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There is beauty in hardship. Every loss is a tale, a tapestry, and the threads are love, companionship, courage, and perseverance. The things that make life what it is. It was sorrow that solidified life's ability to see itself, to look inward for the first time, to observe and understand something that was beyond eating, or mating, or fighting. It was sorrow that taught life to remember things that had stopped existing. To reflect upon its actions, to feel shame for its wrongs and to delight in its achievements, knowing full well that Death waited right behind it. Sorrow gave life its soul. Its heart. It is the weight that pulls us down and prevents life from destroying itself in wrath or hedonism or terror.
~ Dr. Kumail Khan about SCP-3894-Alpha.
I am the sorrow of all humanity. I am their pain, their endurance, their memory. Their mind, and honor. The one who stopped them from being animals, who watched them, taught them, and ministered to their better nature while keeping out the things that wanted to eat them. Our elder brother in his wisdom has decided that their time has finally come. They don't need me anymore. And they don't need you, either. If they ever did. They're beyond us now. What am I going to do? My dear, I'm going to do what I've always done. I am going to endure. I will shoulder a burden most heavy.
~ SCP-3894-Alpha as O5-8 in "Thrive".

SCP-3894-Alpha, also known as The Sorrow, is a powerful primordial entity existing in the universe of the SCP Foundation, who is closely linked with all Earth life and especially with humanity at its current state. He is a benevolent entity who cherishes life and alongside his cult he aids the Foundation in stopping his archenemy SCP-3895 who seeks to reassimilate life within her.


SCP-3894-Alpha first started out when an organism near the early beginning of life gained awareness and came to care about the life surrounding it. However, the organism felt great pain when the life that it came to care about eventually died and became sorrowful. This sorrow accompanied by the sorrow of life's experiences personified itself as the entity who would become known as SCP-3894-Alpha. He became the embodiment of humanity’s sorrow and came to deeply care about them. However, fellow entity, who would become known as SCP-3895, a hyperphysical entity also known as the Mother, who was responsible for the creation of life began reassimilating various organisms including humanity into herself and returning them into an animalistic state. Because of this SCP-3894-Alpha clashed with SCP-3895 over the fate of humanity for the ensuing millennia until the modern world. During this time some humans came to be aware of SCP-3894-Alpha and his goals and decided to help him by anomalously changing their bodies in order to fight the entities produced by SCP-3895 and became known as The Bearers as they also bore sorrow.

When the SCP Foundation became aware of SCP-3895 and the threat she posed, they tried to stop her at all costs. Seeing that the Foundation had a common goal of protecting humanity, especially against SCP-3895, SCP-3894-Alpha and his followers contacted them and formed an alliance in order to bring down SCP-3895 for good. SCP-3894-Alpha, his followers and related beneficial anomalies were collectively designated as SCP-3894 and together with the Foundation they established Operation Marduk Site Alpha-001 where they would plan their attacks against SCP-3895, which involved breaking the Masquerade and lifting the Veil letting humanity learn about the anomalous world and forming Special Task Force Sigma-01 as part of Procedure 3894-PERSEPHONE which was made out of Foundation personnel who were anomalously augmented in a similar way to the Bearers who would fight the mutant entities produced by SCP-3895. SCP-3895-Alpha secretly became O5-8 of the O5 Council and would be frequently interviewed by Operation Marduk Thaumaturgy Department Head Dr. Kumail Khan. Despite their best efforts it has been estimated that they would most likely lose against SCP-3895 and following the demise of STF Sigma-01, the Foundation planned Operation Sorrow's End in the case that SCP-3894 failed their purpose as a last ditch effort in the imminent TK-class Total Human Transmutation scenario caused by SCP-3895.

Possible Endings


As the majority of humanity began transcending into gods due to SCP-3396, causing the slow destruction of Earth, SCP-3895 visited SCP-3894-Alpha who was under the identity of O5-8 who was thinking that perhaps this was for the better of humanity. He told her that almost all of humanity was gone and that there was nothing left for her except to aimlessly roam Earth alongside her beasts and that the same was for him. As cosmic planet devouring monsters began approaching Earth, the two beings decided to protect what was left of Earth and so they temporarily set their differences aside before clashing with the monsters together.


Due to his nature SCP-3894-Alpha has no real body and appearance. However, he is capable of manifesting himself in corporeal form which resembles an emaciated male humanoid in the process of decomposing and wearing a hood and torn coat while carrying an Admiralty-pattern anchor with angular flukes roughly as long as it is tall and covered in rust and barnacles. He also often wore a charcoal suit covered in ashes and could armor himself in plates of the purest stone.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-3894-Alpha was a Category 4 thaumaturgic and hyperphysical entity, being the manifestation of the concept of humanity's sorrow. While in his physical manifestation he possess a considerable amount of conceptual energy contained within his body, with the majority of this energy corresponding with that of his sister SCP-3895, some other Keter-class anomalies, a significant value of anti-thaumic exponents, and codons which correspond with Earth and all extant life forms, especially humanity, at an Association Magnitude of 9.8. SCP-3894-Alpha was interlinked and important to Earth and humanity that if he were to be gone then the current human civilization would crumble and humanity would revert to their savage roots. He could also use his great anchor as a weapon to channel his energy as shown when battling the planet devourers.


Being the manifestation of humanity's sorrow, SCP-3894-Alpha encompasses grief, loss, and mourning. However, these emotions also lead to love, companionship, courage, and perseverance as sorrow allowed life to learn about other things beyond the savage nature such as kindness, caring, shame and proudness despite the thought of imminent death, and keeps life, and especially humanity, from falling into wrath, hedonism or terror. During their time fighting SCP-3895 SCP-3894-Alpha would occasionally manifest himself without warnings near the rear wall of Site 001-Alpha's primary equipment chamber, where he rarely moved and has only spoken when spoken to and willingly gave interviews during those times. Initially SCP-3894-Alpha was more fond about the aquatic races due to personal reasons but eventually he came to love humanity and did everything he could to protect them from the darkness. He also had great confidence and trust in the SCP Foundation, joining them and helping them guide humanity to the right path towards greatness and so he mostly acted from behind the scenes and let the Foundation do most of the work. Because of his nature, SCP-3894-Alpha saw his sister, SCP-3895 who encompassed the savage nature of ancient life, as the most disgusting thing he ever came to know and had somewhat of an antagonistic relationship.


  • SCP-3894-Alpha was sometimes mistaken for Mekhane in the tale "Thrive", although there has been no connection between the two.
  • Despite appearing and mostly referred to as male he is technically genderless.


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