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Not really. I was actually hoping someone would come along who could help me understand my powers. Being the Foundation's lab rat doesn't bother me all that much, since at least I know I'm helping someone by sharing my ability. I guess I just wish it could be a different kind of arrangement. Am I making any sense?
~ SCP-4051 explaining to Dr. Yesenia why he holds no rancor towards the Foundation.

I am an oneironaut
A traverser of fantastic worlds
I am, for an infinitesimally small moment

And when they pull me out of my incubator
When I stumble, then fall, into hyperreality

Someone new will pull me off my knees
Stare hard into my eyes and say:
Rainer. You’ve got a job to do.

~ From "Personal Database".

SCP-4051 also known as "Your Friendly Neighborhood Keter", or Rainer is a prominent character in the SCP Foundation Mythos. He is a powerful boy who was once classified as an Euclid class anomaly by the Foundation before being reclassified as Keter. He is one of the more benevolent sentient anomalies currently contained by the Foundation who wants to help the good and innocent people in any way he can.

SCP-4051 plays a role in the "Site-17 Deepwell Catalog", "Resurrection: New Faces" and "Resurrection: His Will Be Done" canons.


SCP-4051 was originally a young teenage boy named Rainer Miller. He was born on February 7th, but around the age of twelve he would witness his violent father abusing his mother before running away in order to not get caught, leaving Rainer alone with his mother. After discovering his anomalous powers he decided to use his powers to benefit the innocent people and fight against criminals such as the Looming Shadow group. He kept doing this for a while until in August of 2012 when he was filmed exhibiting his powers to fight some criminals and the video went viral which caused the SCP Foundation to find out about Rainer. They sent Mobile Task Force Pi-1 to capture Rainer while the video was removed. The MTF was able to successfully detain Rainer despite the boy fighting back and brought him to Site-17 where he was designated SCP-4051. There after being informed about the nature of the SCP Foundation SCP-4051 understood that they were benevolent people who wished to protect humanity and so he complied to most of their orders while being lied to about returning to his family.

The Foundation then decided to conduct a series of tests to see how SCP-4051's powers really worked, but overtime SCP-4051 grew frustrated of how the Foundation constantly promised him that he would meet his family but never actually kept their promise. During a test Dr. Anthony Roswell ordered SCP-4051 to manifest a circular square, the color blue, and a statement that says it is false, SCP-4051 instead manifested several paracognitohazards that sent Roswell into a coma. Eventually, SCP-4051 decided to organize a plan to escape by using his powers to get a bomb and a protective shield in order to destroy his chamber's door. After successfully destroying the door, SCP-4051 manifested a aluminum baseball bat in order to fight the arriving security personnel that would try to recontain him. Unfortunately, he was detained again by the personnel and recontained within another more enhanced chamber. Seeing that his mental state was beginning to deteriorate the Foundation assigned therapist Yesenia to do therapy sessions with SCP-4051. SCP-4051 explained to Dr. Yesenia the reason why he wanted to escape but also said that he held no rancor towards the Foundation and wished to help as mush as possible despite his treatment. The experiments then resumed before Dr. Edwards, who held rancor about SCP-4051 for putting his brother Dr. Roswell into a critical state of coma, deemed that anymore experiments weren't necessary anymore and that they got everything that they needed. As revenge for his brother, Edwards proposed Procedure 350-PROMETHEAN which involved paralyzing SCP-4051 and conducting a painful surgery on him in order to synthesize the Y-909 amnestic drug and do further research on his abilities in the hopes of helping Roswell. Following a failed attempt at conducting the procedure on SCP-4051, Edwards had SCP-4051 have another therapy session with Dr. Yesenia before attempting again at the procedure.

After learning that his father had finally been put to jail for murder, Dr. Edwards continued with Procedure 350-PROMETHEAN, this time going more smoothly than prior mostly due to SCP-4051 becoming completely compliant with Foundation's orders. After telling Dr. Yesenia that he wanted to help the Foundation in more direct way with actions instead of letting doctors conduct experiments, Yesenia was able to convince the higher ups to let SCP-4051 help personnel in maintenance and general repairs while being accompanied by armed guards. On November 21st of 2012, while SCP-4051 was assisting in maintenance, ██ instances of SCP-████-█ breached containment and began attacking various personnel. Thankfully SCP-4051 was able to kill the instances by manifesting fire and helping armed personnel in defending everyone. Despite his help, a week after the incident the Foundation had Dr. Yesenia to reprimand SCP-4051 for unauthorized use of his powers and was punished by not being allowed in helping in maintenance for two months. On February 7th of 2013, SCP-4051 celebrated his first birthday under Foundation custody and as a present Dr. Yesenia tried giving him a treadmill as a form of entertainment, but after being denied by Edwards she instead gifted the boy a chess set. On February 28th, SCP-4051 assisted personnel in recontaining SCP-████ by incapacitating it with the usage of a large amount of methoxyflurane which he manifested. On April 27th, while helping with maintenance again a lead beam fell on SCP-4051 which injured him and was allowed by personnel to manifest bandages in order to conceal his wound.

After Dr. Yesenia convinced Dir. Graham to let SCP-4051 help the Foundation by letting the boy help in the recovery of a low-threat anomaly in order to continue funding on the experiments, SCP-4051 was allowed to go help a Foundation team comprised of four members of MTF Psi-7 and one member of MTF Sigma-3 in investigating possible anomalous activity inside a building located in Chicago, Illinois. Before being sent alongside the MTF SCP-4051 was given Class-S "Slow Burn" amnestic that would remove his memories of the mission. Upon entering the abandoned building the team found thaumaturgical graffiti and decided to follow where they led down to the sublevels and eventually coming across several giant spiders with a humanoid heads whose abilities had been enhanced thanks to the runes on the walls. After killing the arachnid entities the team entered the central room where they found even more glyphs and a female child. However, the child soon transformed into an enormous being similar to the arachnids and attacked them before using the glyphs to open a portal to some unknown place. At the same time more arachnid entities arrived and attacked the team, sending everyone into the portal except for SCP-4051 who managed to kill the enemies by copying the enhancement glyphs and putting them on himself. Disobeying orders from SiteCommand SCP-4051 went through the portal to save the rest of the team, and upon entering found S-3 Morgan being attacked by an Aleph-Order semi-physical entity. SCP-4051 was able to use his powers to destroy the entity before helping S-3 Morgan with their injuries. Morgan then explained to SiteCommand and SCP-4051 that the giant spider that had attacked them was attempting to re-enter the Wanderer's Library and they needed to stop it while rescuing the other teammates. They then encountered two hostile entities battling each other, and attempted to run past them, but the two entities took notice of the duo and used their powers to grab them. As one of the entities which was known as the Shroud began absorbing them SCP-4051 in a panic manifested the opposite counterpart of the Shroud, resulting in the destruction of both entities while the other entity was banished by Morgan.

After seeing that SCP-4051 was now under distress because of the experience Morgan asked SiteCommand to abort the mission and return to base, but the SiteCommand refused since during the mission Dr. Edwards joined the Command and ordered to keep going. As they kept going the duo came across another entity named Lazarus who was able to see the pain that SCP-4051 went through because of the Foundation and tried to convince him to abandon the organization, but despite this SCP-4051 refused to leave the Foundation. Lazarus, who was unwilling to let SCP-4051 be a slave to the Foundation, then attempted to enter his mind, causing the Foundation to prematurely activate the amnestic within SCP-4051's brain in order to purge Lazarus. However, although SCP-4051 was freed from Lazarus' control his mind also collapsed, causing him to go all alone directly into the giant spider that had opened the portal and used his powers to destroy it, along with a large section the place they were in. The second retrieval team arrived and rescued an unconscious SCP-4051 and the surviving team members and sent them back to Site-17. There SCP-4051 had another session with Dr. Yesenia who informed him that in light of his new powers of inversion he had been reclassified as Keter and was not allowed to exit his chamber anymore.

When the Foundation found SCP-4415, a chamber which contained several alternate dimensions that acted as personal paradises for anomalous humanoids who had died as a result of Graham's abuse, they decided to send SCP-4051 to explore these dimensions since he possessed some experience from his previous trip and only anomalous humanoids could enter SCP-4415. However, after each exploratory mission SCP-4051 was administered amnestics in order to make him forget these experiences. As part of Procedure 8917, which involved the Foundation constantly killing and resurrecting SCP-4260, the embodiment of Death, in order to grant the O5 Council immortality, the Foundation had SCP-4051 manifest a copy of SCP-4260 after it died from MTF Xi-2 detonating an electromagnetic pulse grenade.

Because of the new containment procedures put on him after his reclassification to Keter, SCP-4051 was continually sedated in order to keep him in a comatose state and only awaken him when he was needed. As the Bloom underneath SCP-2000, which was previously used by the Foundation to reset reality before malfunctioning and being destroyed during "Incident Zero", began to intermitt reality the Council decided to form a sub-team of Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 to deal with the problem. The MTF's leader, Dr. Sophia Light choose SCP-4051 as a member of the sub-team, seeing him as a suitable candidate alongside Carlotta Deneb, SCP-1360, SCP-5601, Lucretia Popescu and SCP-4494. After assembling all of them within Site-θ, Dr. Light explained to them that the anomaly was spreading outside of Yellowstone park and they needed to enter the facility, find out the cause of the problem and fix it although SCP-4051 was left concerned about the situation. However, following the briefing, Light's clearance had been revoked by someone, forcing her into being locked up inside her office until the matter was resolved. When both 4051 and 4494 attempted to talk to her, they were stopped from visiting her by a security guard and after persisting on wanting to talk to her the guard began threatening them, forcing Light to step in and convinced them both to stop disturbing the guard but they still remained in the hall outside of the office in order to keep her safe. When Lucretia and Carlotta broke inside the office of James Avery, the Site Director, to demand answers from him since he had reluctant in cooperating with Light, 4051 and 4494 assisted them in bringing Avery into Light's office in order to solve the situation. After doing so, Light assured them that everything was fine and convinced the MTF members to return to their quarters while she spoke with Avery and O5-10 via transmission.

The problem was eventually solved after it was revealed that Avey's assistant, Samuel Myers, had been a mole for a GOI and was subsequently terminated. Following that, the assembled team prepared to enter SCP-2000's site and try to fix the problem. They entered the facility, making their through the hallway, but soon everyone except for Lucretia began feeling nervous about the danger they were walking into, especially 4051 who nearly overwhelmed with fear. As they descended a staircase, 4051 noticed 1360 not moving and asked what was wrong. 1360 tried to explain to the team that the anomaly plaguing the facility was somehow alive, reality around them began breaking apart, with the walls coming to life and attacking the team. 4051 tried to react but multiple hooks shot out of the walls and impaled his arms, causing him to fall unconscious because of the pain and allowing the hooks to slowly pull 4051 into the wall before proceeding to do the same with the rest of the team except for 1360. 4051 was transported to a dream-like world with flashing colors where he was unable to perceive the environment around himself. He tried to communicate with the others via his earpiece, but no one was able to respond. He then was approached by a monstrous creature and 4051 panicked as he was unable to ignore it or unsee its appearance and begged the others to at least talk to him before he died. But as he didn't get any response he realized that he had always been alone like this and figured out that the creature wasn't attacking him because it was representation of the world which just stood there and let 4051 suffer and refusing to help, leaving 4051 to scream until he was unable to do so. As he screamed, 4051 found himself strapped to a hospital bed surrounded by medical machines. There SCP-1360 was able to find him, but 4051 was unable to recognize it due to his mind breaking apart. As 1360 decided to simply stare at him, 4051 asked for the robot to touch him to see if it was real and not just another hallucination. 1360 compiled and the two just stood there in their respective places, until Lucretia rushed I and saved 4051 while becoming angry at the robot for not saving him first.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-4051 was able to create portals, or temporary Class-E wormholes, to alternate dimensions which were filled with unique and anomalous items which he thought about. After creating a portal, SCP-4051 was able to grab the item he was thinking through the portal, but only if the item was small enough to pass through the portal and was unable to manipulate the item or the dimension it originated.

SCP-4051 was seemingly able to manifest any type of item he was thinking about, ranging from mundane objects such as nets, sugar filled pills, a glass of water, baseball bats and duct tape, but was also able to manifest dangerous items such bombs, protection sheets and Class-E paracognitohazards. During a mission with the MTF, SCP-4051 discovered a newfound power that allowed him to destroy other anomalies by manifesting their complete opposite from the special dimensions.


SCP-4051 was shown to be a kind boy who was very collaborative with the Foundation and saw them as not being bad through his expectations. However, that was until when time went on, all of his questions were all declined and ignored by the Foundation. As a result, SCP-4051 started to feel depressed, aggressive, and have bad thoughts of the Foundation, thinking that they were evil. His depression was also slowly infecting his mental health, which lead to him one day attempting to breach his containment chamber and escape. After being apprehended by the task force who were deployed to stop him, he soon lost some of his permissions which further detrimental his mental state. Despite all of this, SCP-4051 decided to keep helping the Foundation in their quest at protecting the world. Under the horrible abuse of both Dr. Edwards and Dir. Graham, SCP-4051 seemingly developed Stockholm syndrome, obeying their every order while expressing no complains for his treatment. Because of his now poor mental state SCP-4051 often acted on his own and would not think straight during certain missions, but nonetheless still remaining completely loyal to his abuser.


SCP-4051 was a boy who wore a purple shirt, with normal pants, and possessed short blonde hair, and blue eyes.





  • The codename, or nickname that is given to Rainer is a reference to "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man".
  • SCP-4051 bears resemblance to SCP-076-2 as they both can open small portals to dimensions containing items for them to use.
  • In "The Leak" forum thread the author of SCP-4051, Nagiros, stated that the real reason why Rainer was reclassified as Keter was because Dir. Thomas Graham sought to cut all ties between Rainer and any Foundation staff in order to prevent him from telling anyone about his mistreatment and have him under complete control.
    • The author further explained that wasn't how they originally intended while writing the article, but the theory had been suggested by a Reddit user which the author liked.
  • In a now removed entry in SCP-682 termination attempts log, SCP-4051 was one of the many SCPs used to kill the indestructible lizard-like monster. During the cross-test SCP-4051 manifested the polar opposite of 682, which was a kind and insecure creature looking similar to the lizard designated SCP-4051-A, when 682 touched it nothing happened. 682 then revealed to its "opposite" that SCP-4051 didn't really know what he was and that was why the boy was unable to manifest his actual opposite.

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