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Heroine Overview

But it doesn't have to be that way! And I think the desire always wins out. But sometimes it takes time for the desire to beat the dark patch. I think that's what you're going through, right now. But see, this is what makes it a game, because whatever happened to you, you… You've been given a chance to take that desire, that drive, and direct it wherever you want it to go.
~ Heather to Adamo Smalls in “The Abyss Gazes Back (and It's ASCII on a CRT Screen)".

SCP-3090, real name Heather Mason, is a major protagonist of the SCP Foundation Mythos. She is a Euclid-class humanoid anomaly previously contained by the SCP Foundation and one of the many Misters created by Gamers Against Weed, and possesses a television for a head and could interface and influence video games. She is one of the main protagonists in the "Void Dancer" series alongside Foundation researcher Adamo Smalls.



The individual who would become Heather Mason, or SCP-3090, was originally a boy born on June 4th of 1998 to a strict religious family. However, because she was trans and gay she became secluded from the outside world, opting to secretly play peaceful video games, smoke weed and chat with other people online where she could express herself. The only real friend she had was a boy whom she knew since 7th grade and would tell each other their secrets and together play video games, some of which were stolen by him. Eventually, the boy was caught and when police searched his house they found Heather's hair bow which prompted the boy to put the blame on her. This caused Heather to not withstand it anymore and at the age of sixteen fled her home and possibly killed herself.

Following her death, her wandering soul was randomly snatched up by Andressa Santos, Dahlia Price and Armand of Gamers Against Weed during their attempt at using the souls of those who had felt useless in life to give them a new purpose as Misters Against Weed. She told them what type of body she wanted to inhabit and following her resurrection Andressa and Dahlia decided to adopt her as their daughter. However, because of her new appearance she could only get out of the house if she went to costume parties, conventions, meetups with cosplay, or on Halloween, and while outside she had to make sure she didn't take her TV head off. She most of the time would stay with Andressa in New Mexico while Dahlia was away for college, and she would be homeschooled while being prohibited from smoking weed, despite Heather having no plans to do so.

On October 31st, Heather and her new friend named Willow decided to spent the Halloween night together, but it caused Heather to be filled with anxiety as it was the first time spending a night with someone else and without her moms. As she was preparing herself Dahlia asked Heather over the phone to buy some "tater" from the nearby grocery store, but due to her overthinking Heather became confused at what she meant and decided to buy some potatoes. After going into the store she tried to buy a number of potatoes but the cashier let her know that potatoes are bought in bags which caused Heather to feel even more uncomfortable and she instead opted to buy their chocolate. As she kept stressing out the cashier asked her why not removing her "mask" thinking it was exhausting her, but thankfully in that moment Willow entered the store and helped her in buying the four potatoes and the chocolate. They both then decided to go trick or treating, while in gratitude Heather gave Willow her chocolate. On their final house after being given candy by an old man, the man asked if the girls could give him one of their red potatoes since he didn't find time to buy some and in exchange he would give them even more candy. The girls accepted the offer and after finishing trick or treating Heather parted ways with Willow and returned home. As she excitedly began to tell Dahlia how she had spent Halloween Dahlia told Heather that she had to buy Gatorade instead of potatoes.

SCP Foundation

On November 12th of 2016, after becoming 17 years old, Heather and her mothers went to a GameStop in Las Vegas in hopes of winning a free Nintendo Switch from a video game tournament. Thanks to her abilities Heather was able to win the tournament, but as Andressa and Dahlia left the shop to do some work at the hotel they were staying the other participants began surrounding Heather as they marveled at her "costume" and when an impatient 12 year old child tried to take her head off, Heather began panicking and so she removed her head as per their request, causing the participants to freak out and report her to the police. This alerted the SCP Foundation of her existence and quickly intervened, putting Heather under their custody and designating her SCP-3090 before sending her to Site-17. While under their custody the research team decided to conduct various tests to see the limits of her abilities. For the first test, Heather interacted with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the Nintendo Gamecube, and after that she was tested with two copies of Pokémon Crystal on two Game Boy Advances which were played by D-7215 and D-3015. However, under the effect of Heather's properties the games became more violent and the damage sustained by the D-Class' Pokémons were reflected on them, causing Heather to interrupt the test by forcefully shutting down the games. Shortly following this test, an interview was conducted by Dr. August Lichen, in which Heather explained the reason why she enhanced the graphics of the video games and why the players were being affected and expressed how she missed her mothers.

In the eighth test, Heather was tested with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS which was played by D-8000. Although Heather was delighted that she was interacting with her favorite game, she soon began feeling worried for D-8000's health as he kept playing non-stop until she collapsed of out of stress. Under the approval of Site Director Dr. Everett Mann, SCP-890 checked up on Heather, but because he had never seen a similar case like her before 890 didn't perform surgery on her and simply advised that she needed some rest. Another interview was conducted between Heather and Dr. Lichen, this time joined by Junior Psychologist Blake Maxson Yamagusuku. As she explained what had transpired Heather realized that the Foundation had lied when they promised to release her after a period of time and refused to continue the interview. On the twelfth test, Heather was cross-tested with SCP-951-1, an anomalous copy of Pauper: Rise of the Monster King which was played by D-2091, but when SCP-951 began complaining about the changes done to the game Heather revealed herself to it, D-2091 tried to introduce her to 951. However, after D-2091 referred to her as a friend, Heather became agitated as she was being held against her will, causing the test to be aborted. As her mood had plummeted and she had become uncooperative, the Foundation allowed Heather to make a blank Twitter account which she used to print nine images of her favorite games before the account was deleted to prevent an intelligence breach. In the sixteenth test, Heather was tested with a copy of a Super Mario Bros game which had been modified to include an aural memetic kill agent which would be played after the player touched the Super Star. When D-8052 began playing the game alongside Heather, the D-Class experienced a stroke as a result of the modifications, causing Heather to stop playing and help them. Although D-8052 revived when Mario died in the game the D-Class ultimately died when the game shut down, which negatively affected Heather so much that she remained completely silent during the two subsequent interviews.

Eventually, Heather was able to gather herself enough to conduct another interview with Lichen and Yamagusuku. During the interview Heather pleaded to let her go back to her mothers and that she was getting tired of the tests, but the personnel exclaimed that they needed to know how her abilities worked and offered to adjust her stay, but this instead caused Heather to become filled with longing. On the twentieth test, Heather simply played a normal Tetris game on a Game Boy Advance. However, while playing the game Heather accidentally crushed the icon of herself under the falling blocks causing her to die in real life. After three hours her body was transported to the GameStop where she had been abducted at which point she was revived. Upon waking up Heather decided to sleep behind the store on the garbage as it was nighttime. Thankfully, both Dahlia and Andressa who had been searching for her during these three months found her and soon embraced each other. They then carried Heather to their car and after putting some music to calm themselves down they began going back home as the sun rose. While on the road Dahlia and Andressa apologized to Heather and promised to be more responsible on the future. For her 18th birthday Heather properly received a Nintendo Switch and tried to believe that she had earned it.

Inhabiting The Void

When an unknown amount of time had passed after Foundation doctor Adamo Smalls was erased from reality and everyone's memory by SCP-3309 and transported to The Void, a white space of nothingness untouched by the authors of the SCP universe, Heather was summoned to The Void in order to help Adamo in playing a "Game" which would lead to their escape from this plane of existence. Upon first meeting each other, Adamo was at first startled by her sudden appearance and after Heather introduced herself to him Adamo tried to go his own way, but Heather explained that she was here to help him overcome his personal struggle by guiding him into finishing some game. Although Adamo found this ridiculous he reluctantly accepted to play this game alongside her, which caused the environment around them to change and transport them somewhere else.

While being transported by the darkness Heather and Adamo got separated, leaving both of them alone, with Adamo ending up in his own funeral where he confronted Cousin Johnny. As Cousin Johnny began devouring Adamo, Heather arrived just in time to save him by using her electrical powers to kill the monstrosity. After killing Johnny and freeing Adamo from its stomach both he and Heather made their way to the casket of the funeral and found in it a corpse resembling Adamo which left both of them startled and confused. They then left the funeral and made their way to a local second-hand store where Heather helped Adamo change his dirty clothes with clean ones.

While resting, a game menu suddenly appeared on her screen, startling her while Adamo became annoyed as he thought that she was playing a game on him. As Adamo began inspecting the screen while being a bit insensitive Heather became reminded of her terrible experience with the Foundation and briefly saw Adamo as one the cruel Foundation employees but she figured that he was simply trying to help in his own way before he apologized to her for his behavior. As they became confused at this situation the screen began talking to Adamo through sentences, asking him what he wanted to do with the game as there were no help options. Adamo asked the screen if he could start the game but after it said that there was only one safe file already in use Adamo asked if he could restart. The screen replied that the safe file was actually his entire life up until now to which a terrified Adamo responded by telling it not to restart. However, the screen began deleting the safe file which agitated both Adamo and Heather, but thankfully it was revealed to have been a prank by FODDER, an AI which formerly worked for the Foundation's AIAD before ending in the Void after being consumed by SCP-2. FODDER then explained to Adamo that the game he and Heather were currently playing was about him battling various monsters and villains with the help of Heather and in order to win he had to defeat the Beast so he could meet the Maker who would show him how much he had grown as a person and would return both of them to their lives. When Adamo asked Heather to properly explain the game she was stopped by FODDER who reminded her of the rules, but she did explain to Adamo that the environments that were formed around them were based on his memories. Before deciding to properly start the game Heather and Adamo went to cyber café in order to prepare themselves for the journey.


It is unknown what Heather looked like in her original body, apart from wearing a hoodie and a hair bow. After being resurrected into a new body, Heather resembled a female humanoid of indeterminate race and age and instead of a head she possessed a detachable 24″-wide CRT television set. The monitor when first turned on displayed a pixelated logo in large pink font reading "Ms. Mad About Video Games, by Gamers Against Weed" before being replaced by Heather face formed from various text characters which can change depending on her mood. The television connects to her via a standard 5-15 electrical socket on her neck. When she was captured by the Foundation Heather wore a sweatshirt and when first meeting Adamo she wore a hoodie two sizes too large.

Powers and Abilities

After being turned into a Mister Against Weed, Heather possessed a television for a head which only she could detach, but after detaching it from her body she would become unable communicate or interact in a meaningful way. When any interactive media is present near her in a 10 m radius would cause those media to generate an icon of Heather on the bottom-left corner of the screen and become instances of SCP-3090-1. If people playing instances of SCP-3090-1 cause their avatar or character to die during gameplay then they would enter a catatonic state, but this could be reverted if the game is resumed or ceased operation, although upon regaining consciousness the players would feel dissociation and identify themselves with their avatar.

Heather was able to control the graphical output on-screen, spontaneously altering it through minor graphical adjustments which weren't present in the game's code. However, Heather would become fatigued if her properties were repeatedly used or used for a long time, and it has been shown that programs with more intensive graphical appearance would cause Heather to become strained. If Heather were to die then her body would be teleported to a random GameStop and be revived. While in The Void Heather was shown to be able to use the electricity to attack her enemies.


In her previous life Heather was an introverted girl with low self-esteem and anxiety due to her being trans while raised by a problematic religious family. She found solace in playing video games but had to do so in secret due to the strict nature of her family. However, she abhorred violence in any form and always opted to play friendly games. As she became friends with boy whom she had known since primary school she revealed her trans nature to him, but after he betrayed her trust accusing her of stealing video games, Heather was unable to endure this any longer and fled her home and possibly committed suicide. After being revived by the couple Andressa Santos and Dahlia Price, Heather formed a strong bond with them, not only seeing them as her mothers but as her best friends. She enjoyed passing time with her mothers, and would from time to time nudge them for some improvements to her body and powers but when she felt as exaggerating she would immediately stop out of fear of upsetting them and always mostly compliant with any requests given to her by her mothers or other trustworthy people. While hanging with Adamo Smalls the two became close friends, despite Smalls previously being part of the Foundation which mentally tormented her, and became determined to help him overcome his dark patch as she herself had previously been in her own dark patch.


  • When she was first captured by the Foundation Heather was holding a sign which said "We can be the generation that ends gaming addiction forever".
  • SCP-3090 was originally written by th4nkyoub3n as "Mr. Mad About Video Games" before being rewritten by Decibelles.
  • Heather changed her name after Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3.
  • Heather for her birthday dressed up as the Arcade Hare.
  • Heather is a fan of Danganronpa, Persona 5, and other video games, while her most favorite game was Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • Before being captured Heather was working with her mother Andressa on a three-dimensional beat 'em up game which was more story-oriented and included homosexual elements.
  • In the "Broken Masquerade" canon the Gamers Against Weed decided to create SCP-5148 partially as revenge for kidnapping Heather.
  • Heather had never seen the movie Hellraiser. After her encounter with SCP-2852 she watched the movie and because of the effect the entity had left on her Heather ended up liking the movie a lot.

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