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SCP-387, known by the alias "Living Legos", is a Safe-class toy SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.


SCP-387 is a tub of Legos (though the designation expands to the Legos themselves), containing shapes found in normal commercially available sets and ones not found in standard sets (such as wheels and prisms). When the tub is not full (either partially filled or almost-emptied, but not completely emptied), it will slowly replicate Lego pieces until it is full once more.

When constructed by the human hand, SCP-387 will animate to life, Lego men will begin to move like normal living-beings, and will also start preforming various activities, such as driving Lego cars. When left alone for a period of time, Lego men constructed from SCP-387 will begin to construct and evolve into its own Lego civilization and Lego men will begin to take on occupations based on their surroundings.

Research conducted by the Foundation on the vehicles and other machines made from SCP-387 were found to function without any mechanical power source.


Lego men constructed by SCP-387 are shown to be cooperative with not only one another, but also with human beings, showing no hostile behavior towards them in any form, and interacting peacefully with them. However when any human begins to act hostile towards SCP-387, it will cease animation and become docile prior to interaction with human activity.

SCP-387 has shown hostility towards Mega Blocks, and will [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP-387 was discovered in February 20██ by Agent H████ while he was traveling by train back to home city. He discovered the tub containing SCP-387 behind the seat he was seated in and began constructing a Lego man out of amusement. Once the Lego man became animated, Agent H████ quickly disassembled the Lego Man and delivered SCP-387 to Site-19 where it was contained. Following the discovery, all security tapes of the incident were confiscated and destroyed by the Foundation for safety purposes and to hide the whereabouts of SCP-387's location.



  • Following an experiment with young children, SCP-387 is not to be handled with children under 10 years old. This is largely because the children used in the experiment constructed M1 Abrams Tanks and a transformer out of SCP-387 and all chaos broke out, resulting in SCP-387 nearly being reclassified as a Euclid-class SCP.
  • The fact that SCP-387 is hostile towards Mega Blocks branded toys is a reference to the fact that Mega Blocks is the main competitor to Legos.


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