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Well, I really didn't have that much reason to go back into the park. It felt like I'd wasted years of my life there, you know?
~ SCP-492 when asked if there were others like him.

SCP-492, also known as Animated Cloth Dummy is a humanoid Safe-class SCP currently contained by SCP Foundation. It is one of the most friendly sapient anomalies contained by the Foundation, even helping personnel in various tasks.


SCP-492 was originally a low-quality pirate animatronic for the pirate attraction for the █████████████ Amusement Park. After the park was closed down for good, SCP-492 inexplicably became alive and began wondering around the park for an unknown number of years, and while roaming would encounter other attractions coming to life, but seemingly didn't get along well, especially with those of the dinosaur ride which always tried to eat 492. After years passed, a group of teenagers broke inside the park for unknown reasons and witnessed "things coming alive", possibly SCP-492 or other animated things. After the teenagers were caught by local authorities and were later interrogated by the SCP Foundation, the Foundation investigated the park, but at first found nothing. However, Agent ████████ eventually came across the living dummy in the outskirts of the park. She managed to convince the dummy to come willingly under the custody of the SCP Foundation and was designated SCP-492.

During its time under the Foundation custody, SCP-492 helped the personnel in their works and due to its unique physiology was used in a number of experiments involving other Safe-class but dangerous SCPs, but thankfully came out mostly unscathed. Because of its friendly behavior, SCP-492 was granted a Level 1 security clearance, allowing it to roam the site it is held and interact with personnel who took a liking to it. However, a tracking device was sewed into it along with security guard constantly accompanying it, and unbeknownst to it hidden incendiary devices were installed in its room in case 492 became hostile. During an interview, SCP-492 revealed the similar nature of its fellow attractions from the amusement park, leaving the SCP Foundation to constantly guard the park.


SCP-492 is essentially a hollow cloth dummy made out of low-quality synthetic cloth, while all of the hydraulic and electronic components inside it have been removed. Its “face” is comprised of crudely drawn eyes and mouth with a permanent marker.

Powers and Abilities

Being a sentient dummy, SCP-492 can move its body, do tasks and possesses all of five human senses, except the taste due to the nature of its face, just like a normal human, despite lacking the organs required, although its cloth is shown to expand and contract similar to muscle when moving. It can also talk and see thanks to the "eyes" and "mouth" drawn on its face and it is presumed that the erasure of these features would render it blind and mute. SCP-492 can feel external stimuli thanks to its touch just like humans, but does not feel pain. Because it is made out of cloth, SCP-492 is unaffected by physical attacks as its body can absorb blunt forces without any harm, and if parts of its body gets pierced, cut or ripped it can repair the damage through sewing alone.

SCP-492 is shown to be extremely scared of fire, most likely due to its composition being easy to catch on fire. Despite being able to move, SCP-492 is severely weak when it comes to physical strength due to lacking internal structure and fragile construction, being compared to that of a human adult with markedly underdeveloped musculature. SCP-492 also has a mind comparable to that of a normal human, capable to think, learn, comprehend abstract concepts, solve puzzles, and feel emotion, and it was even proved that its IQ is slightly above average, scoring ca. 112. Thanks to its unique physiology and construction, SCP-492 was used in experiments with other Safe-class SCPs which would cause damage to humans with vital organs, and it was left without any irreparable damage.


SCP-492 has proven to be one of the most friendly and helpful SCPs under the Foundation’s custody. It willingly surrendered itself to the Foundation and complied with their orders. From what was shown, 492 doesn’t wish to hurt anyone and appears to be happy in lending a helping hand, proving that it is trustworthy and because of this was allowed to freely roam the site it is held in. Despite its appearance, 492 has formed a good reputation with Foundation personnel who took a liking to it and often referred to it as "Captain Jack".


  • When the Foundation used SCP-978 to take a photo of 492, the picture showed it appearing as real human being, meaning that SCP-492 wants to be a real human, just like SCP-085.
  • In "The Leak" forum thread the author of SCP-492, SpoonOfEvil, explained that the owners of the park where 492 was found had magically animated it in order to lessen the costs since this method was cheaper than buying actual animatronics.


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