SCP-999 (full name:The Tickle Monster), is a safe SCP that's known for its adorable appearance.


SCP-999 is described to be a large orange slime. If a person is very close to it, SCP-999 would jump on them, hug them softly, and while they nuzzle into the person's face, it would let out high-pitched gurgling noises and release smells of: chocolate, fresh laundry, bacon, roses, and Play-Doh.

Ability For Help

SCP-999 has a major interest into people that are unhappy or hurt in anyway. People that have depression, after interacting with SCP-999, are totally healed from their problem, also they get a very positive picture about life.

Contact With Animals

Because SCP-999 is a very playful being, it appears that SCP-999 loves all animals (but especially humans). SCP-999 doesn't eat meat at all, and it even risks its own life for others. It was confirmed that SCP-999 indeed would leap in front of a person to take a bullet inside of it. The creature eats candy and sweets. Upon physical contact with animals, they begin to feel a tingling, tickle-like feeling. Once the contact is over, the animal often still feels the tickling, and long after contact, animals begin to feel euphoria.

Dr. Collingwood's New Job

SCP-999 was prevented from being born due to horible things done to his mother instucted by the Scarlet King's lying cult to SCP Foundation, when SCP found out about this they stop the riteal and alowed SCP-999 to be born

Dr. Collingwood was instucted to protect SCP-999 so he can "overthrow the Scarlet King not by force, but with light and love and laughter that can brighten the blackest of hearts."

"999 is not in reality a safe class SCP. It is Thaumiel. It is the best and really the only weapon we have against some of the most powerful hostile entities known to exist."


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