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SCP-4051 also known as "Your Friendly Neighborhood Keter", or Rainer is an mutant who was once classified as an Safe class to the Foundation, until an incident of him attempting containment breach in order to escape from the facility, that has changed the Foundation's mind, which Rainer ends up being caught and was then classified from a Safe to a Keter-class SCP.

Though SCP-4051 hasn't been confirmed in age, he has been estimated to be 9 or 11.


SCP-4051 is a male humanoid which can create temporary Class-E wormholes to extradimensional spaces populated by a theoretically infinite number of a unique item. These items are able to be removed from the extradimensional space, given that they are physically able to fit through the wormhole. Testing has concluded that SCP-4051 is unable to alter the contents of the extradimensional space after manifestation.

SCP-4051 has been able to manifest the following items during controlled experiments overseen by Dr. Edwards at Site-17. Manifested items detailed in the relevant experiment logs below have been omitted.

  • A small, weighted net, measuring 3 m2.
  • A standard pharmaceutical container of sugar pills, although the label describes the pills as headache medication.
  • A glass of drinking water.

SCP-4051 has either claimed or has been reported to have manifested the following items outside of experiments sanctioned by Dr. Edwards.

  • An aluminum baseball bat.
  • Several rolls of duct tape.
  • An incendiary device and blast-proof sheet.
  • Eleven instances of Class-E paracognitohazards.

SCP-4051 has been allowed to use its anomalous abilities to assist with general repairs at Site-17. After retroactive review of all procedures and programs relating to SCP-4051's containment by the Ethics Committee and subsequent evaluation by the Foundation Containment Committee, SCP-4051's presence outside of its containment unit has been demonstrated to be a substantial threat to any and all personnel located at Site-17.


SCP-4051/Rainer was shown to be a kind boy who is very collaborative with the Foundation and sees them as not being bad through his expectations. However, that was until when time went on, all of his questions were all declined/ignored by the Foundation.

Rainer started to feel depressed, aggressive, and have bad thoughts of the Foundation, thinking that they're evil. His depression is also slowly infecting his mental health, which leads him one day to attempt to breach his containment chamber to escape from it. Which unfortunately for him, he has been apprehended by the task force who were deployed to stop him and soon lost his permission to exit his containment chamber and wander around the facility, that was also the day he was been classified from Safe to Keter-class.


SCP-4051/Rainer, is a boy who wears a purple shirt, with normal pants, short blonde hair, and blue eyes with black pupils.


SCP Foundation

Rainer and the SCP Foundation first have a stable and "friendly" relationship. However, after all of his questions were declined and the failed incident where he attempted to escape from the Foundation, his relationship with the Foundation was reconsidered as complicated due to their heartless actions upon him. Rainer considers the Foundation as not his friends, nor normal helpers anymore, but instead on and off allies/helpers, and the Foundation returns this disposition.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-4051/Rainer has the ability to create out wormholes that is believed to pull out any objects that fits it, this also includes none-existing objects, no matter if the object he pulls out a materials that were yet made, or any lethal weapons.




  • Rainer obtains a newfound power which allows him to manifest the opposite to terminate other anomalies after a incident where he was instruct to support an MTF in a raid of a mysterious temple.
  • Rainer is possibly based off of Iris Thompson/SCP-105.
  • Among all of the SCP mutants/superhumans that are sent to the Foundation, Rainer is one of the only children SCPs that are fully aware of the Foundation's true nature.
  • The codename, or nickname that is given to Rainer is a reference to "Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman".
    • It means Rainer is possibly a spin-off of the Spiderman.

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