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A Sack-person, aka Sackboy/Sackgirl, is the generic avatar and the main protagonist in the LittleBigPlanet series. It also appears in the crossover fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a playable character.


Sackboy is brave and creative and is willing to help anyone he meets. He wields the magical popit which allows him to access a whole wardrobe of clothes and stickers which are used for fun or activating a sticker switch. In all of his games, Sackboy doesn't speak at all.


LittleBigPlanet (Playstation 3)

Sackboy explores the Gardens at meets its inhabitants, one of which is the creator of the Gardens, the King. Sackboy learns how to do various things from the inhabitants, especially the Queen. At the end of Sackboy's exploration, the King gives Sackboy a submarine and tells him to travel to the Savannah to meet its creator, Zola the Lion King.

At the Savannah, the Sackboy launches a submarine into one of Zola's statues and is witnessed by Wobbly Ape, who sends Sackboy to Zola. Zola is willing to forgive Sackboy if Sackboy finds out what is troubling the buffaloes and making them wild and rampant. Wobbly Ape initially thinks that a forest fire currently within the vicinity of the Savannah. However, during a scouting of the woods by Sackboy, Wobbly Ape reveals to Sackboy that crocodiles are running rampant throughout the Savannah and may also be what are scaring the buffaloes. Sackboy confronts King Croc, who agrees to settle the crocodiles if Sackboy can prove to Meerkat Mum that King Croc is innocent of eating Meerkat Mum's son, Stripy Tail. Sackboy finds Stripy Tail in a VIP disco club and drags him to Meerkat Mum, who grants Sackboy passage out of the meerkat nest. Wobbly Ape then sends Sackboy to the Weddings in order to save the Frida's wedding.

In the Weddings, Frida's butler reveals to Sackboy the problem: Don Lu, the groom of Frida, has gone missing. Sackboy meets Frida who believes that Don Lu may be in the crypts. Frida gives Sackboy Don Lu's dog in order for Sackboy to find Don Lu. During the search, Don Lu's dog falls into a hole and is kidnapped by the Collector. Sackboy eventually finds Don Lu, who has walked for so long his legs are tired. Sackboy drags Don Lu to a spot where Don Lu can reach the exit. Sackboy finds Frida's butler, who reveals that Frida thinks that Don Lu has abandoned and is going on a rampage with the Skulldozer. Sackboy leads Frida and the Skulldozer to a spot where the Skulldozer is destroyed and Frida is reunited with Don Lu. Frida and Don Lu decide to go on a honeymoon to the Canyons and invites Sackboy to travel with them to meet Don Lu's uncle, Jalapeno.

In the Canyons, Davante reveals to Sackboy that Sheriff Zapata has unlawfully arrested Jalapeno for no reason but for kicks. Davante and Sackboy frees Jalapenon from jail and Jalapeno agrees to teach Sackboy about impact explosives. Jalapeno and Sackboy follows Zapata into the mines and discover the entrance to Serpent Shrine where Zapata is hiding. Sackboy confronts Zapata, who attacks Sackboy with explosives. Sackboy manages to use the explosives against Zapata and blows him up. Jalapeno, wanting a vacation, takes Sackboy to the Metropolis to visit Mags the Mechanic.

At the Metropolis, Mags deems Jalapeno's car to be ugly and tells Sackboy to go to Mag's garage in the scrapyard for Mags to give them a better looking car. At her garage, Mags gives Sackboy the car and reveals that Ze Dude stole Mags's car. Eventually, Ze Dude challenges Sackboy to a race. During the race, Ze Dude drives Mags's car into a river. By taking the subways, Sackboy follows the car as it floats through the river. The car is found in some sewage and Sackboy lifts the car out using a crane. Ze Dude starts to vandalize a construction site using a fireball machine. When Sackboy finds Ze Dude, he challenges Sackboy to a fight. Sackboy manages to win against Ze Dude. Ze Dude finds Sackboy to be a worthy and allows Sackboy to use Ze Dude's private jet to go visit a sensei in the Islands.

In the Islands, Sackboy meets Grandmaster Sensei who decides to help Sackboy become a warrior to prepare him for fight the Terrible Oni. After some training, Grandmaster Sensei sends Sackboy to Grandmaster Sensei's castle, which was stolen by the Terrible Oni and is currently occupied by Sumos, to save Grandmaster Sensei's flame-throwing cat. After Sackboy saves the flame-throwing cat and frees Grandmaster Sensei's castle, Sackboy travels to the Terrible Oni's volcano to confront the Terrible Oni. Using Grandmaster Sensei's flame-throwing cat, Sackboy kills the Terrible Oni, freeing the Islands from his wrath. Using the Grandmaster Sensei's flying machine, Sackboy goes to the Great Magician's Temples in order to get himself a flame-throwing cat.

After getting the flame-throwing cat from the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper sends Sackboy through the Dancer's Court to reach the Goddess for her to guide Sackboy's path. After Sackboy reaches the Goddess, the Goddess tells Sackboy that Great Magician needs Sackboy's help in bringing sharing back to LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy travels through the Elephant Temple to reach the Great Magician. The Great Magician tests Sackboy by having him travel through the Great Magician's palace of emitters. After succeeding, Sackboy is told by the Great Magician that the Collector has been stealing creations all around LittleBigPlanet and not sharing them. He then teleports Sackboy to the Wilderness to find the Collector.

In the Wilderness, the Bear reveals to Sackboy that the Collector has kidnapped the Bear's family and wants Sackboy to find the Bear's family. The General, believing that the Collector has gone too far, helps Sackboy open up the Collector's bunker. Sackboy travels through the bunker and frees the Scientist, who was forced by the Collector to build the machines prevalent throughout the bunker. Sackboy finds the Collector's lair and finds out that the Collector has been kidnapping many inhabitants of LittleBigPlanet, including the characters that Sackboy has met. Sackboy frees all of them and takes a train to confront the Collector once and for all.

Sackboy reaches the Collector's laboratory and confronts him. The Collector runs away and starts using machines to attack Sackboy. He starts by using a spiked crusher machine that can shoot electric projectiles. After Sackboy destroys it, the Collector escapes into a second machine. The machine uses its arms to crush Sackboy, but Sackboy manages to destory a layer of the machine. The second layer spawns electric projectiles to kill Sackboy. Sackboy manages to destroy the machine. The Collector, now scared, tries to run away from Sackboy, but is cornered at the Collector's statue. The Collector gives up and tells Sackboy his motivations. The Collector did not have any friends. The King appears and says that the LittleBigPlanet community can the Collector's friend and invites him and Sackboy to join. The Collector is ultimately redeemed.

LittleBigPlanet (Playstation Portable)

Sackboy takes a holiday through Down Under, introduced to Sackboy by Bruce. After the holiday, Bruce sends Sackboy up the Mystic's mountain to meet the curator creator of Down Under, the Mystic, who may have a mission for Sackboy. Near the top of the mountain, Sackboy walks through the Cave of Dreams. After going through the Cave of Dreams and reaching the top of the mountain, Sackboy meets the Mystic. The Mystic has Sackboy climb through the Mystic's Digeridoo to reach Dreamland for Sackboy's mission to be revealed. In Dreamland, the narrator reveals that there is going to be a Carnival of Creators where all the curator creators are supposed to meet. Some of the curator creators have not responded to the call of whether or not they are going to be at the carnival. Sackboy is tasked with finding them, solving their problems, and have them come to the Carnival of Creators.

The first area is the Orient. Emperor Sario agrees to come to the Carnival of Creators if Sackboy defeats a dragon that has been terrorizing the Orient. The first thing Sackboy needs to do is help repair the Great Wall. After restoration of the wall, a dragon attacks the Orient. Sario teaches Sackboy how to use a fireworks launcher which can be against the dragon. Afterwards, Sackboy jumps into a mobile version driven by Rickshaw Driver and uses it against the dragon as he is escaping from it. It however proves to be futile as Rickshaw Driver gets tired and rests near a house and Sackboy is forced to clear the area. While trying to escape, Sackboy is cornered by the dragon. The dragon threatens to burn the land unless his son, currently an egg, is returned to him. The dragon believes that Sario currently has the egg and is planning to use it to make dragon egg fried rice. Sackboy goes to Sario's palace and confronts Sario. Sario, realizing that the dragon just wants his egg back, has Sackboy go to Sario's treasure room to grab the egg and return it to the dragon. Sackboy brings the egg back the dragon's nest. The dragon, grateful towards Sackboy, names the son SackDragon and carries Sackboy to the Bazaar.

In the Bazaar, Sackboy sees the Monkey Thief stealing a lamp. Sultan Orvswing tasks Sackboy with returning the lamp to him in return for a reward. Sackboy chases after the Monkey Thief, who escapes into the Thieves' Den. Sackboy hides in the pizza boy's carriage to get inside the Thieves' Den. Sackboy finds a locked cage that houses the lamp. Sackboy finds a key for the lock, but the key turns out to not be for the cage, but for a trap set up for Sackboy. Sackboy manages escape from the trap despite the obstacles and runs after the Monkey Thief who now has the lamp in his possession out of the cage. The Monkey Thief, tired of running away from Sackboy, bets the lamp to a game of Grab and Swing. Sackboy wins the game and retrieves the lamp. Sackboy leaves the Thieves' Den and releases the Genie of the lamp. The Genie, grateful for his rescue, gives Sackboy a sticker of a lamp to summon the Genie at anytime. Sackboy travels back to Orvswing and gives back the lamp. As a reward, Orvswing says that the Genie will participate in the Carnival of Creators.

In the Golden Sands, Sackboy finds Prince Funubis, who was building "LittleBigPlanet's funnest fun park" but lost one of his camels named Ronan. Sackboy finds Ronan, much to Funubis's joy. However, Funubis's camels refuse to venture further and Funubis has Sackboy carry his cargo, consisting of parts for Funubis's park, across a river. Sackboy manages to successfully do so. Funubis thanks Sackboy and takes him to the fun park Funubis is building. The fun park is undergoing Health and Safety checks and Funubis says that he will be able to go the Carnival of Creators once the checks are done. The park is determined to be safe enough for paying customers and Funubis allows Sackboy to have a 10 % discount on all of Funubis's parks with exception of during holiday seasons and other promotions.

Sackboy takes a cart and travels to Alpine Run. He crashes the cart into Clock Hans's house and destroys his machine. Clock Hans agress to go the Carnival if Sackboy finds his children while Clock Hans repairs the machine. A snowman tells Sackboy that he saw the children go up a mountain while playing Heidi Seek, a traditional sport. Sackboy finds Big Hans in a cable cart. They ride the cable cart back to Clock Hans's home. Sackboy borrows a hot air balloon and finds Second Hans. Sackboy the rides a sled dog to find Little Hans. Little Hans turns out to be buried underneath some snow brought on by an avalanche. Sackboy frees Little Hans from the avalanche and brings him to Clock Hans's house. Clock Hans congratulates Sackboy and reveals that the machine he was creating was called a "LittleBigChronometer" which can teleport people from one place to another.

Sackboy meets director Ed Wooden, also known as just "The Director", in Tinsel Town. Ed, liking Sackboy's moves, makes Sackboy a stuntman for his low budget "blockbuster" sci-fi film, LittleBugPlanet; a film about robot aliens from space. In the first scene, Sackboy has stay in the view of the camera until a spaceship drops bombs on a mock-up of a city. After successfully doing the scene, Ed admits that he isn't paying Sackboy but still doesn't want Sackboy to slack off. Sackboy is filmed in more scenes involving the robots attacking the city. Ed then films Sackboy being captured and taken inside the spaceship and escaping from said spaceship. The filming ends with Sackboy destroying the Robot Alien Bug Brain with impact bombs. Afterwards, Ed promotes Sackboy from stuntman to lead actor for his next film. The next film is a spy film named The Sewn Identity. In the filming, Sackboy infiltrates the main villain, Utter von Nutter's, base. Sackboy fights some enemies and goes through a laser shaft, evading real lasers (Ed apparently couldn't afford fake lasers). Utter is angry that Sackboy evaded the lasers and reveals that he has captured a woman named "Leading Lady", who he has in a cage. Sackboy saves Leading Lady from Utter and they drive off in a car. A Sewn Identity already becomes a hit, being nominated for an award named "The Golden Turkey". Sackboy goes to the award ceremony, hosted by Leading Lady. As Leading Lady is amount to announce the winners, Big Ron, a giant gorilla, is released and kidnaps Leading Lady. Sackboy chases after Big Ron. Big Ron is defeated by Sackboy through Sackboy pulling out his teeth. Afterwards, Sackboy, Leading Lady, and Ed travel to the Carnival of Creators.

Sackboy is introduced to the Carnival of Creators by Carnvial Lady. Sackboy helps with the floats created by the curator creators. He does this by helping Ed with taking publicity picture with Leading Lady and Big Ron, fixing a clock for Clock Hans, drilling oil for Funubis, saving the Genie from getting trapped in his lamp by cleaning the lamp, and setting off fireworks for Sario. With direction from the Mysic, Sackboy gathers up some stickers and decoration for his own float and decorates his float. Sackboy's float is driven by the Rickshaw Driver to show to other people. The Carnival Lady announces that Sackboy has unanimously won the carnival's float competition.

Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves

LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LittleBigPlanet Karting

LittleBigPlanet 3

Sackboy's Big Adventure




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