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MEKHANE, Yaldabaoth, and St. Alagadda, is that what this is? Are you trying to fucking worship me? After everything I've said? AFTER FUCKING EVERYTHING??????
~ SCP-2662 after realizing that his newfound friend also began worshiping him

SCP-2662 is a humanoid entity classified by the foundation to be a Keter Class responsible for corrupting random humans into peoples who worships him as their one of the only god. However, while SCP-2662 is a dangerous SCP, he is originally a creature that just wants to live everyday life. SCP-2662 turned himself into the Foundation of SCPs for his safety and is currently "trying" his best to find a solution to control his manipulating abilities, which happens naturally without him wanting it to do so. He also hates the result of what his powers have brought back upon him.


SCP-2662 is a cognitohazardous entity approximately 4 meters in height and 200 kilograms in weight. SCP-2662 appears to be in a vaguely humanoid shape, with approximately 20 additional muscular hydrostats in similar structure to cephalopod limbs attached to its back. These limbs are fully functional and allow SCP-2662 to perform up to 10 different tasks at once.


SCP-2662 is polite, and never show out any signs of evil at all, although he would become very distress, and uncomfortable whenever the cultists which are the random humans his powers have corrupted brought back, every time he always told them to screw away and find another god whenever he saw them.

Powers and Abilities:

SCP-2662 can apply false precognitions and false information within dreams into random humans on the outside world, which was also the source of those cultists who misjudge him as an almighty god that would soon bring destruction, despair, and chaos to the world their living in.

SCP-2662 could possess in itself Nigh-Omniscient. The Tale about SCP-2662 said that he knows the existence of 3 Old Gods, while Old Gods exist in ancient times. This leads to the point where SCP-2662 is determined to know how dangerous and potential those ancient eldritch beings.

SCP-2662's primary anomalous effect only occurs after long-term repeated exposure, usually by being in the same room as or interacting daily with SCP-2662. Subjects exposed to SCP-2662 for a period of 6 months or longer are at risk of becoming acutely aware of SCP-2662's wants or needs and are compelled to fulfill them; they may also suffer from quasi-psychotic episodes when under stress. SCP-2662 is unable to affect humans that have a 2 or higher MARS (Mind-Affecting Resistance Scale) score.

SCP-2662's secondary anomalous effect is the spontaneous generation of religious followings at an approximate rate of at least once a month. This generation is involuntary and causes SCP-2662 notable distress.

Religious groups generated by SCP-2662 usually focus on attempting to break into its containment unit in order to perform various rituals that are violent and/or sexual in nature. These groups tend to be highly organized and appear to adapt to each failed attempt, despite there being generally no contact between different generated religious followings.

SCP-2662's ability appears to come with a hypnosis or mind corrupting ability, this allows it to even affect those who contacts SCP-2662 with technologies, even if they are from a different dimension/universe/world, given the fact is that the mind corrupting abilities are so strong it can even transmit itself into different universe just to effect a individual who stays in contact with SCP-2662. This was proven in the Tale where SCP-2662 became friends with SCP-1171-1.





  • The reason why SCP-2662 turned himself into the Foundation of SCPs was because he wants to avoid his followers.
  • SCP-2662 doesn't show out any signs of worrying about his followers and the damaged they've caused, including their deaths, the fact is that it was him who must take responsible for the lives that his followers has killed, and also corrupting them with his powers even if it's accidentally, it means that SCP-2662 thinks that it is not his fault, but his followers were the ones to blame.
  • SCP-2662 is a ripoff of the famous Lovecraftian horror named "Cthulhu" a legendary god that was believed to be one of the Old Ones.
  • It is also possible that SCP-2662 is an alternate universe version/counterpart of the god Cthulhu due to it confirming that it is already 200 years old. So it is possible that SCP-2662 is not the original Cthulhu, but an alternate universe Cthulhu, a Cthulhu that belongs to the universe of the SCP Foundation.
  • SCP-2662 is an atheist. However he still invoked the names of Mekhane, Yaldabaoth and St. Alagadda.
  • Given that his worshippers indulge in rituals involving human sacrifices, mutilation and sex, it is possible that 2662 is related to Sarkicism or the Children of the Scarlet King, since these groups also enact in similar rituals.
  • After Dr. Bright sent MTF Omega-7 to capture Cthulhu and discover the city R'lyeh, the Overseers stated that Cthulhu and R'lyeh aren't even SCPs and that someone put false information in the database, most likely referring to SCP-1926-R. This could mean that the SCP Foundation doesn't consider SCP-2662 to be the real Cthulhu.

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