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That sounds like one heck of a mama. But you know what? I'm one heck of a mama myself!
~ SPARTAN-1337 determined to defeat Pluton.
Hah-ha! I'm not some junky robot! Even if you don't wanna know, I'll tell you who I am! I am one of the strongest warriors in space! I am SPARTAN-1337!
~ SPARTAN-1337 introducing himself.

SPARTAN-1337 is the main character of the Halo Legends episode "Odd One Out", a non-canon satirical parody of Halo, in which 1337 is more of a comedic character.

1337 was voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in the Japanese version, and by Deke Anderson in the English version.


SPARTAN-1337 is depicted as being extremely accident prone and clumsy, to the point where even after having been trained along with the best, other UNSC members still worry about him. He is also quite arrogant, considering himself one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy, and is also quite hot-blooded in combat. He seems to possess great strength for a SPARTAN-II, being able to clash with the mighty Pluton, a genetically enhanced Jiralhanae. He is also quite adept at using weapons, and is shown using the Bubble Shield to protect himself from Pluton's explosive plasma attacks. His clumsiness and strong personality may interfere with his strength however, making him likely not as strong as his ally John-117.

However, his durability is quite impressive, even among other Spartans, being able to survive falling from a Pelican ship in the sky, and also shown in combat when he gets up from a purple plasma blast that directly hits him, both of which should be able to kill Spartans. SPARTAN-1337 likely possesses these abilities because he is not a serious interpretation of the Halo universe unlike the other Spartans in Halo Legends.


1337 is first seen having fallen off of a Pelican, which apparently is the kind of stuff that happens to him "all the time", concerning Cortana, even though 117 assures that he was trained with the best. On a desert terrain, he futilely waves at the Pelican not to leave him behind, until he discovers 3 children standing behind him. The children call him a robot, and 1337 introduces himself as "one of the strongest warriors in space". The children ignore him and tell him he shouldn't stand where he's standing, and 1337 doesn't take the hint, instead thinking to himself about how they ignored his "awesome heroism", telling them not to fear. He gets interrupted when a dinosaur comes to attack him. One of the kids throws a stick for the dinosaur to chase in order to save 1337, and the dinosaur stomps on him again, leaving him crushed.

After successfully trying to contact John-117, he notices a powerful presence land in the area, and tells the kids to escape. 1337 enhages the genetically modified Pluton in battle, eventually losing to its monstrous strength and mechanical augmentations. He later joins with the three kids, now joined with a man and a woman, who assist 1337 in fighting Pluton. Recognizing the danger of Pluton charging up with green lightning, 1337 decides to do the famous "Oh, hey! What the heck is that!" prank to distract Pluton, and it surprisingly works. The man, woman, and the Spartan use this moment to escape.

Suddenly, Pluton is launched upwards by an explosion, and the crashed UNSC ship that 1337 had spotted earlier fires a MAC at Pluton after creating a slip space hole with a rainbow beam, launching Pluton into outer space. This was the work of Mama, an entity that 1337's two teammates said was the toughest in the land. Mama was apparently an antique AI protecting the small group of humans in the settlement, and it was detected as Cortana being "happy". The 5 inhabitants shown in the episode live with Mama happily ever after, and 1337 finally gets connected with Master Chief, but fails to head to the rendezvous point thanks to being snatched by a pterodactyl.



  • SPARTAN-1337's name is a reference to Leet-speak, which uses numbers and symbols as letters. Leet is spelled 1337 in Leet-speak, because this was "31337" (elite), referring to his elite status as a SPARTAN, and a refernece to being a satirical parody.


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