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Saboa is a minor supporting character in Dragalia Lost. He is a soldier of the Dyrenell Empire who often comes asking for aid from the halidom. He serves as a major supporting character for the "Caged Desire" Crossover event as well as Emile's adventurer story. He also kickstarts the plot of the "Operation:At Your Service" Invasion event.


Saboa uses the generic Dyrenell lead soldier portrait. As such, he is depicted wearing purple armor that covers up his entire body, hiding what he truly looks like. He has yet to be shown he true appearance.


Saboa is shown to be good natured and loyal, but also capable of knowing when something is wrong. Even before the Dyrenell Empire was redeemed, Saboa was willing to ask the Halidom party for help with certain situations, showing his trusting nature.

He is shown to have strong faith in Emile being a capable emperor, and aids him to help turn the empire around displaying his loyalty to Emile. This loyalty is further shown in Emile's adventurer story when he starts planning an attack to get Emile back onto the throne after Werner takes over and has Magnus arrested for refusing to serve.

He is also shown to know Emile well enough to know when he is acting out of characer.


Caged Desire

When Emile finds a strange device, he discovers it has a strange power. With it, he uses it to start stealing people's desires and force them to worship him. Fearing for his Emperor's welbeing, Saboa goes to the Halidom to ask them for help alongside a fellow soldier. As they do so though, Emile finds them and steals the other soldier's desire. Before Emile can do harm to the rest of the party, they are saved by the Phantom Thieves of Hearts who ended up in Grastaea because of the device Emile found. Joker, Panther, Mona, and Sophie all ask how they got there.

Saboa informs them of the device, prompting them to work on stealing Emile's treasure and change his heart. After the party fights Emile, Saboa approaches his Emperor and displays his genuine loyalty and care. Touched by Saboa's words, Emile destroys the phone, allowing the Phantom Thieves to return to their world.

Afterward, Emile is back to his regular grouchy self, leaving Saboa to question if his heart actually changed. Nonetheless, he remains by Emile's side.

Emile Adventurer Story

Saboa notices that Emile is frustrated that he cannot keep up with the military prowess of Leonidas's territory, Valkaheim and that his request to ally with a neighbouring country didn't go as well as he thought Chelle would do, so he advises him to stop comparing himself to his siblings and start using his own talents. Emile, however, rebuts saying that his talents in the arts are worthless as a ruler. Saboa tries to advise Emile to be himself and not try to keep up with his siblings but is chased out along with Magnus, allowing his minister, Werner to poison him and overthrow him as ruler.

When Emile tries to sneak back into his castle and reclaim the throne, he is almost spotted by guards but Saboa spots him and saves him. He bursts out crying, relieved that his emperor is safe and plans to rescue Magnus from the dungeon so that they may form a plan to return the throne to Emile. Saboa and Magnus pretend to arrest Emile and tell the guard that they require an audience with Werner, which the guard allows. However, Werner anticipated the plan and surrounds them with guards. Magnus and Emile both insult Werner, stating that he is a coward since he only usurped the throne via a cowardly assassination attempt and had to outnumber them with guards to stop them, so Werner decides to duel with Emile the next day for control of the throne. Saboa is impressed by Emile's bravery but is scared he would not win.

The duel commences and Emile is badly beaten up by Werner, but just as the final blow is about to be laid, Emile manages to shapeshift into Mercury and beat him, with Saboa congratulating him. Mercury reveals it is because when Euden first received the dragonpact, he gained the ability to share his pact with anyone he deemed worthy, and as Emile was considered worthy, he received the power of shapeshifting. After Emile regains the throne, Saboa and Magnus both return to their duties serving Emile, impressed by his reforms of the empire which have turned it into a prosperous and peaceful hub of the arts.

Operation: At Your Service

When Emile suddenly starts acting extremely polite, Saboa becomes concerned to the point that he goes to the Halidom to see if they can figure out what is wrong. When he tells them of all the polite things he said to the soldiers, even Ranzal and Euden realizes just how out of character it is for the egotistical Emperor. Listening to Saboa, they send Edward, Pia, and Zodiark to investigate.

It is assumed that Saboa returned to the empire once they cleared up the confusion.


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