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SCP-590, known under the designated phase "He feels your Pain", is a Safe-class, human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.


SCP-590 is an adolescent male, roughly sixteen years in age. Unlike most humans, SCP-590 does not seem to age, a possible indication that he is biologically immortal.

SCP-590's main property occurs whenever he makes direct contact with a sick or injured individual. Upon contact, all wounds sustained from the ill individual (whether physical or mental) will be fully healed. However, as a result, SCP-590 will absorb scars and other types of wounds equivalent in severity to those previously established on the ill individual. These wounds will accumulate, and can often times leave SCP-590 incapacitated if not treated.


In one case where SCP-590 acquired a high amount of wounds from ill individuals, he was left bedridden for a significant period of time.

In another case, where SCP-590 accumulated an even larger number of wounds, he was placed in life support and was on the verge of death. Foundation personnel made the risky but rightful decision to save SCP-590 by giving him a dose of SCP-500, which ultimately saved his life.

As of the present, SCP-590's property is to only be used for researchers and higher ranking personnel, unless approved by the Foundation.


  • Despite being a Safe-class SCP, SCP-590 is treated relatively harshly by the Foundation, as they only permit feeding him a vitamin-induced gruel, and personnel who feed him anything else are punished with demotion.
    • However, a possible reason for this could be concern for his own welfare. As SCP-590 absorbs the wounds of others and regular food consists of plants and deceased animals which have been damaged creatively for better digestion, it could be possible the foundation wants to preserve his life in the event his power suddenly increases to the point of taking on damage from his meals.


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