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well that's indisputably cool as fuck but also not something you can normally do these days.

day 1 thing happens

day 2 someone finds thing and it goes viral

day 3 it's trending on google and twitter

day 4 buzzfeed article You'll Never Guess How This Girl's Friends Memorialized Her After Her Suicide

day 5 fine bros video Teens React To Digital Ghost


the internet ruined the internet so we don't get to have nice things any more.

the lads knew how i felt. thankfully magic is real so they set this up for me and i get to just be a chill thing that people happen across every once in a while without being a big deal.
~ SCP-2726-A to Dr. Prasad.

SCP-2726-A, also known as Post Ghost, is a Euclid-class entity partially-uncontained by the SCP Foundation. It is some sort of ghost inhabiting a social media website manifested by Gamers Against Weed as a memorial for a Polish girl named Jadzia who had committed suicide due to her depression.


When Polish transgirl Jadzia ████████████ committed suicide on May 14th of 2016 due to dysphoria, some of her friends who were members of the group Gamers Against Weed decided to create a memorial for her. So on May 18th with the help of a corn god they hired a ghost from the netherworld and imprinted it with memories of Jadzia's posts from her social media account turning the ghost's personality into a replica of Jadzia's. The ghost went on to inhabit the still existing posts left by Jadzia and under the name of "mashedpork" began changing them in order to communicate with people and become a viral paranormal phenomena.

The SCP Foundation soon discovered the anomaly, designating the ghost as SCP-2726-A, and sought to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. They sent Dr. Prasad to contact with SCP-2726-A under a cover story via a post designated SCP-2726-001 which worked as the two formed some sort of friendship. While Dr. Prasad kept SCP-2726-A busy the Foundation's Web Crawler MASHEDPORK-0A-2726 began patrolling all of the social media in order to remove the old posts which were being affected by it, reducing the number of verified posts from 200 to 25. However, after two months following its manifestation when talking to Dr. Prasad it revealed to them that it knew that he was a member of the Foundation, but still considered them its friend. During the conversation SCP-2726-A explained to Dr. Prasad how it was created and the reason why, while also joking with them, before the doctor asked it how they could summon their own ghosts for their own reasons. SCP-2726-A refused to properly tell them how to manifest a similar entity like itself due to the concern of what the Foundation would try to use it, leaving Dr. Prasad to talk with it another time.


Due to being a ghost inhabiting some posts on a social media, SCP-2726-A has no real appearance.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-2726-A was a smart ghost which inhabited old posts designated SCP-2726 left by Jadzia's account. Through unknown means it was capable of changing these posts in real time and could be seen when refreshing the pages and also allowed it to communicate with other accounts. The SCP Foundation was able to track some of these posts and delete them, but for unknown reasons their algorithm had difficulty in locating most of them as it simply ignored the posts, making the Foundation’s job much harder.


Due to it being imprinted with the memories of Jadzia from her social media posts, SCP-2726-A became a perfect replica of her, seemingly sharing preferences and way of talking. It was shown that SCP-2726-A had a very friendly and joking personality, being happy to talk to Dr. Prasad despite them being a member of the SCP Foundation, and rarely taking anything seriously, although it was apparent that it still suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts like Jadzia as it expressed a need for Prozac. As shown in their conversation SCP-2726-A liked to talk a lot, to the point of becoming somewhat annoying. Its only desire was to become a famous urban legend or creepypasta and let people know about the original Jadzia, but it appeared that it also didn’t really mind if it failed at this quest or not.


  • Although SCP-2726-A heavily dislikes the Black Mirror series, it compared its origin to an episode of it titled "Be Right Back" in which the protagonist creates an android replica of her deceased boyfriend by downloading his memories inside it.
  • Since SCP-2726-A stated that the Gamers Against Weed were able to summon it by sacrificing to a corn god, it is possible that the deity was the same one worshiped by SCP-1846.


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