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Secure. Contain. Protect.
~ The SCP Foundation's unofficial motto.

The Secure Containment Procedure Foundation, abbreviated SCP Foundation, is an organization dedicated to the apprehension and containment of anomalies, ranging from creatures to objects, locations, and events, known as "SCPs". The organization is dedicated to the understanding and imprisonment of these anomalies, whether they be evil, good, neutral, etc.

The Foundation captures and contains all abnormal occurrences, be they threatening or not. Every SCP is experimented upon, and tests are conducted on them on a daily basis.


The SCP Foundation employs D-Class personnel made up of prison inmates, usually the ones on death row. These inmates are used for interaction with the SCPs and their containment, servants and workers for foundation higher-ups, human testing, and occasionally are used to feed or appease SCPs. The testing done on D-Class personnel ranges from experimenting with their exposure to dangerous SCPs to using their bodies for feeding, containment, and experimentation depending on the SCP encountered.

The Foundation also consists of hundreds of doctors, scientists, researchers, and military agents. Researchers and scientists experiment on SCPs and D-Class personnel, and military are used to secure, combat, or capture the abnormalities. When an SCP is set for capture, the Foundation must ensure there are no civilian witnesses to the apprehension. Military agents are required to neutralize all potential threats to the organization's secret existence, including civilian bystanders and witnesses.

Some of the containment messaures used by the Foundation can be seen as vile and barbaric, such as SCP-106SCP-2845 and SCP-231, though they are the only known methods to keep the before mentioned horrors at bay.

SCP - Containment Breach

The Foundation is the driving force behind the video game SCP - Containment Breach. Located in one of the site buildings/prisons, the player plays a member of the D-Class personnel trying to escape when a containment breach releases dozens of hostile SCPs.

Notable Heroic SCPs

While literally thousands of SCPs have been contained by the Foundation, there are several notable ones that have been confirmed to be heroic and made good deeds. Though most SCP's are considered villainous and dangerous which are located on the Villains wikia such as: SCP-106, SCP-173 or SCP-096 . It should be noted that all of these SCPs are contained by the Foundation and are not affiliated with the Foundation's personnel.

  • SCP-073 - A cyborg who, despite his uninviting appearance is polite and considerate to Foundation staff.  It has knowledge and fimilarity about the villainous SCP-076-2, possibly information of how to stop it.
  • SCP-105 - A female individual previously known as "Iris Thompson" who can manipulate photographs in real-time; she has saved many Foundation personnel's lives and once stop the end of reality.
  • SCP-131 - Two SCPs known as SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B, who are friendly helpers of the SCP Foundation and harbingers of danger.
  • SCP-208 - A strange, beastly humanoid who loves people and can heal individuals via electromagnetic radiation emitted from its body.
  • SCP-507 - A man who is capable of traveling to alternate dimensions, albeit unpredictably. He often acts as a test subject for the Foundation.
  • SCP-516 - A sapient tank that refuses to fire upon civilians and innocent individuals, but will automatically fire upon those who commit villainous acts against their governments.
  • SCP-590 - A teenage boy who can heal any physical and most mental ailments substained on a individuals, but as a result absorbs said injuries onto its own body.
  • SCP-999 - An orange, amorphous creature that seeks universal friendliness and compassion.
  • SCP-1230-1 - A wizard located within the dreams of individuals who activate SCP-1230; he enjoys creating fantasy scapes to allow individuals to have their own adventures within their dreams.
  • SCP-2295 - A friendly patchwork teddy bear that seeks to heal the sick and wounded.
  • SCP-2800 - A man whose DNA is infused with a Cacti genome; he suffers from "hero syndrome", which makes him have the urge to help those in need.



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