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When I found the book, it just felt freeing. Stupid, I know, but for a moment I wasn't some kid with a crappy life and crappy parents. I was just some badass necromancer with zombies and ghosts.
~ SCP-5239 to Dr. Bliss.

SCP-5239, real name Blaine Veers, was a Euclid-class anomalous formerly contained by the SCP Foundation. She was a Necromancer and could somewhat raise the dead before the Foundation convinced her to abandon her magic objects and become a normal human.


SCP-5239 was originally a young girl named Ashley Veers. She had a very poor relationship with her parents due to them disapproving of her non-binary nature or her changing her name to Blaine and forced her to act properly as a girl her age or she would be sent to an anti-gay religious camp. A few days after her 17th birthday Blaine decided to go to a public library since she didn't really want to go home at that moment and in the donated books section she found a book that resembled the Necronomicon which part of a Halloween costume. Since Halloween was coming she decided to use the book as part her costume and took it home. As she read the book she began practicing the spells in it which accidentally caused the spirit of a long dead Viking to manifest. He tried to kill Blaine but she managed to banish him away and afterwards Blaine decided to leave the book under her bed. After some time Blaine decided to use the book again and began experimenting by reviving roadkill animals or dead mice.

Eventually in November 8th of 2019, Blaine decided to practice her powers at a local graveyard at 1am. She managed to summon some spirits which alarmed several witnesses. Through the use of cameras the SCP Foundation's Department of Spectral Phenomena was able to identify Blaine and detained her at the bookstore and was designated SCP-5239. She was subsequently interviewed by Dr. Adrian Bliss where she explained to him how she got the book and what had transpired during previous events. She was put inside a standard humanoid chamber containing essential furniture and she was allowed to get out of her chamber once a day to exercise in the courtyard. Seeing some potential use in her abilities the Adrian decided to test SCP-5239 by providing her the corpse of a recently deceased D-Class to see if she was able to control him. This failed as the reanimated D-Class refused to obey to SCP-5239 forcing her to return him to the dead. Because of this the Foundation realized that her powers were limited and somewhat useless and so it was proposed by Adrian to amnesticize and release her back into normal world while taking away her objects designated SCP-5239-1 which allowed 5239 to perform these spells. In the last interview Adrian informed SCP-5239 that she would be released and forget about her powers and the Foundation, but she refused to be let go because she began enjoying her stay at the Foundation. She told the doctor about her parent's treatment and that she didn’t want to go back but Adrian explained to her that her life under Foundation custody would be miserable in comparison to the outside world and assured that she would go back to her parents but instead would be left at a youth shelter in Philadelphia where she could take a train to Trenton and go on her own path.


SCP-5239 was a 17 year old human girl. She occasionally wore a black robe, a pair of red eye contacts, a pair of black leather fingerless gloves, and also used a tube of black eyeliner which were all designated as SCP-5239-1-B to E.

Powers and Abilities

Without SCP-5239-1 SCP-5239 is just an ordinary human with no other abnormalities. While possessing SCP-5239-1 she becomes a Type III-Limited reality bender capable to summoning various spirits and ghosts and reanimate corpses of humans and animals. However, she is only able to manipulate the bodies of the entities into a crude imitation of life instead of reanimating them along with their consciousness which causes them to become simple automatons with no control. Objects designated as SCP-5239-1 include: SCP-5239-1-A, a hardcover book created by Asmodeus Labs which claims to be the Necronomincon and is filled with instructions in poorly-translated Latin which claim to be spells of various facets of necromancy and range from divining with spirits to raising the dead as zombies; SCP-5239-1-B to E which are parts of a Halloween goth costume unrelated to SCP-5239-1-A. SCP-5239-1-A can only work when used by 5239 while SCP-5239-1-B to E help her to strengthen her magical powers but can still function even when swapped with identical or similar items.


SCP-5239 is a non-binary girl with a gothic leitmotif. She was a well-mannered and respectful individual, but held resentment towards her parents due to them not understanding her and highly disapproval of her nature. This caused SCP-5239 to become somewhat rebellious and outgoing. She was also more open minded than most people of her age as she was ecstatic of using magic to summon the dead, but showed some aversion to recently deceased corpses. She also seemed to be somewhat reckless as she summoned various spirits in public graveyard which caused some disturbance. Unlike some sentient anomalies SCP-5239 was satisfied with her new environment under Foundation custody and seemed to get along with personnel who were prohibited to refer to her by self-proclaimed aliases. Despite not wanting to leave the Foundation and instead keep on practicing necromancy under their observation she understood Adrian's point and accepted to be released back into public with no memory of her involvement with the Foundation or her abilities.



  • Her book, SCP-5239-1-A, was created by the mysterious company known as Asmodeus Labs which also created SCP-3665.
  • Initially the Foundation planned to use SCP-5239's powers to deal with SCP-5370.


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