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Hero Overview

Secure. Contain. Protect.
~ The SCP Foundation's unofficial motto.
We die in the dark, so you can live in the light.
~ Another unofficial motto of the Foundation.

The Secure Containment Procedures Foundation, commonly abbreviated SCP Foundation, is the titular central protagonistic faction of the SCP Mythos.

It is an extremely diverse and well-funded paranormal organization dedicated to the apprehension and containment of anomalies, ranging from creatures to objects, locations, events, and phenomena, known dubbed as "SCPs", and is led by the O5 Council. The organization is overall dedicated to understanding anomalous occurrences and permanently incarcerating them so that they are kept away from humanity, whether it is for the SCPs' safety from society or vice versa.

Despite certainly having good intentions, the Foundation has frequently committed several morally questionable or downright villainous acts throughout the mythos in order to accomplish their goals. The Foundation captures and contains all abnormal occurrences, whether they are threatening or not. Every SCP is experimented upon, and tests are conducted on them on a daily basis.


Just like Creepypasta, SCP started spreading all over the internet, until the SCP website was launched in 2008, which has been collecting and documenting SCPs. One of the first SCPs that popularized the SCP Foundation was SCP-173, also known as the Sculpture. Today, there have been over 6000 entities and articles on the website and in the foundation. New ones are still being discovered and contained to this day.


The exact nature of the SCP Foundation's founding is unknown, but over the years there have been many myths, involving everything from the Angel who guarded the Garden of Eden to a supernatural post-Civil War Factory. The true origin will likely remain hidden forever, but it was known that Foundation (or a precursor) was operating already in the 19th Century and was a powerful organization on the world stage by the 20th Century, being acknowledged by both the Anomalous community and most national governments.

After World War I, the Foundation created a special Task Force known only as of the "Insurgency", which would perform more the more questionable tasks of the Foundation. This Task Force would be deployed in 1925.

The Foundation took part in the Seventh Occult War (which ran concurrently with World War II), and while its role in the war was not known, it is presumed they were fighting the Thule Society and Ahnenerbe Obskurakorp, who tried to perform the "Rite of Solomon". Eventually, the war ended, and the Foundation continued to its normal duties of containing.

The Global Occult Coalition was formed since the governments of the world wanted a force against the anomalous that they could control, but the Foundation still continued to work with them.

In 1948, the Insurgency went A.W.O.L. and rose up against the Foundation, obtaining several with several SCPs in the process, and renaming themselves the Chaos Insurgency.

In the 20th Century, the Foundation came across thousands of anomalies, making the best in containing them, as well as coming in contact with several rivals and enemy factions.

In the 1950s to 1980s, the Foundation would also discover the reemergence of Sarkicism, with devastating anomalies in Europe like SCP-610 and SCP-2191-3, as well as cults like Adytum's Wake and The Hunter's Black Lodge spreading their influence.

The Foundation would also discover several anomalies tied to an ancient eldritch being, for which they would have to perform some of its more questionable procedures such as Procedure 110-Montauk.

In 2007, the Foundation would discover Anderson Robotics, a corporation that develops advanced androids and artificial intelligence, which used advanced fly-like drones to spy on the Foundation.

Despite the emergence of these things, the Foundation has been able not to pursue its mission statement without breaking the status quo too much.

Ranks and Structure

All Foundation personnel are sworn to secrecy and are expected to be loyal and professional in their duties. For example, matters like personal morals or superstition should never cloud their judgment during work.

O5 Council

Main article: O5 Council

The SCP Foundation is led by the Overseer Council, also known as the O5 Council. The O5 Council consists of usually 13 people who are often only defined as O5-1 through O5-13. The O5 Council has unlimited access to all files and reports without any data expunged or redacted. The Council usually decides major decisions with anomalies that have existential threats to humanity or the universe at large but can influence anything. It is often speculated that the O5s might be anomalous themselves.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee also wields a lot of power inside the Foundation. Most personnel considers the Ethics Committee as a joke or myth, but in reality, the leaders of this Committee are described to have the same power as the O5s. They hide in plain sight and apparently have some authority over the O5 Council. The Committee decides what is ethically acceptable for the Foundation to do in their mission statement.


Site-Directors are high-ranking researchers that lead the different containment sites around the world. They often have Assistant Directors of different expertise that assist them inside the facilities. Site-Directors are also usually the highest-ranking officials who still have a full name and not a numeric designation like with the O5 Council.

Mobile Task Forces

Mobile Task Forces, or MTFs, are the Foundation's most effective and skilled personnel. They can be anything from scientists and researchers to Elite Special Forces Soldiers (The most common variant used in stories or media about the SCP mythos). Mobile Task Forces are, as the name suggests, mobile and can operate on either Containment-Sites or in the Field.

They usually deal with the most dangerous anomalies, where the more common field and recovery agents might lack knowledge or training. MTF's often also have specialties: Example: MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") is specified in tracking anomalous electronic devices, technology, and transmission, and either trying to contain or block them. The most famous/infamous Mobile Task Force is MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), which consists of the Foundation's best and most loyal operatives and employees.

Despite this MTF Alpha-1 is often connected to the creation of the Chaos Insurgency, a rival organization that seeks to destroy the Foundation.


Researchers are doctors and scientists who research anomalies. Their duties can vary from experimentation on the anomalies to developing Special Containment Procedures. Security clearances and ranks also vary from simple Research Assistants to Site-Directors and everything in between. The expertise of researchers can vary from different scientific fields like technology to zoology or different anomalous field. An example for the ladder is that Dr. Judith Low is specialized with anomalies that relate to Grand Karcist Ion and his following, Sarkicism.

Containment Specialists

The Containment Specialists are employees who design and uphold the Special Containment Procedures of anomalies. Containment Specialists can be anything from technicians to doctors to security personnel, and these duties often overlap with other ranks.

Security Personnel

The facilities of the Foundation employ Security Personnel that serve as the primary defense force indoors. Their duties rank from guarding anomalies to serving as bodyguards for higher-ranking officials. Their duty often overlaps with Containment Specialists and MTFs.

Field Agents

Field Agents are responsible for detecting anomalies in the outside world. They can be placed in any organization, whether it is a government, a company, or a military or law enforcement organization. They serve as eyes and ears and contact the Foundation when something anomalous is detected.

Recovery Teams

Recovery Teams are usually called in by Field Agents when an anomaly is found. They are responsible for capturing the anomaly and transporting it back to the Foundation-owned facility. As mentioned before, with more dangerous anomalies MTFs are sent in.

Class-D Personnel

Class-D Personnel is the lowest ranking staff of the Foundation. Usually recruited from convicted criminals, especially the death row criminals. They often serve as human test subjects with anomalies, be it on facilities or in the field. Other groups and civilian organizations see this usually as a human-rights violation, though the Foundation sees this as necessary.

In older canon, Class-D Personnel were automatically terminated after 30 days of employment; in newer canon, they are often given Class B amnesiac drugs instead at the discretion of security and medical staff.

In some cases when the Foundation is running out of D-Class and none of death row prisoners are available, the Foundation may enable Protocol 12, which recruits Class-D personnel from other prison populations, refugee populations, or in extreme cases civilian sources.

Other Ranks

The Foundation also employs more mundane staff such as communication specialists, kitchen staff, accounting, archives, janitorial staff, and electricians, who do not work directly with anomalies but are vital in day-to-day operations.

About SCPs

While literally thousands of SCPs have been contained by the Foundation, there are several notable ones that are popularly associated with the Foundation. It should be noted that all of these SCPs are contained by the Foundation and are not affiliated with the Foundation's personnel.

Object Classes

In the SCP Foundation, the SCPs are categorized by different classes, which vary based on the SCPs' ease of containment. Most notable are the Safe, Euclid, and Keter classes, but there are more in the Foundation:

  • Safe - SCPs which are easily contained by the Foundation. These SCPs ultimately cannot escape containment of their own accord and are not considered a threat by the Foundation unless specifically used in a threatening manner. Safe classification does not necessarily mean that the SCP in question is not dangerous, just that it is easily contained.
  • Euclid - SCPs that require resources to remain contained. Most Euclid SCPs are difficult to understand and oftentimes unpredictable. Their danger is greater than Safe class SCPs.
  • Keter - SCPs that are extremely difficult to contain in the facility. Though Keter classification refers solely to the difficulty of containment and does not necessarily mean that the SCP in question is dangerous, most of the time, Keter SCPs are considered to be extremely dangerous and hostile and can pose a threat to the world or universe at large. The procedures of these SCPs are very complex.
  • Thaumiel - SCPs used by the Foundation to assist in efforts of containing and/or countering other SCPs. These SCPs are some of the most well-kept secrets of the Foundation.
  • Archon - SCPs that the Foundation believes should not be contained due to the potential damage that could be caused by containing them.
  • Apollyon - SCPs which are near-impossible to contain by the Foundation. These SCPs are considered to be one of the most threatening SCP classifications of all and are threats on global or cosmic scales.
  • Neutralized - SCPs that, as the name suggests, are deceased, destroyed, or otherwise no longer functional.
  • Explained - SCPs whose anomalous properties have been explained or debunked, and most often do not pose a threat.
  • Decommissioned - Terminated SCPs rejected by the Foundation.

Notable Examples

Though most SCP's are considered villainous and dangerous which are located on the Villains Wikia such as: SCP-106, SCP-173, or SCP-096. It should be noted that all of these SCPs are contained by the Foundation and are not affiliated with the Foundation's personnel.


  • SCP-085: A female drawing created by SCP-067 that was brought to life through SCP-914; she is capable of moving across paper and canvases and loves to interact with drawings that subjects draw in her environment.
  • SCP-105: A female individual previously known as "Iris Thompson" who can manipulate photographs in real-time; she has saved many Foundation personnel's lives and once stop the end of reality.
  • SCP-131: Two SCPs known as SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B, who are friendly helpers of the SCP Foundation and harbingers of danger.
  • SCP-187: A young woman who sees the future of whatever she is looking at.
  • SCP-208: A strange, beastly humanoid who loves people and can heal individuals via electromagnetic radiation emitted from its body.
  • SCP-343: A raceless omnipotent being who claims that it is in charge of creating out the existences of the universe itself.
  • SCP-507: A man who is capable of traveling to alternate dimensions, albeit unpredictably. He often acts as a test subject for the Foundation.
  • SCP-516: A sapient tank that refuses to fire upon civilians and innocent individuals, but will automatically fire upon those who commit villainous acts against their governments. It goes to great measures to ensure that there are no innocent lives harmed when firing upon other targets.
  • SCP-590: A teenage boy who can heal any physical and most mental ailments sustained on individuals, but as a result, absorbs said injuries onto its own body.
  • SCP-999: An orange, amorphous creature that seeks universal friendliness and compassion.
  • SCP-1005: A sapient humanoid whose body is made entirely of blue paint. It frequently cooperates with the Foundation and desires to make itself "happy" with its "owners".
  • SCP-1230-1: A wizard located within the dreams of individuals who activate SCP-1230; he enjoys creating fantasy scapes to allow individuals to have their own adventures within their dreams.
  • SCP-2295: A friendly patchwork teddy bear that seeks to heal the sick and wounded.
  • SCP-2800: A man whose DNA is infused with a Cacti genome; he suffers from "hero syndrome", which makes him have the urge to help those in need.
  • SCP-5699: A being that appears in mirrors that comforts the depressed with comforting messages and happy memories.


  • SCP-049: A plague doctor who uses a mysterious treatment on human subjects that renders them as brain-dead and hostile zombies.
  • SCP-073: A cyborg who, despite his uninviting appearance is polite and considerate to Foundation staff. He has knowledge and familiarity about the villainous SCP-076-2, possibly information on how to stop it.
  • SCP-2241: A young boy (about 8 or 11-year-old) who is capable of using multiple abilities (telekinesis, reality-warping, matter transmutation, mind manipulation, teleportation (both inducement), and self-duplication.) with the only limitation as his mental strength, health, current condition and age that really loves to be a superhero.


  • SCP-2662: A Lovecraftian horror with the mind of an Average Joe who uncontrollably induces people to obsessively fulfill its desires and form murderous cults around it, much to its chagrin.
  • SCP-3740: A powerful reality-bending entity that believed in almost every word of a person's statements and speech, regardless if it's true or complete lying.
  • SCP-4051: A superhuman that is capable of creating out medium size wormholes that are possibly connected to alternate universes.
  • SCP-4999: A man who appears to those who are alone and dying, spending time with them so as they don't face death alone.


  • SCP-040: A young girl who can manipulate matter to create living organisms made from the said materials she uses.
  • SCP-1867: A British aristocrat explorer & naturalist called Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, who at some point had his consciousness transferred into a telepathic sea slug. He has extensive knowledge of the anomalous & occult and has helped the Foundation in the past.
  • SCP-6661: A thin being that embodies and revels in human suffering, misery, and pain. Known more commonly as Trollge.


SCP-001 is a title given to a mysterious anonymous SCP in the SCP Foundation. What is interesting about this SCP is that there isn't an official SCP titled SCP-001. Only proposals exist for SCP-001, which have been listed on the foundation's site. According to the site, one, many, or all of the SCPs proposed may or may not be the real identity of SCP-001. There have been over 30 proposals dedicated to the SCP-001 title, and the foundation also implements that SCP-001 is considered to be the biggest main secret of the foundation, which has been blocked for everyone to get access to top-secret information about the anomaly of SCP-001.

Known Membership

The SCP Foundation employs thousands of people such as researchers, agents, doctors, and guards. The work these individuals perform is often morally controversial in nature, such as D-Class Personnel and Procedure 110-Montauk. However, the work is always meant to protect mankind and preserve normality.

Highest Leadership

  • The Administrator
  • The O5-Council
  • Ethics Committee

Administrators, Site Directors & Asst. Directors

  • Dr. Tilda D. Moose
  • Ruslav Diaghilev
  • Edgar Holman
  • Dr. Phillip Foster
  • Dr. Shirley Gillespie
  • Dr. Jean Karlyle Aktus
  • Cyrus Hourdoon
  • Dr. Sarah O'Connell
  • Amanda Malkin
  • Wade Quincy
  • Dr. Hollister Cox
  • Angelina Mikhailova
  • Ndeye Bocoume
  • Bryan Browning
  • Matias Hernández
  • Marcel Gunther
  • Harold Schwartz
  • Idoia Azaki
  • Dr. Mohammad Scott
  • William Vesterland
  • Arnold Camp
  • Jane Erwin
  • Leslie Rodriguez
  • David Runeberg
  • Sandra Chaperone
  • Kerry Eckelkamp
  • Earl Runner
  • Anastasia Brine
  • Harvey Black
  • Pauline Barrett
  • Dr. Lisle Naismith
  • Danny Kramer
  • Jeremiah Witfield
  • Alice Wistuba
  • Dr. Jacqueline Perry
  • Dr. Nuru Jua
  • Dr. Sayyeda Aisha Rizvi
  • Praveen Arora
  • Commander Mike Peterson
  • Haugen (SCP-3608)
  • Simon Oswalt, formerly (now Karcist Karvas)
  • Damien Robinson

Containment Staff

  • Dr. James E. Falzon
  • Dr. Jamie Regal
  • Sophia Turner
  • Yolanda Thomas
  • Emmitt Ivers
  • Sylver Tolen
  • Dr. Kyle Jobar
  • Commander Alejandro Ortiz
  • Simon Lorell

Doctors & Researchers

  • Dr. Charles Gears
  • Dr. Jack Bright
  • Dr. James Dias
  • Dr. Everett Mann
  • Dr. Alto Clef
  • Dr. Lakshmi Agarwal
  • Dr. Charles Anborough
  • Dr. Django Bridge
  • Benjamin Kondraki
  • Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian
  • Researcher Jacob Conwell
  • Dr. Kain "Pathos" Crow
  • Dr. Michael Edison
  • Dr. Chelsea "Photosynthetic" Elliott
  • Dr. Simon Glass
  • Dr. Frederick Heiden
  • Dr. Everett King
  • Dr. Zyn Kiryu
  • Dr. Mark Kiryu
  • Dr. Sophia Light
  • Dr. Jaime Marlowe
  • Dr. Katherine Sinclair
  • Dr. Johannes Sorts
  • Dr. Thaddeus Xyank
  • Dr. Zander Heikkila
  • Dr. Julian Iceberg
  • Dr. Chelsea Elliott
  • Dr. Patrick Dentick
  • Patrick Gephart
  • Researcher David Rosen
  • Dr. Zemyla Cenh
  • Dr. Syka Brown
  • Dr. Anand Mannava
  • Dr. Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy (deceased)
  • Dr. Avery Sanchez
  • Dr. Christina Morse
  • Dr. Peter Gerthart
  • Dr. Isaac Schmidt
  • Dr. Dillan Polsun
  • Dr. Von Hacht
  • Dr. Judith Low
  • Dr. Peter Hull
  • Dr. Kate Greenaway
  • Dr. Kevin Chandler
  • Dr. Kim Antoche
  • Dr. Burgundy Lowell
  • Dr. Christopher Erwick
  • Dr. Iliza Schrader
  • Dr. Urmd Abdul
  • Dr. Wendell Adler
  • Dr. Helena Bloom
  • Dr. Sophia Fitzgerald
  • Dr. William Hoskins
  • Dr. Matthieu Desmarais
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lane
  • Dr. Felix Gärtner
  • Dr. Porter Mills
  • Dr. Taylor Itkin
  • Dr. Ricky Scott
  • Dr. Isaiah Henderson
  • Dr. Georges Luikj
  • Dr. Todd King
  • Dr. Samuel Brow
  • Dr. West Roth
  • Dr. Isha Saint Claire
  • Dr. Peter Vincent
  • Dr. Ian Harris
  • Dr. Mohammad Scott
  • Dr. Avery Bone
  • Dr. Eila Harris
  • Dr. Owen Mars
  • Dr. Cotter Davis
  • Dr. Francis LaFleur
  • Dr. Hannibal Lopez
  • Dr. Joesph Schwartz
  • Dr. John Louef
  • Dr. Joanna Hsiao
  • Dr. Ivan Cooper
  • Dr. Andrew Califano
  • Dr. Alice Randall
  • Dr. Luis Ricardo
  • Dr. Emmett Bell
  • Dr. Simon Hayes
  • Dr. Adeline Renaud
  • Dr. Isaac Lem
  • Dr. Giles Blanc
  • Dr. Gabriel Langley
  • Dr. Philip Orellana
  • Dr. Arthur Brook
  • Dr. Daniel Erikson
  • Dr. Hunter Miles
  • Dr. Natasha Kozel
  • Dr. Miles Wright
  • Dr. Esti Del Olmo
  • Dr. Carlos Quesada
  • Dr. David Holmes
  • Dr. Rudolf Bauer
  • Dr. Leslie Yolas
  • Dr. Shufan Shen
  • Dr. Amelia Wygandt
  • Dr. Lauren Palmer
  • Dr. Ellis Cartwright
  • Dr. Edmund Caspar
  • Dr. Howard Grant
  • Dr. Eunice Walker
  • Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian
  • Dr. Matthew Hardison
  • Dr. Shirley Gillespie
  • Dr. Adrien Bleikoff
  • Dr. Marion Kelster
  • Dr. Muhammad Iqbar
  • Dr. Jans Ulrich
  • Dr. Clarence Frost
  • Dr. Ingrid Laika
  • Dr. Terrence Vaughn
  • Dr. Dominick Jensen
  • Dr. James Leary
  • Dr. Tyrone Hardy
  • Dr. Emil Falzon
  • Dr. Sam Quentin
  • Dr. James E. Falzon
  • Dr. Owen Hamilton
  • Dr. Ulysses Malcom
  • Dr. Reynold Acke
  • Dr. Janet Spiegel
  • Dr. Walter Floyd
  • Dr. Madoka Yoshida
  • Dr. Percy Lewis
  • Dr. Patrick O’Malley
  • Dr. Daniel Adams
  • Dr. Amanda Clarke
  • Dr. Jonas DeWitt
  • Dr. Jonas Gold
  • Dr. Gavin McIntyre
  • Dr. Harlan Sun
  • Dr. Wendy Robin
  • Dr. Alex Harlow
  • Dr. Seung Young
  • Dr. Wei Lin
  • Dr. Connor O’Neil
  • Dr. Maria Vanger
  • Dr. Lamar Elworthy
  • Dr. Scott Fletcher
  • Dr. Frederick Hoygull
  • Dr. Lauren Stosser
  • Dr. Farik Ghazalie
  • Dr. Seymour Tracy
  • Dr. Baker (SCP-527)
  • Dr. Johnston (SCP-058)
  • Dr. Lambert (SCP-743)
  • Dr. Mitchell (SCP-3822)
  • Dr. Sanderson (SCP-3608)
  • Dr. Vogel (SCP-3608)
  • Kendall Loren
  • Oliver Gordon
  • Eleanor Joseph
  • Jennifer Dresden
  • Steven Mason
  • Dave Campbell
  • Em Choi
  • Madeleine Sailer
  • Susan Burke
  • Lucy Chang
  • Sylvia Hernandez
  • Laura Hernandez
  • Chris Hastings
  • Martha Clayton
  • Scott Garber
  • Tomas Graham
  • Antonia Cárdenas
  • Rosalind Taylor
  • Agatha Chiovenda
  • Chad Benson
  • Cullen Williams
  • Claire Beasly
  • Lilliana Walsh
  • Melissa Novak
  • Olivia Anderson
  • Daniel Beck
  • Amaleen Sacaran
  • Bernice Malki
  • Vladim Eisenberg
  • Rose Labelle
  • Franklin Prangley
  • Tyler Jensen
  • Andrea Barclay
  • Flynn Lagrange
  • Carmen O'Connor
  • Dominic Kaczmarek
  • Flynn Lagrange
  • Daniel Schröder
  • James Petahn
  • Nicholas Crawford
  • Phil Shipherd
  • Joe Fynegan
  • Alene Janssens
  • Pavel Romanov
  • Robert J. Boyd
  • Robert Fay
  • Alice Jones
  • Jeremy Collins
  • James Carpenter
  • Pyotr Vasilev
  • James A. Harkness
  • Natalie McCreed
  • Sybil Westwood
  • Claude Montague
  • Amir Safavi
  • Emma Stark
  • Oliana Kaiwi
  • Cathy Milnor
  • Arvo Driessen
  • Isaac McCormack
  • Dr. Darryl Loyd (deceased)
  • Dr. Jay Macarthur (deceased)
  • Dr. Herbert Wimble (deceased)
  • Dr. Nicholas Lusk (deceased)
  • Dr. Lionel Dunbar (deceased)
  • Dr. Asuka Miyamoto (deceased)
  • Dr. Samuel Rudi (deceased)
  • Shannon Bruce (deceased)
  • Andre Johnson (deceased)
  • Brandon Sullivan (deceased)
  • Beverly Bass (deceased)
  • Corey Benich (deceased)
  • Researcher James Talloran (deceased)
  • Dr. Dämmer (deceased)

Security and Interrogation

  • Carlos Gonzales
  • Theodore Anderson
  • Lincoln Yates
  • Jennifer Blaire
  • Frank Onegra
  • Jamie Currie
  • Bertrand Tomlin
  • Don Blake
  • John Waterman
  • Maximilian Woodson
  • Raymond Trask
  • Alex Whittingham
  • Ardal Rogers
  • Judith Parker
  • Malcolm Wethers
  • Carl Michelson (deceased)
  • Kayla Rodriguez (deceased)
  • Mickey Jacobs (deceased)

Field Agents

  • Max Lomabardi
  • Agent "Green"
  • Troy Lament
  • Sasha Merlo
  • Agent Navarro
  • Dmitri Arkadeyevich "Waxx" Strelnikov
  • Aaron Ruberson
  • Sean Bat
  • Monica Storch
  • Lily Rondeau
  • Hobert Brennan
  • Cyril Novak
  • Diana Fischer
  • Melissa King
  • Louis Franklin
  • Elliot McNamara
  • Phil Kowalski
  • Dimitri Siegel
  • Louis Franklin
  • Markus Pierce
  • Elizabeth Carden
  • Markus Villacorta
  • Chester Preston
  • Alexis Garcia
  • Josephine Creed
  • Marcus Bauer
  • Lance Owens
  • Steven Falkenham
  • Julian Escher
  • Daniel Vega
  • Gabriel Chavez
  • Frank Giuseppe
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Lukas Keller
  • Christopher Pennings
  • Lauren Dietz
  • Bernard North
  • Viola Smythe
  • Gordon Gompton
  • Beatrice Ross
  • Julian Calloway
  • Xavier Garcez
  • Maggy E. Grant
  • Bruce Wallace
  • Helen Marcus
  • Roger Brent
  • Mortimer Foster
  • Greer Brewskey
  • Sebastián García
  • Mark Roland
  • Patrice Walters
  • William J. Kirkwise
  • Pedro de Souza
  • Ron Towson
  • Gareth Marlow (deceased)
  • Agent Gallagher (SCP-953, deceased)
  • Cameron Wells - Commanding Officer
  • Fredrick Meryle
  • Carlen Ozols
  • Xander Peterson
  • Cyrus Fielding - Commanding Officer
  • Tobias Rourke
  • Alistair Burton
  • Sean O'Doherty
  • Agent Swanson (deceased)
  • Agent Turquoise (deceased)
  • Agent 86 (deceased)

Mobile Task Forces

  • William Lonegan
  • William Johnson
  • Carter Walsh
  • Cpt. Ephram Ross
  • Liam Ohalo
  • Cotter Houston
  • Elliott O’Neil
  • Calvin Ekblad - Commanding Officer
  • Scott Harpur
  • Nicholas Bjugstad
  • Marjorie Holt
  • Leon Ledford
  • Connor Bathory
  • Vivian Morodecci
  • Alejandra Cavallero
  • Chuck Jefferson
  • Rolf Vogel
  • Michael Niedringhaus
  • Hanna Dam
  • Dr. Giles Mathys
  • Â Samuel Walker
  • Michael Castellano
  • Amelie Zelinka
  • Liz Boyd
  • Joseph Lanning
  • Fiere Mekonap
  • Tony Atkinson
  • Dr. Blaire Roth
  • Joseph Mann
  • Steven Wu-Cheng
  • Nicholas Caruso
  • Elaine Matteus
  • Yanirys Espinosa
  • Beatrice Sanders
  • Helen Zhao
  • Zoe Smith
  • Darren Wells - Commanding Officer
  • Johna Baldric - Commanding Officer
  • Donald Blaire (formerly)
  • Sandra Gonzales
  • Jia Turner
  • Joseph Bell
  • Dr. Logan Igotta
  • Dr. Lakshmi Agarwal
  • Joseph Bell
  • James Candle
  • Myron Goldstein
  • Adam Grayson
  • Emma Lightbody
  • Frank Giuseppe
  • Reese Maynard
  • Harold Mason
  • Lauder - Commanding Officer
  • Yukon
  • Imski
  • Powers (deceased)
  • Kowalski (Kovesky)

D-Class Personnel

  • Chris Simmons
  • Leroy Tucker
  • Jonas Murkowski
  • D-3826 (deceased)


Interestingly enough, the SCP Foundation exists worldwide, and it is in various languages displayed on the internet as its own Branches. If enough English SCP's get translated into another language, and new unexisting SCPs get made in a different language, it escalates in a new Branch being made in that exact language. Currently, 13 official and 4 unofficial Branches exist in the SCP Foundation:

In Media

In Video Games

SCP - Containment Breach map.

SCP - Containment Breach

The Foundation is the driving force behind the video game SCP - Containment Breach, based on the SCP mythos. Located in one of the site buildings/prisons, the player plays a member of the D-Class personnel trying to escape when a containment breach releases dozens of hostile SCPs.

SCP - Containment Breach (Unity Remake)

On October 14, 2016, a group of developers remade SCP - Containment Breach by upgrading the graphics and adding a number of new SCPs. The game itself had the same goal as the original, but the game got canceled before it could be finished in 2021.


The game Control developed by Remedy was heavily inspired by the SCP Mythos, with the Federal Bureau of Control being analogous to the SCP Foundation.

Lobotomy Corporation

An indie horror strategy management simulation game developed by Project Moon, which is about an underground company that uses paranormal beings referred as "Abnormalities" to draw energy. This game was inspired by the SCP Foundation among many more.

SCP: Pandemic

SCP: Pandemic is an upcoming hardcore cooperative first-person tactical shooter based on the story of SCP-5000. In the game, the players take the role of a rogue fireteam who are tasked with stopping the SCP Foundation from exterminating humanity.

SCP: Fragmented Minds


In Manga

Gun X Clover

In the Rikan Island Incident Arc of the Gun X Clover manga series, Kotonoha Nahase is seen wearing a t-shirt depicting the Foundation's logo.

Tsukiiro no Invader

In chapter 4 of the series Tsukiiro no Invader, a boy is seen wearing a t-shirt depicting the Foundation's logo and a small monster named SCP-9999.

SCP Comic Anthology - KAI

A manga released by B-minus Scans for free on MangaDex. The series revolves around a doctor employed by the Foundation encountering various SCPs and personnel.

In Movies

SCP: Dollhouse

On August 23rd of 2019, Retro Digital Media released a short movie titled SCP: Dollhouse which revolved around an MTF investigating some anomalous activity inside a house in suburban Middle America but were misinformed and highly unprepared for what they encountered.

SCP: Overlord

On November 4th of 2020, Retro Digital Media released another short movie titled SCP: Overlord which revolved around MTF-Nu 7 investigating a house inhabited by an anomalous cult. The movie was well received and even won several awards.

SCP: Heretic



Yesterday, I watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. Sometimes we would have had time to scream. Today, I'm alive to write about it. You want happy endings? F-ck you. You're alive to read it. God help us all. Secure. Contain. Protect.
~ An unknown figure in "black white black white black white black white black white gray".
We are the Foundation. We will not worship you. We will not join you. We will not go back to hiding in fear of you. I hope you will change your minds, but we will stand against you, and alone, if we have to.
~ The Administrator to various gods in "Revelation".
We have chained the indestructible lizard. We have kept at bay cosmic horrors for centuries, ten at a time and all eager to cleave our world in twain. We have cheated Time, we have defeated Death, we have protected the world from the unknown, and we have not failed in all this time. We have not merely stared into an abyss but plunged headlong into it, armed to the teeth to fight whatever lies at the bottom. Do you think a god can stop us? Do you think that anyone can stop us?

We are the Foundation. We will secure, we will contain, and we will protect above all else; we are the Foundation, and our mission is unstoppable.
~ Dr. Weather in "A Hymn For Pandora".
Yes, you are a monster. But, whether we are deemed anomalous or not, so is every last one of us. And that means you deserve your existence.

We secure you.

We contain you.

We protect you.

And even if you still don't get why I'm doing this, please understand that I still love you.
~ O5-5 in SCP-001 (WJS' proposal) explaining to an escaped anomaly the real reason why they contain it.
I seriously doubt every single member of our staff believes in the Foundation to their core. Hell, I don't even think most religious people are as faithful as they tell themselves they are. But we all still participate in these rituals, don't we? The Foundation arguably more so than any religious group I can think of. Everything from the way we organize ourselves to the way the research gets logged, the way the skip files get written… there's a very strict way of doing things here, and it never gets questioned. If we started telling staff to take Communion every Sunday, we all know they would.
~ O5-11 in SCP-5636.
I can feel your eyes on this, Old One. We are watching. We are waiting. Give us time. You will fall.
~ The Great Betrayer to the current Archivist of the Wanderer's Library in "Groups of Intrigue".
The Foundation does believe in God. Your God is Normalcy. Normalcy, the perfect, arbitrary Plan from which there can be no deviation. Trying to change Normalcy is the worst sin of all. The cardinal sin against which your organization stands with all its might. A stalwart bulwark against change.
~ Joanna Cross of the Serpent's Hand.


  • The SCP Foundation currently has seven known "series" of SCPs: Series I contains SCP-001 through SCP-999, Series II contains SCP-1000 through SCP-1999, Series III contains SCP-2000 through SCP-2999, Series IV contains SCP-3000 through SCP-3999, Series V contains SCP-4000 through SCP-4999, Series VI contains SCP-5000 through SCP-5999, and Series VII contains SCP-6000 through SCP-6999.
  • Given the number of contributors and history of the site, SCP Foundation is without a doubt the largest collaborative work of fiction in history.
  • The SCP Foundation's main enemies outside of the SCPs include the Chaos Insurgency, Serpent's Hand, Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Anderson Robotics, the Church of the Broken God, and the The Sarkic Cults.
  • The SCP Foundation and the entire SCP mythos placed #14 on Tat's TopVideos' 2011 Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas list and #18 on the 2014 Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas list. Tat's TopVideos has since released many SCP-related countdowns and is credited with helping to bring the SCP mythos to the popularity it has now.
  • YouTubers Cody Maverick, Kraken Kid, and Cannibal Crab have made a series that is from the SCP Foundation.
  • In 2020, the SCP Foundation online community became involved in a legal battle against a Russian man named Andrey Duskin, who used Russian trademarking loopholes to trademark the SCP brand in Russia. However, he then began illegally violating the Creative Commons License that the SCP Foundation by copyright claiming or prohibiting others' SCP-related work, threatening to prohibit the creation and distribution of further SCP-related content and writing. The SCP Foundation community is currently raising funds to pursue legal action.
  • Dr. Scantron's proposal for SCP-001 seems to imply that the Foundation itself is considered an SCP.
  • The SCP logo wasn't in fact created for the SCP Wiki. The symbol is actually a free, non-copyrighted vector graphic that was included in an Adobe product and was a modified sign warning about having a grounding device/wire connected, such as when working with explosive gases.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, The SCP Foundation known as the Foundation was one of the GoIs that made up the Compendium.

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