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SCP-4999, also known as "Someone To Watch Over Us", is a Keter-class SCP that cannot be contained by the SCP Foundation due to the specific circumstances needed for him to appear. He would still probably be allowed to roam free due to not appearing to possess a threat to people and his kind nature.

He is one of the kindest, most-caring SCPs the Foundation has ever known. He was originally an entry for the SCP-4000 contest and won third place on a tie.


SCP-4999 appears as a man wearing dark formal wear. His features differ between observers, with the formal wear being the only constant.

Behaviour and Procedure

SCP-4999 only appears in very specific circumstances that involve individuals who are gravely wounded, in poor health, terminally ill and/or on their deathbeds. The subject must also be completely alone and not being cared by during their final moments of life for SCP-4999 to visit them. SCP-4999 appears no more than 20 minutes before the individual expires. SCP-4999 does not visit those who are asleep or comatose.

Once SCP-4999 appears before a dying subject, he will sit adjacent to the bed they're lying in. SCP-4999 also generates packs of cigarettes in his left jacket pocket, which he will offer to the subject. If the subject accepts the offer, SCP-4999 will place a cigarette in the mouth of the subject, as well as his own, and will light both. If the subject declines this offer, SCP-4999 will simply smoke by himself. After this, SCP-4999 will either affectionately hold the hand of the dying subject, rest his hand on the subject's hand or place his hand on the subject's shoulder.

SCP-4999 remains quiet and motionless as the subject passes away, and will vanish after the subject's death, though any cigarettes given still remain, providing proof of SCP-4999's existence. So far, every report of SCP-4999 affectionately touching a subject has never resulted in the subject disapproving or recoiling from any of SCP-4999's actions. No dying subjects have ever engaged in conversation with SCP-4999, only speaking when thanking the SCP for the cigarette.

The following conditions of the subject increase the chance of being visited by SCP-4999:

  • living alone
  • being nonreligious
  • being impoverished or homeless
  • having a history of mental illness
  • being a military veteran
  • having no criminal record, or has never been convicted of a violent crime
  • having no currently surviving family
  • being unmarried or otherwise lacks a significant other
  • having little to no social standing in their community
  • doesn't exhibit any record of significant professional or personal accomplishments
  • having few to no mutually beneficial interpersonal relationships
  • being anonymous, neglected or wrongfully shunned by the person's respective society


Given SCP-4999's actions, it can be easily seen that it is compassionate and empathetic, providing dying people with a chance to not be alone in their final moments of life. Because the SCP has a higher chance of manifesting itself to those who have been ignored, shunned, rejected and/or have no religious views during their lives, more light is shone on the SCP's empathetic and humbling nature.

Beyond these actions, there is no further information on the SCP's personality, due to his silent nature.


The earliest data of SCP-4999 involves him starting as an urban legend, including seeing him on hospital footage. Internet message boards and videos, as well as some television programs adding further weight to the legends surrounding the SCP. The Foundation put a disinformation program in place to keep the public from knowing that the SCP is real, with the intent of keeping the SCP's reputation as just an urban legend. It has also been said that SCP-4999 has been manifesting before pre-modern human societies, unknown how it'd be possible of knowing about him in those times.

Abilities & Powers

The most prominent ability of SCP-4999 is its ability to not only teleport to any location containing a lonely dying subject, but the ability to detect the history and nature of a person's life. The subject's emotional and warm reactions may hint to SCP-4999 making them feel certain emotions or positive, loving feelings, though this is most likely the pure reactions from the subjects witnessing SCP-4999's selfless nature.





  • When the foundation used an SCP that takes pictures of what that person wants to do, he was absent, implying he'd rather not have to appear at all.
  • Using SCP-458, the endless pizza box, on SCP-4999 will begin sharing the pizza with the dying person next to him.
  • SCP-6072 was written as a reimagining of SCP-4999.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, SCP-4999 is...


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