechettes, scatter shot, flares, and grenades; and a combat knife which Alexei rarely used. However, these weapons were then forcefully removed by the USA army leaving Alexei without any weapon.


From a young age Alexei was a very patriotic individual, ready to do anything for the Motherland, even if it meant to go through painful unbearable experiences. He also held a vendetta against the American Army for destroying his country, thinking that they had started the war. He truly believed in their cause and fought the American armies without a second thought.

Even though he was a honorable man and good friend with his comrades, he had no hesitation in killing his enemies as shown when he ordered to kill innocent refugees, a decision which he would soon come to regret. He valued the lives of his friends over his as he willingly surrendered in order to keep them safe, and expressed great sadness when he was the only one left alive. After being contained by the Foundation he was at first antagonistic towards the staff before figuring out that he was not his world anymore, and became more docile and depressed.

He soon realized that the war was not worth it and came to regret most of his actions such as the executions of the refugees and after finding out about SCP-191, he tried to make up for her by taking great care of her. Despite being haunted by the nightmares of the war Alexei found a way to manage this thanks to his friends, such as the psychologist Friedrich. After being freed from the site he was held for so many years, he found it hard to live in this peaceful world and often missed his old environments such as the desolate lands and his cell. He eventually found meaning in the religion of the Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church, dedicating his life to Jesus Christ and the Broken God until his death.





  • When the Foundation used SCP-978 to take a photo of SCP-2273, the picture showed two European men working on a farm, while three women watch them. The two men and two women share a familial resemblance, while the youngest woman resembles SCP-191 without her cyborg enhancements. It is possible that the four people are Alexei with his family without the armor, meaning that Alexei’s biggest desire is to remove his armor, be reunited with his family and for 191 to become a normal human again.
  • SCP-2273 appears to have been partially based on Master Chief and Agent Venom. His weapon arrangement could also have been based on War Machine.
  • In the alternate world shown by SCP-2238 in which several historical event went different from what really happened, including the war between the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, SCP-2273's interview was one of the footage shown by 2238 talking about the war.
  • SCP-2617, a radio tower in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, which can generate living ice statues (SCP-2617-A) equipped with various weapons also made out of ice (SCP-2617-B), once made instances of 2617-B resembling 2273's armor which were designated SCP-2617-B46. Several instances of 2617-A used 2617-B46 when confronting SCP-682, destroying nearly half of the monster before it released its own radio waves which caused the A instances to dissolve.
    • Given that the Foundation didn't figure out the resemblance between the two armors, it is possible that SCP-2273 and SCP-2617 don't coexist.
  • In the "GOC ACT", SCP-2273 was one the many fighters killed by Alto Clef Jr., being caught off guard by the goose while resting in his room in the Hotel California.
  • In "Heroic Spirit Alexei Belitrov" which is part of "Project Crossover" and takes place in Reality Construct FZ27GO, SCP-2273 is portrayed as one of the many fighters from Fate/stay night series who can be summoned.
  • In "The Leak" forum thread the author of SCP-2273, Agent MacLeod, explained that the reason why Alexei was transported to the universe of the SCP Foundation was because the Soviet Union launched a missile capable of affecting 4 spatial dimensions and 3 dimensional space at Alexei's location, since these type of weaponry was cheaper than a weapon powerful enough to destroy the Americans' armor.
  • The future in which 2273 is freed from containment after the Broken Masquerade scenario is in the same universe as the tale "Aftermath".
  • The concept of SCP-2273 originated from the idea of an alternate version of Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. from an universe in which he survived WWII coming into the main universe and reaching the Oval Office in lieu of his brother John. However, as the author kept adding things to the story they eventually completely rewrote the character and the setting, resulting in the creation of Alexei.
  • The author recommended to those who liked the character of SCP-2273 to listen to the song "Disposable Heroes" by Metallica.


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