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Yes…well…shouting It has been many lifetimes since I was given this riddle! A time when I was still of flesh and blood! Here have I waited for someone, anyone, to arrive! Someone to relieve me of my duty or for me to put to the sword in glorious combat! But did they arrive? No! No one did! Not until you. Not heroic knights but strange alchemists that speak some strange bastard English I cannot even understand! Now please, doctor, just give me a moment! I’m sure the memories will return to me!
~ SCP-3161-1 to Dr. Reuel.

SCP-3161-1, also known as Poor Sir Gregor, is a character in the SCP Foundation universe. He is the sentient skeleton of a Templar knight known as Sir Gregor Tudor serving the king of England, and was ordered to protect SCP-3161 until someone came to solve his riddle and relieve him of his duty, but as nobody came he ended up remaining inside 3161 for years until he was discovered in the modern age by the SCP Foundation who classified him and the structure he inhabiting as Safe.


SCP-3161-1 was originally a knight named Sir Gregor Tudor who served the king of England presumably during the 15th century. After discovering an old tunnel system beneath the countryside of Shropshire, England which was constructed around 100 BC to 50 AD, they found some supernatural treasure that they summarized was a gift from God. The king used the treasure to give Gregor his immortality and appointed him to protect the structure from enemies until someone came to him and answer his riddle, proving themselves and access the treasure while relieving Gregor of his duty. Gregor obeyed and guarded the structure but as no one ever came, Gregor ended up staying inside the structure for countless years, with his flesh completely decaying and leaving him a weak skeleton.

In the modern time, the SCP Foundation discovered the mysterious structure and designated it as SCP-3161 but upon entering inside they were ambushed by Gregor as he thought them as enemies who were after the treasure. Luckily, Gregor was unable to cause much damage to the Foundation personnel who designated him as SCP-3161-1 and explained their nature to them, causing 3161-1 to be pacified and welcome them. After the personnel set a perimeter guarded by guards to block unwanted visitors, the lead researcher of the Foundation's Linguistic Division, Doctor John R. Reuel, came to interview 3161-1 since 3161-1 spoke Middle English and couldn't really understand modern English. Reuel inquired 3161-1 about his and the structure's history to which 3161-1 explained everything. However, near the end of the interview, 3161-1 forced the doctor to listen to his riddle and attempt to solve it to which Reuel agreed, but as 3161-1 started telling him the riddle he realized he had forgotten most of it and tried to remember. As he struggled to finish the riddle while the personnel waited, 3161-1 became furious and attacked them, but thankfully he was subdued. Following this, he was left inside SCP-3161 while the Foundation explored the structure and prevented civilians from entering.


SCP-3161-1 resembles a bare skeleton wearing a full set of 15th century English armor and possessing a broadsword, halberd, and wooden shield.

Powers and Abilities

While being human SCP-3161-1 was a skilled knight who could use his sword and shield to in combat. After becoming an animated skeleton thanks to his immortality granted to him by the king and God, SCP-3161-1’s combat skills greatly diminished, losing some strength and durability, and having a hard time using his equipment as it became a bit too heavy for him to carry. However, this new state allowed 3161-1 to easily detach his limbs which he could still control and if he were to be dismantled he would reform himself overtime. It is presumed that if were to be taken away from SCP-3161 then he would die for good and become a normal dead skeleton.


SCP-3161-1 was an honorable and loyal knight to the king of England and deep believer in God, obeying their every wish. He highly valued the combat skills of fellow knights and seemingly despised those who would use low techniques to come victorious. After being ordered by the king to guard SCP-3161 until someone came and solved his riddle, SCP-3161-1 complied and stood inside the structure for countless years, waiting for a brave knight to come and claim the treasure he was guarding. However, as time went on remaining secluded and all alone, 3161-1 slowly lost his mind, forgetting the riddle and only thinking of fulfilling the order given to him. Upon meeting the SCP Foundation in the modern time, 3161-1 attacked them as he thought of them as foreign enemies before being clarified of their real nature at which point he became disappointed that they were "strange alchemists" who spoke a different English dialect instead of brave knights like himself. Still he became friendly with the research team stationed near him, even requesting them to take a picture of him, but when being reminded of the fact that after all this time no propitious individual had come to relieve him of his duty or when struggling to remember the riddle he would become aggressive and attack people.


  • The photo depicting SCP-3161-1 is that of an attraction from the Katzenstein Castle.


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