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SCP-2800, formerly known as "Daniel MacIntyre" and currently known under the alias "Cactusman, the Spiked Menace", is a Safe-class, human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.


SCP-2800 is a male human of Scottish descent, he has brown hair and green eyes and stands 187 centimeters (approx. 6 feet, 1 and 1/2 inches) and weighing 76 kilograms (approx. 167.5 pounds).  His DNA is infused with a genome from the saguaro cactus and pocesses many physical properties across his body relavant to the plant as a result.

SCP-2800 pocesses numerous properties, including the following:

  • Able to grow Cacti spines, measureing 2-3 centimeters (approx. 3/4 to just over 1 inch) that can fall off naturally or be manually removed by SCP-2800 himself.
  • Able to preform photosynthesis as a means to obtain nutrients and avoid growing hungry.
  • Strong effiency with water, as he is able to retain hydration as low as 1/3 that of a normal human.
  • Able to adapt well to arid (dry) climates and above-average temperatures.
  • Plant Communication, mainly with those of the Cactaceae (Cacti) family, including several Cacti-related SCPs such as SCP-3388 and SCP-2497.

In addtion to the aforementioned properties, SCP-2800 has been diagnosed with dysthymia (chronic depression) and "hero syndrome" (the unrelenting urge to assist others no matter the risks).


As mentioned above, SCP-2800 suffers from dysthymia and "hero syndrome".  Both disorders are believed to be connected in some way, as the latter acts as a means to prevent the former, and as a result, SCP-2800 frequency goes through numerous mood swings and has been placed under "suicide watch" by the Foundation.

To counter the depression, the Foundation have placed various potted cacti within SCP-2800's cell and allow him to assist Foundation personnel whenever granted the chance as a means to boost his morale.


According to an old survelliance tape from a subway that SCP-2800 was known to have lurked around prior to its containment.  The tape shows SCP-2800 successfully fighting off a criminal who is threatening to rob a mother and her child and then thanking SCP-2800 for saving their lives before he disappears.

Sometime after the tape, SCP-2800 was encountered and contained by the Foundation. Unlike most SCPs, SCP-2800 was captured by the Foundation by accident, who were at the time, tracking down a completely different SCP, which SCP-2800 attempted to assist in capturing.


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