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Yeah, seems I wasn't just freaking out in the dream. Weird shit was, about like… Five seconds after I get pulled out, I hear Chloe's voice again but it's all low and growly, and it sounded like she said "you can't stop."
~ D-14390 after his encounter with SCP-666-1.

SCP-666-1 is a character in SCP Foundation Mythos. It is a supernatural being inhabiting SCP-666, a teleporting Tibetan yurt that can only be accessed to addicts how suffer from substance abuse. Once confronting the addict SCP-666-1 would take the appearance of a person who was involved in addict's past, and would at first tempt them to indulge in their addiction. If the addict gave in SCP-666-1 would horribly punish them, but if they refused to return to their addiction then SCP-666-1 would comfort them and completely remove their addiction and help them start a new life.



Powers and Abilities

SCP-666-1 seems to have full control over the reality inside SCP-666 which it sometimes carries it to a new place within the area when directly unobserved. When an addict enters inside SCP-666, the interior space would take the appearance of an environment associated with the addict's substance abuse. They would also experience hallucinations that made their experience inside even more vivid.


SCP-666-1's always changes from person to person. Each addict would perceive SCP-666-1 as a familiar person related to their experience of substance abuse.


When SCP-666-1 first confronted addicts it would tempt them into indulging in their respective addictions with a passive-aggressive attitude, while at the same time discouraging them from it. If the addict gave in SCP-666-1 would become increasingly hostile and directly kill them by forcefully injecting them with the substance. If the addict felt remorse and refused to get back to their addiction SCP-666-1 would become more genuinely friendly while continuing their confrontation before allowing them to leave the yurt and cure them of their addiction.




  • SCP-666 originally included both Native American and Tibetan mythologies, with SCP-666-1 being a Wendigo. However, this cultural discrepancy was received negatively and was about to be deleted before being rewritten.
  • Before SCP-666's creation, other demonic themed SCPs attempted to take the spot, but were all deleted due to low quality.
  • The author of SCP-666, mirthless, wrote it after finding out that their father was an addict who subsequently died as a result of it. This anomaly being designated SCP-666 is a metaphor on how addiction is like a demonic force possessing people.


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