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SCP-343 is a Safe Class SCP known as "God". He is believed to be a raceless omnipotent being that has taken the form/appearance of the Abrahamic God.


SCP-343 is a male, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence. SCP-343 was discovered walking the streets of Prague and detained after a staff member witnessed him disappear from the streets and reappear on a rooftop. SCP-343 is detained willingly in his chamber, as containment has proved impossible.


SCP-343 is known to be a person who is very lawful, and polite to the Foundation. However, it is unknown whether if this is its true personality or just a fake one in order to complete a scheme of it.


SCP-343 takes on the appearances of an old man. However, it is possible that this is not its true form, for because it has stated that it is a raceless being, meaning that its true form is possibly something that cannot be comprehended. But, it is possible that it would take the form of some sort of cosmic entity.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-343, in the most basic sense, is presented to be Omnipotent and omnipresent god-like being in the article. He demonstrated the ability to warp reality casually, isn't in anyway bound to his cell since he can freely move and about. Additionally, the Foundation, despite possessing technologies and assets to imprison even powerful reality-warping beings, such as their Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA), the Foundation deemed containment of SCP-343 to be impossible.

SCP-343 is the apparent creator of the SCP Multiverse, which appears to be the case as either being the actual creator, or apart of an entity which created it, depending on the canon. However, due to he expanded and varied canon, SCP-343 is presented in a way which proves that he may not be the absolute all-powerful being of the SCP Multiverse despite being its apparent 'creator'.

In one tale, SCP-343 who is growing old, begins to get weak, and his powers has apparently degraded as in the same tale, he was canonically 'killed'. Although it should be noted that SCP-343 was vastly weakened which resulted Neverwere, the being who killed him, to succeed, and Neverwere was in turned defeated by SCP-239, who is taught by SCP-343 ans inherently inferior to a full power SCP-343.

In another tale, an entity known as the All-Mighty which in this tale is the apparent creator of all things, is heavily implied to be SCP-343, or that SCP-343 is simply a part of the All-mighty entity. Beings such as The Brothers of Death and The Scarlet King, aren't able to comprehend or 'see' the All-Mighty entity who is higher than both of them.

SCP-343 is also either implied to be the creator of SCP-682, and subsequently banished the lizard, or in one tale, claimed to not be responsible for the Lizard's creation, as in that tale, SCP-682 is the offspring of the Scarlet King. Uriel, the Gate Guardian, is also a creation of SCP-343.

While powerful, SCP-343 is still surpassed in power and stature by numerous entities in the SCP Multiverse.


SCP Foundation

SCP-343 is shown to have a stable relationship with the Foundation, and so does the Foundation also, however it is unknown whether because the Foundation didn't want to exposed their heartless actions in-front of it due to worrying, and having the fear of being destroyed, or erased from existence by SCP-343, however, SCP-343 also doesn't seem to have a big urge with the Foundation.


The Foundation attempted to use him to destroy SCP-682. When introduced, the two beings were unable to register each other. SCP-343 stated 682 wasn't his creation.


He met SCP-187 during a cross test. They talked for a half hour about general topics. SCP-187 thought he was a little girl and called him friendly but lonely. It is possible that 187 actually saw 239, and 343 is a creation of 239 after she was introduced to the concept of God.


He met SCP-239 during another cross test. They became friends and 343 even trained her in using her reality warping powers during that time. However, an unexpected coincidence had led her in raiding against the Foundation, which SCP-343 uses his powers to prevent that from happening only to display out a sign of being weak.


343 met with SCP-049, where he chastised the plague doctor for his meaningless killings. After deducing that the pestilence that 049 was trying to cure was humanity's freewill, he took 049 back to his own past, revealing the life the plague doctor had with his family, before becoming cursed (seemingly by the Brothers Death). 049 was unable to bear this anymore and demanded 343 to stop to which he complied and stated that 049 was among the beings that came from those dark places which even he himself couldn't see.


When SCP-105 nearly killed herself, 343 transported her mind to his room and the two talked. 343 sympathized with her and told her that she was now less human and that she had much more potential before returning her to her body. The Foundation feared that this interaction would cause 343 to break loose and cause a K-Class event.


SCP-507 has a strong animosity towards 343 whom he blames for his condition, although 343 at first tried better their relationship. However, after 507 left a unknown metal to be devoured by SCP-882, 343 demanded 507 to tell him where he got it before killing him.


SCP-343 is apparently good friends with SCP-2343, the Egyptian god of creation Ptah, as they once played a game of chess. It is implied that they are in fact aspects of each other.

Other Media

In Board Games

SCP-343 is included as a very powerful and beneficial anomaly card in the SCP board game called Uncontained.

SCP: Sedition

Top 26 Questions To Ask SCP-343

For me, time is something that does not apply. I have always been - I was never created.
~ SCP-343 on his origins.

In this fan-made, non-canon series, SCP-343 is interviewed by a Foundation member. Here, the SCP's physical appearance takes the form of many real-life interpretations of God: an old large man with a white robe, long hair and long facial hair.

SCP-343 is remarkably soft-spoken, friendly and calm in nature. Much like the original SCP mythos, SCP-343 retains his claims of creating the universe and all life within it. When questioned on the two SCP's meant to be Cain and Abel, SCP-343 answers that he "cannot expose the secrets so easily". When questioned about SCP-049, SCP-343 comments that he's a "dark spirit who lost his way" and that "a darkness follows him", even feeling sympathy for SCP-049's existence. When questioned about SCP-682, SCP-343 states that 682 was not created by him, and therefore has no power over it.

At the end of the video, when asked about the mysterious SCP-001, SCP-343 quickly creates an orb of light around himself and disappears.

In a separate video within the same series about SCP-035, both the interviewer and the SCP question the nature of SCP-343. SCP-035 questions why SCP-343 would need to hang around the Foundation when there's a whole universe out there. The interviewer adds that SCP-343 comes off like less of a god and more of a used car salesman, and that he may be "hiding from something".

SCP : Sedition - SCP - 343 [Tape 01]

The lengths of my powers is - beyond your comprehension.
~ SCP-343

Once again, an interview is conducted with SCP-343, this time, the interviewer is a man named Isaac Watchthorne (who always goes by "Watch"), and is accompanied by an SCP researcher known only as "Jacobs". Both the appearance and personality of the SCP has gone through many noticeable changes compared to the previous video. SCP-343 now speaks in a domineering and serious tone of voice, in contrast to the soft-spoken and calm demeanor he had in the previous video. SCP-343 now appears as a thin man in a white robe, long white hair with little facial hair, unlike his previous appearance, where he appeared as very muscular and had very long facial hair.

SCP-343 showcases his powers much more than in the previous video, ⁣ as SCP-343 changes the setting of the interview room to a much larger and beautiful stone-carved room adorned with statues and waterfalls; calming music is also played to add ambience to the new setting. The topic of false gods comes up in the interview, which causes SCP-343 to teleport. SCP-035 nearby. Seconds before being teleported, SCP-035 was likely attempting to escape and/or kill researchers, as SCP-035 is heard saying, "Stay back, or four-eyes gets the sharp end!" before realizing where he is. SCP-343 then teleports him to an unknown location as a form of punishment, promising to return the mask once the punishment has ended.

As the interview goes on, Watch gets increasingly annoyed by the fact that SCP-343 is all powerful, but doesn't extend his power to help those who need help the most, including the fact that SCP-343 doesn't assist the Foundation with any dangerous SCP's. The last straw for Watch is when the topic of SCP-343 erasing a researcher from existence comes up. SCP-343 explains the reason for this is that said researcher was about to discover a truth he shouldn't have, then adding that humanity is better off not knowing some things.

The interview ends with Watch trying to attack SCP-343 by throwing a clipboard at him, which the latter halts in midair. Jacobs steps in and holds Watch back. SCP-343 then leaves, reverting the room back to its original form.




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  • SCP-343 appearances was inspired by the God/Yahweh/Allah (Abrahamic Religions) the monotheistic God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • While SCP-343 is classified is Safe, it means it is only classified as being safe due to being alignment with good, SCP-343 would be classified as a Keter Class that has the potentials of creating out an ZK-End of reality, or XK-End of the World scenario if it were alignment with evil.
  • In the tale "The Gate Opens", SCP-343 deems the right time for His angelic armies to lay waste on Earth so it would reborn as a paradise. He goes to SCP-001 who kneels to Him and refers to Him as his Father and Lord, and on 343's orders 001 finally opens the gate where armies of similar abstract angelical beings emerge.
  • Seth had stated how he witnessed Malidraug killing Noah. It is most likely that he was referring to SCP-343, although 343 himself had stated that he had actually witnessed Noah sacrificing himself to cause the Flood and kill the Children of the Night.


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