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SCP-4640 is the collective designation given to two entities currently linked via an anomalous item. Each of these elements has been subclassified as SCP-4640-1 through -3.

SCP-4640-1 is Andrew Feeks, an 11 year old male of native Hawaiian descent. SCP-4640-1 is non-anomalous; however, it is the owner of SCP-4640-2. Any attempt to forcibly remove SCP-4640-2 from SCP-4640-1 results in the manifestation of SCP-4640-3.

SCP-4640-2 is a yellow circular plastic pin with a stylized purple "W". SCP-4640-1 claims that prior to owning it, neither the coloration or "W" were originally present. As of right now, SCP-4640-2 is attached on the upper-left side of a hoodie constantly wore by SCP-4640-1. When SCP-4640-2's current owner is endangered (physically, psychologically, or emotionally), it causes SCP-4640-3 to manifest.

SCP-4640-3 is a humanoid entity of muscular build, standing approximately 1.8m in height. SCP-4640-3 has dark purple coloration, with a golden "W" on its chest and yellow pigmentation on its hands, feet and pelvic area. It is also of note that, despite having the appearance of a human male, SCP-4640-3 does not posses any genitals or intergluteal cleft. SCP-4640-3 goes by the name of "Wonderman" and presents various anomalous abilities characteristic to classical super-hero tropes. These have been seen to include:

Abnormal strength

Abnormal speed

Abnormal endurance

Being impervious to damage

Emitting light beams from the eyes at will

Amnestic capabilities.

Healing individuals through direct skin contact

When SCP-4640-3 manifests, it will go through any measures to protect SCP-4640-1, damaging structures and other living beings if necessary. SCP-4640-3 will also use its amnestic capabilities on SCP-4640-1 in order to eliminate any 'traumatic' experience. it is likely that SCP-4640-2's and -3's appearance are based off from SCP-4640-1's ideation of the concept of what a superhero is. However, both aforementioned objects share the branding color scheme of various Dr. Wondertainment products. Research into whether SCP-4640-2 is a Dr. Wondertainment product or if SCP-4640-1 has previous knowledge of the company is ongoing


SCP 4640-1 exhibits no abnormal abilities. However, SCP 4640-3 exhibits Unlimited Speed, Unlimited Strength, Unlimited Endurance, The ability to shoot light out of his eyes at will, The ability to heal things with physical contact, and the ability to be unable to be harmed in any form. not to mention his extended ability to control electricity, control fire, shoot ice particles out of his mouth, the ability to teleport and fly.


SCP 4640 Is actually The youngest confirmed Dr. Wondertainment SCP, while also not being on the list of Little Wonders.

SCP 4640-3 "Wonderman" May or may not be a reference to Wonder-Man (Marvel Comics) Thought is not confirmed.


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