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Sabator is the Bakugan of Nurzak and a supporting charter in Gundalion Invaders. He is a powerful fighter, manipulating the energy of the ground and unleashes attacks from every direction. He spins the drills and saws on his body to charge at his opponent. Sabator is a bit of a wild one that enjoys taking risks.

Sabator was first seen with Dharak, Krakix, Strikeflier, Lumagrowl, and Lythirus battling and winning against the Castle Knights in a video that Professor Clay received from Fabia Sheen.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

He appeared properly for the first time in Dan's vision, fighting the Castle Knights alongside the rest of the Twelve Orders. He is also shown when Marucho Marukura and Ren Krawler were talking about the war between the Gundalians and the Neathians. He fought against and Castle Knights to try and destroy the Second Security Shield. He ended up battling Coredem one on one and Nurzak realized Sabator was evenly matched in the battle. Later on, he was transported back to Gundalia by the Sacred Orb with the rest of the Twelve Orders.

Sabator later battled against Akwimos and Aranaut alongside Linehalt and used their battle gear to the max. But before they could finish their battle the Sacred Orb sent out a Dimensional Twister and he and Linehalt were forced to retreat or they would have been bounced around Dimensions. Later, he battled Dharak with Chompixx. He won the first round by using a Level 3 Class Battle Gear ability, but near the end of the battle, when Dharak used AirKor, he and Nurzak were transported to an unknown place between dimensions.

He Nurzak Mason Brown and Avior joined the Brawlers to stop Bardious after Dan Kuso and Drago defeated Dragonoid Colossus. In gundalia, he battled against Lythirus and Lumagrowl alongside Aranaut. During Round 2 when Plitheon Phosphos and Contestir join their oppontents side Lythirus tries to drown the group, but he grabs Nurzak hoping to rescue him, but when Nurzak goes to help Fabia he and Nurzak ended up being swept down the channel, and are presumed dead for a while. Mason and avior freed them showing that he and Nurzak are still alive.

He takes out several Impalaton, alongside Avior with his ability Destroy Horn. He and Nurzak start his ship while Arnut and Avior fight Gill and Krakix, before heading off to Neathia. He later tried to battle Phantom Dharak but was defeated by Lythirus causing them to fall down hard.

After the twelve orders get beaten he headed back to Gundalia along with Nurzak Lena Isis Zenet Surrow Jesse Glenn Mason and Ren to help form a new government.


  • His real form is considerably darker than his ball form, like most season 1 Subterra Bakugan.
  • In Bakugan form, he looks similar to Saurus.


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