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SCP-2295, also referred to as "The Bear With a Heart of Patchwork", is a Safe-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment. It is a patchwork teddy bear that helps sick or injured people.


SCP-2295 is a small patchwork teddy bear, with varying colors of fabric used to construct its form. It has a small ribbon bow around its neck, and an anatomically correct heart pin on the left side of its torso, where the heart resides in a human.

Behavior & Procedure

SCP-2295 is normally an inanimate stuffed teddy bear. However, if it is within two meters of a human with major trauma to an organ, it will animate and come to that person. If there is more than one, SCP-2295 will always choose the youngest first.

When SCP-2295 reaches a patient, it will somehow materialize scissors, white thread, and needles from its mouth. It will proceed to gather any nearby fabric, cloth, and stuffing, and quickly create a patchwork replica of the subject's damaged organ, designated SCP-2295-1. If no materials are available, SCP-2295 will use materials from its own body, which it will regenerate later. SCP-2295-1 will then vanish from sight, and the subject will fall unconscious.

When they awaken, they will be cured of their ailment, with the patchwork replica having replaced the original and functioning perfectly. It is unknown what becomes of the organic organs. Every documented case of SCP-2295's healing have been successful, with subjects making complete recoveries. When not active, SCP-2295 is kept in a standard containment locker within Storage Wing-25 in Site-37.


SCP-2295 is shown to be sweet and caring, and only wants to cure and help people. Unlike most SCPs, SCP-2295 is good-natured and selfless, with no qualms about being put to work or even sacrificing its own material to save someone in need. There have been no negative side effects to any of SCP-2295's procedures.





  • SCP-2295 is very similar to SCP-1048, another teddy bear SCP. However, SCP-1048 is a villainous, Keter-class mass murderer that creates duplicates of itself out of human flesh. Studies regarding a common source are ongoing.
  • There are limits to SCP-2295's healing capabilities. A test was conducted with SCP-2295 presented with an 18 year old boy suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging. After observing the patient, SCP-2295 became distressed and after searching through its materials, abandoned its efforts altogether. Instead of creating a replica brain, SCP-2295 offered its patient a chocolate bar and hugged his leg for the rest of the test, producing a saline solution from its eye, replicating tears. This suggests that the brain is the only organ SCP-2295 is unable to replicate.


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