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SCP-3740 is a entity who claims himself to be the God of Air and is classified to be Keter, however, despite of being so. SCP-3740 can easily be fooled by other peoples.


SCP-3740 is a Class VIII humanoid reality-altering entity believed to be Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air and head of the Assyrian pantheon of deities. SCP-3740 is capable of manipulating air currents at will, as well as communing with flying animals, and controlling air pressure and temperature. SCP-3740 is able to produce gusts of wind in excess of 500 kph, and create and control cyclones and other such meteorological formations. SCP-3740 appears as a young, tall, muscular human male with generally fair skin and black hair. SCP-3740 is capable of speaking fluently in several dead languages, as well as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, and Armenian.

Due to SCP-3740’s abilities and characteristics, it is currently classified as a Keter-class anomalous entity. However, containment efforts are aided by the fact that SCP-3740 is remarkably gullible. SCP-3740 accepts almost all statements at face value, and displays no traces of skepticism or uncertainty. SCP-3740 will readily believe almost anything said by any person, so long as it believes that individual is a similarly powerful deity. Actual supernatural feats are not required as evidence of deific power: simple card tricks or sleight of hand are sufficient proof of godhood in the eyes of SCP-3740.


SCP-3740 is described as good to others as it has a very honorable sense to those who have great fighting spirits and those who represent for good. However, it is shown to be a person that treats peoples such as "slaves" and "servants" as those who don't catch its attention. Meaning that it has no interest in feeling sympathy for them. It mentioned in an article of SCP-3740 that if anyone who takes the roles as "servants" and "slaves" dares to make eye-contact with him without his permission would mean that it is a sign of disrespect towards him. In other words, SCP-3740 is sometimes lack of kindness, and understand towards inferior life-forms and will only treat those peoples with kindness if they could make him felt interested. SCP-3740 has an affinity for a spar, meaning that he loves fighting to test his powers and level of strength on his "brothers" as the MTF. However, SCP-3740 seemingly is also described as an idiot, SCP-3740 despite being overpowered and acting as superior to all, they always believed the statements of everybody's words. This proves in the entry that the Foundation fooled SCP-3740 into believing that the whole facility is a place of Gods and Heroes.



SCP-3740 is shown to have a very stable and friendly relationship with the Foundation. The entity sees them as it's family because of them lying to it that their heroes and deities greater than him. However, this was because he's just being lied to too, SCP-3740 while considered them as a family, the Foundation is currently researching about him to learn more about his potentials.

The Mobile Task Forces

SCP-3740 sees the MTF as his brothers because of thoughted that they have strong fighting spirits and are great fighters.

Powers and Abilities


Ultipotence is “Omnipotence without Omniscience”, The definition of Omnipotence based off “having unlimited power and potential”. SCP-3740 has ultimate/endless pure raw power equal to that of an all-powerful being. Allowing them to achieve anything and everything without any limit, except of getting knowledge out of nowhere. The fact is that he was classified to be a Class-VIII reality-bender, however, he can easily be fooled with no suspicion making him having unlimited power but lack of knowledge of figuring or understanding one another.


It was told that SCP-3740 takes the form of a mortal human that is very handsome, wears a black clothes comprised of a jean-jacket, a white t-shirt, and a pair of jeans.


  • SCP-3740 is an air-head, he always believed in almost everyone's statements. In-short, lying or speaking truth, he always believed in the person's words.
  • SCP-3740 despite having an affinity for sparring, he is somewhat bad at fighting.


  • The creator of SCP-3740 is the creator of one of the most famous SCPs that were ever written on the wiki as SCP-049.


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