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The stars are beautiful out here. No wonder you signed up for this. The heaven above the heavens themselves. Your silence means that you've been defeated. Humbled, even. Perhaps it's because you knew deep down that you had it coming. The truth is, Tareen? None of this was personal. I'm just doing my job.
~ SCP-4606 to D-43852.

SCP-4606, real name Deimos and often referred to simply as Dean, is the Greek God of Terror from mythology. After willingly coming to the SCP Foundation he was given the Thaumiel object-class due to him using his fear-based powers to help the Foundation in detaining several hostile anomalies.


The being that would become known as SCP-4606 was originally called Deimos, who was known to the ancient Greeks as the God of Terror. He and his twin brother Phobos were the children of the Olympians Ares and Aphrodite. Their parents would sometimes fight over due to Deimos and Phobos' recklessness and especially with Phobos' naivety. Deimos' family eventually broke apart, and after Monotheism replaced the Greek/Roman religion, Deimos left Olympus and began doing odd jobs in order to spend time.

During World War II, Deimos decided to help the Allies in fighting the Nazis so he could impress his father. He used his powers to terrorize all of the enemies of a small military group of the Allies, and while celebrating their victory he formed a friendship with a young soldier who would become O5-3 of the O5 Council. In 2013, Deimos approached one of the SCP Foundation's sites and allowed personnel to detain him. O5-3 proceeded to interview Deimos who after greeting his old friend told him that he would like to work for the Foundation and even presented him a contract which would last for 5,000 years. After O5-3 went to discuss with the Council about Deimos, who was now referred to as Dean, Deimos was further interviewed by Dr. Torres of the Extradimensional Anomalies Department who left stunned after learning that Dean simply wanted to work for the Foundation. Deimos was designated SCP-4606, and after seeing his usefulness in defeating dangerous anomalies, he was classified as Thaumiel and currently residing in Site-17 where he was free to roam the site and interact with personnel, on the condition that he was to be outfitted with a tracker while MTF Gamma-1 make sure that he doesn't access any important or sensitive information.

The Foundation began using SCP-4606 in deterring some of the more dangerous anomalies. As part of "Operation: Scare Tactic", SCP-4606 confronted all members of SCP-4450 by opening a portal underneath them and manifesting tentacles which dragged 4450 to the pocket dimension. There 4606 took the form of 4450's boss and began torturing them with bladed tentacles before the traumatized 4450 managed to escape. When SCP-076-2 tried to escape his containment area 4606 was sent to deal with him. After they introduced themselves to one another 076-2 challenged 4606 who agreed to the challenge and dragged him to his pocket dimension which had taken the appearance of a space possessing a large body of water and clouds which emitted loud rumbling and choir-like noises. Inside the pocket dimension 4606 took the form of an angel-like colossal being made out of fire possessing one single eye. 076-2 was not afraid of this appearance at first and began insulting him but 4606 then grabs him through telekinesis and puts a finger on 076-2's head which caused the barbarian to scream while more blinding light began emitting which caused the Foundation to order 4606 to cease his activity. After they both exited the pocket dimension 076-2 returned to his coffin.

As these experiments were a great success, it was proposed that 4606 could use his powers to stop SCP-2669, a space probe containing the mind of D-43852 who began directing the probe back to Earth in order to return to her body, resulting to the eradication of all human life due to the great speed accumulating. It was at first denied by the Council due to fear of losing 4606's mind to 2669 just like the other minds that they had sent in order to stop the probe, but when asking 4606 if he wanted to do it, he said that he did and assured them that he would not be lost. After his mind was uploaded into 2669, D-43852 tried to take apart and absorb his mind just like she did with the other minds but was unable to do it. After 4606 took the appearance of one of her loved ones D-43852 tried to expel him to no avail and a bit of a struggle 4606 was able to overwhelm D-43852 causing SCP-2669 to be relocated to a further place in space and remained unmoved. 4606 then returned to his body and manifested inside the men’s restroom in the Khevtuul 1 Command Center. Lastly, when SCP-682 breached containment yet again, 4606 dragged the monster to his pocket dimension which resembled 682's containment cell where 4606 took a similar form to the entities residing in SCP-296 which resembled the victims of 682. The entities then began violently attacking 682 who was overwhelmed and was unable to fight back. 4606 then released 682 after being ordered to cease the activity and 682 willingly went back to his containment cell with his aggressive nature dropped by 10%.


SCP-4606's true appearance is unknown as he can change his form at will. He so far had taken the appearance of a red, skinless, skeletal humanoid with pinprick eyes and hair; large, dark mass of human arms and legs with multiple bloodshot eyes in the center; an M4 Sherman tank with mutilated nude corpses draped and bleeding across the surface; a tall, winged humanoid with a single large eye on its head. However, his twin brother SCP-2006's true appearance was that of a sphere with a 50cm diameter.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-4606's portal opening.

SCP-4606 was described as a Class IX reality-altering polymorphic humanoid entity. As the Olympian god of terror 4606 possessed the powers of immortality, teleportation and fear-based powers. He could sense people's greatest fears and use it by taking the appearance of that fear and create pocket dimensions which were shaped after the fear. Using this power he was capable of effortlessly defeating powerful beings such SCP-4450, SCP-076-2 and SCP-682 with the latter being unable to adapt to 4606’s powers. 4606 also seemed capable of technology manipulation since he was able to stop SCP-2669 from colliding into Earth and relocating to another place in space.


Despite being a god of terror, SCP-4606 is seen as being a kind being who wants to use his powers to help others in need, although he was once described as reckless. He loved his family and was dismayed when his parents and fought and when they fell apart and wished he could reunite them. He was very friendly with others and even formed some sort of friendship with O5-3. After becoming bored he decided to fully serve the SCP Foundation and assist in their task of protecting humanity and keep the veil of normalcy from breaking, and frequently interacted with other personnel.


  • SCP-4606 was acquainted with SCP-3740, also known as Ashur the god of air.
  • SCP-4606 and SCP-682’s interaction was based on 682 and SCP-296’s interaction in SCP-001 (Keter Duty). However, since then the 001 proposal was rewritten with the new iteration removing 682 and 296’s interaction.

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